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Why Don’t we Sleep on our Sleeper Sofa Mattresses?

Pretty much zero people have ever been excited when they’re staying at someone’s house and the host goes to pull out the sofa bed. Has anyone ever gotten a good night’s sleep on a sleeper sofa mattress? They’re not comfy. That’s basically it.

That’s not new information for anyone; but is there anything we can do about that thin and lumpy mattress that came with our sleeper sofa? Simply - yeah, totally. Here’s our advice for making your sleeper sofa into a little retreat. Who knows, after all this you might even decide to have sleepovers in the living room just you and your partner!

1. Pillows for days: One of the obnoxious aspects of any sofa bed is the gaps and cracks at the head of the sofa bed’s mattress. And sometimes so are the arms of the couch itself. Fill in any of these weird spaces with fluffy pillows – the more the better. Everyone sleeps differently, so it’ll give your guests options.

2. Accessible end tables/nightstands: Consider the end tables you chose to flank the couch. If you’re laid in the sleeper sofa’s mattress, can you easily reach the lamp’s light switch or your cell phone? Make sure your guests won’t be craning to grab a glass of water only to accidentally spill it all over themselves and the sofa mattress.

3. Lighting: Most of us flank our bedroom’s headboard with lamps or sconces. Consider bringing that same vibe with small matching lamps placed on each of those end tables, or floor lamps on either side that hang over the back of the sofa. It’ll be useful both when it’s a couch and when it’s a bed.

4. A great memory foam mattress for the sofa bed: Obviously the quality of the mattress on your sleeper sofa is a huge factor in its comfort. You could always grab a memory foam topper at the store and try to work around the thin pad mattress that came with your pull out sofa. But that’d just be a band aid, and it would likely make pulling the sofa bed mattress out and folding it back in more difficult. Have a custom mattress made for your sleeper sofa. You can get one made of memory foam, custom sized to your couch, whether it’s a full size sofa bed mattress, a queen size, or anything in between. You can even get your pull-out mattress with a hinge to make operation easier without sacrificing comfort.

If you take all these tips and run with them, your sofa bed will no longer be an “Ugh” moment. Guests will be surprised at how good of a night’s sleep they get on your sleeper sofa mattress, guaranteed. Although, it may be so comfy that someone may accidentally overstay their welcome…


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