Don’t Sacrifice Your Sleep At College!

Upgrade Your Dorm Bed & Change Your College Experience

When I first arrived at college, nervous but excited to begin this new chapter of my life, I arrived at my dorm room to see with horror a hard, blue, stained, plastic mattress lying in wait for me. One sleepless night trying not to think about how dorm beds carry dust mites and disease later, and I was making an emergency sprint to the store to get a mattress pad - that immediately began to slip off my flimsy mattress.

Meanwhile, my new roommate had brought a mattress topper that actually stayed put, but due to the already excessively tall bed frame the added few inches forced my short friend to climb on a rickety chair and then leap onto her bed multiple times a day. We spent a sleep-deprived semester tossing and turning and waking up to our mattress pads, sheets, blankets, and comforters all on the floor every morning. By springtime, after developing constant backaches and headaches, the situation became untenable and I decided to invest in a custom mattress for my dorm bed.

How My Mattress Saved My Grades

My performance in school and my relationship with friends all suffered when I was not getting a good night’s sleep. All of that changed after my new mattress arrived. My hygienic custom mattress’s height was tailored to be shorter so it did not make it more difficult to climb onto a lofted dorm bed, and it was also made to my exact length specifications so the mattress did not shift during the night and no longer displaced all of my bedding by the morning.

I was also able to tailor my dorm bed’s mattress to my exact firmness specifications, which resulted in my back problems and headaches disappearing (literally) overnight. Suddenly, I was a new person at college - my grades improved, I had more energy and so joined more extracurriculars, and I no longer dreaded coming back to my dorm room. College can be a difficult transition for any student. Don’t make it harder by being uncomfortable in your new space and sleeping poorly. My best advice: buy a custom dorm mattress sooner rather than later!

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