Everything You Need To Know About The Wyoming King Mattress

Updated: Apr 20

We bet you thought California King was as big and luxurious as it gets when it comes to mattresses. So, you might be surprised to learn that the little-known Wyoming King from the wild west is actually bigger than your household king and the famous California King.

wyoming king mattress size chart

At Custom Mattress Factory, we know all things sleep and mattresses. We are in the business of a good night’s rest, after all. So to help you get up to speed on what kind of mattresses are available, we wanted to create a few guides like this one to help get you up to speed. Here, we’re outlining everything you need to know about the Wyoming King to help you figure out if it is right for you and your home.

What is a Wyoming King mattress?

A Wyoming King mattress is the second largest kind of bed you can buy. Although, finding a mainstream mattress manufacturer who offers this whopping 7x7-foot bed can be extremely difficult, if not totally impossible. Because the Wyoming King’s larger dimensions (84”x84”) are so unusual, this bed is usually made-to-order by a custom mattress manufacturer like ourselves here at Custom Mattress Factory.

How does the Wyoming King compare to other mattresses? You already know about Twin, Full, and Queen sized mattresses. But, once you get up to the size of a King and above, the sizing starts to get a little bit confusing, with the difference sometimes only being a few inches. Here, we’re going to compare the size of the biggest mattress sizes to help you figure out what is best for you and your bedroom.

1. The King Mattress Dimensions: 6.3x6.6 feet or 76”x80” Compared to the Wyoming King: Nearly one foot less wide and narrow

The size of a King Mattress is 76-inches wide by 80-inches long, making it a whole 16-inches wide than the Queen Mattress and about the size of two Twin Mattresses side by side. The ‘traditional’ large mattress, the King bed is meant to be roomy enough for two people. The general rule of thumb is that since this bed is so big, your bedroom should be at least 12-feet by 12-feet in order to properly accommodate its size. 2. The California King Mattress Dimensions: 6x7 feet or 72”x84”

Compared to the Wyoming King: Same length, but a foot narrower

This mattress was initially popular on the West Coast but has become beloved across the country and around the world for its larger size. Measuring in at 72-inches by 84-inches wide, the California King is actually 4-inches narrower but 4-inches longer than your traditional King Mattress. Because of this additional length, the California King is ideal for tall people. Due to its narrower width, the California King is also a good alternative choice for people whose bedroom is not wide enough for a traditional King Mattress. The California King is also only comfortable for two people, whereas the larger Wyoming King can comfortably fit two adults and a toddler or pet because it is a foot wider.

3. The Alaskan King Mattress Dimensions: 9x9 feet or 108”x108”

Compared to the Wyoming King: Two feet wider and longer

Not many people have heard of the Alaskan King bed, either. This mattress is actually the biggest mattress you can find on the market, measuring in at a gigantic 9x9-feet. Because of its exceptional size, this mattress is not for everyone. In fact, an Alaskan King bed is so large it can fit up to four adults and can comfortably fit two adults and a few children or pets. Because of this, it is typically referred to as a ‘family bed’ — although, if you just like your space you can make this work, too. But, before you consider an Alaskan King Mattress, you should really make sure you have the bedroom space to fit it. Comparatively, the Wyoming King gives couples more room for spreading out or sleeping kids while not taking up as much space. Who is the Wyoming King Mattress good for? Specs: 7x7 feet or 84”x84”

Because the Wyoming King Mattress is larger than the traditional King and California King mattresses, it is good for people who want or need more space — like tall people. Where the King and California King will only fit two adults, the Wyoming King can comfortably fit two adults and a toddler or a pet. This is because the Wyoming King is a full foot wider than the already-enlarged California king. Although, they are the same length.

The Wyoming King is also a great option for people who have large master suites. This larger-sized mattress can help fill up space in a large room. Where the general rule of thumb is that a bedroom should be 12x12 feet to accommodate a King or California King, this sized room would only leave 5-feet of space surrounding a Wyoming King. While this is doable for some people, we would recommend having at least 14x14 feet of space to properly accommodate the enlarged size of a Wyoming King.

People who will love a Wyoming King Mattress

+ Tall people

+ People who need more room to spread out

+ People with very large master bedrooms

+ People who sleep with their kids

+ People who sleep with their pets

Finding your Wyoming King Mattress

So, you’re thinking that a Wyoming King Mattress could be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Whether you need the length for your long legs or are looking to make more room for your fur babies, this enlarged mattress could be the perfect solution to helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, because this mattress size is quite niche, you will be hard-pressed to find a mainstream mattress manufacturer who even offers this size. But at Custom Mattress Factory, we can customize a Wyoming King Mattress to your exact specifications.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our custom mattresses made right here in the USA for you — we would be happy to help.