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Custom Mattresses

Any size, any shape, any sleep spot, we can make it.™

custom mattress

Custom RV Mattresses Designed For Comfort

You no longer have to sacrifice a good night's sleep on the road. Change out your old and uncomfortable RV mattress for a new custom-fitted premium mattress. 

Happy family - mother and little daughte

Custom Size Sheets For Your Custom Mattress

Experience custom-fitted Egyptian cotton sheets that fit your custom mattress perfectly. Any width, length, or height you need, we can make them. 

White Sheet Set

Custom Size
Antique Bed Mattresses

We craft custom size antique bed mattresses for wooden beds, metal beds, Jenny Lind beds, spool beds, and much more. Any size you need, we can make it.

Antique Bed Mattress
Custom Mattress Factory

North Carolina Hands Crafting

Custom Mattresses

Read 'em and Sleep

Elena C.

Our mattress fits 100% perfect on our antique bed. The beveled corner is shockingly done really, really well.

Samantha B.

I've had my custom mattress for about a week now and it is the best sleep since I was a baby.

Rye A.

Our motor-home has just gotten a LOT MORE COMFORTABLE! Thanks Custom Mattress Factory!

Oversize Mattresses 

For whatever reason you need an oversized giant mattress, we can help. We craft Texas king, Wyoming king, Alberta king, Alaskan king, and even huge family-size mattresses.

Giant mattress

Huge mattresses need huge bed frames to support them. We offer a platform bed frame for a minimalist approach and our Kincaid tufted bed for pure luxury.

Giant bed frames
custom mattress

Ready for bed?

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