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Everything You Need To Know About The Wyoming King Mattress

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We bet you thought California King was as big and luxurious as it gets when it comes to mattresses. So you might be surprised to learn that the little-known Wyoming king from the Wild West is actually bigger than your household king and the famous California king.

wyoming king mattress size chart

At Custom Mattress Factory, we know all things sleep and mattresses. We are in the business of a good night’s rest, after all. So to introduce you to what types of custom-size mattresses exist out there (because there are a lot!), we wanted to create a few guides like this one to help get you up to speed. In this post, we outline everything you need to know about the Wyoming king bed, as well as several other types of oversized custom mattresses we can create, to help you figure out if it is right for you and your home.

What is a Wyoming king mattress?

A Wyoming king mattress is the second largest kind of bed you can buy. Although, finding a mainstream mattress manufacturer who offers this whopping 7’x7’ bed can be extremely difficult, if not totally impossible. Because a Wyoming king bed’s larger dimensions (84”x84”) are so unusual, this bed is usually made-to-order by a custom mattress manufacturer like ourselves here at Custom Mattress Factory. The massive Wyoming king bed is second in size only to the Alaskan king bed, which is 9’x9’ (108”x108) in size. The Alaskan and Wyoming king beds are great for many alternate sleeping arrangements, like co-sleeping, but you’ve got to have a pretty good-sized room for these to make any sense in your home.

How does the Wyoming King compare to other mattresses?

You already know about twin, full, queen and king-sized mattresses. But, once you get to king mattresses and above, the sizing starts to get a little bit confusing, with the difference sometimes only being a few inches. A couple exceptions to this rule are the Olympic queen mattress and the California queen mattress. But for the most part, unusual dimensions are most characteristic of the oversized beds, which usually require custom mattresses, frames and linens. Here, we’re going to compare the size of the biggest mattress sizes to help you figure out what is best for you and your bedroom. And if you’re asking yourself why these mammoth mattresses are named after states? You’ll notice none of them are named “Rhode Island” or “New Jersey” – they’re all names of the biggest states in the US.

1. The measurements of a standard king mattress are 6.3’x6.6’ or 76”x80” make the king 10” narrower and 4” shorter than a Wyoming king bed.

As far as the standard size mattresses go, king mattress (and California kings) are about the largest you’ll find at a regular mattress store. Kings are 16” wide than a queen mattress and about the size of two twin mattresses set side by side. The ‘traditional’ large mattress, the king bed is meant to be roomy enough for two people. The general rule of thumb is that since this bed is so big, your bedroom should be at least 12’x12’ in order to properly accommodate its size and have a comfortable amount of space to move around the bed.

2. The California king bed is an extra long mattress, with measurements of 6’x7’ or 72”x84”. So it’s just as long as a Wyoming king bed, but it’s an entire foot narrower.

This mattress was initially popular on the West Coast, but has become beloved across the country and around the world for its extra length. But even though it’s 4” longer than your traditional king mattress, it’s actually narrower, also by 4”. As an extra-long mattress, the California king is a great bed for tall people. Due to its narrower width, the California king is also a good alternative choice for people whose bedroom is not wide enough for a traditional king mattress. The California king is still only comfortable for two people (maybe a dog down near the end of the bed), whereas the larger Wyoming king mattress can comfortably fit two adults and a toddler, a small family, or a couple and a couple of pets, since it’s an entire foot wider. This oversized bed is the end of the line as far as standard mattress sizes, though. After this one, we’re into custom mattress sizes.

3. A Texas king mattress is 98”x80”, making it 14” wider and 4” shorter than a Wyoming king bed.

Everything’s bigger in Texas! The Texas king boasts over 8’ of width, so you’re going to need a pretty wide room for this one. Unlike the extra long beds in king sizes (Alaska, Alberta, Wyoming), the Texas king has a standard length of 80”. So, while a Texas king bed is ideal for co-sleeping with the family, it’s still not an ideal bed for tall people… unless you like to sleep sideways.

4. The measurements of an Alberta king bed split the difference between a Wyoming king bed and an Alaska king bed at 8’x8’ (96”x96”).

The Alberta king bed is often overlooked because it’s pretty obscure. Not to mention it’s the only one of the oversized mattresses (besides the Olympic queen bed, which is more of an extra long mattress than an oversized one), that isn’t named after a US state. We went to Canada for this one for some reason. However, just like a Wyoming king mattress and an Alaskan king mattress, it’s a giant square that requires a pretty large room in order not to overwhelm a space. The Alberta king is a great choice for family sleeping in cases where a Wyoming king bed might be a bit tight but an Alaskan king bed is just not going to happen with your size of bedroom. Not to mention, it’s an extra wide and extra long bed – you can be well over 7’ tall and still not have your feet hanging off the edge of an Alberta king.

5. The Alaskan king mattress is the largest of the named oversized mattresses. At 9’x9’ or 108”x108”, it’s 2’ wider and longer than a Wyoming king bed.

Not many people have heard of the Alaskan king bed, either. This mattress is actually the biggest mattress you can find on the market, measuring in at a gigantic 9’x9’. Because of its exceptional size, this mattress is not for everyone. In fact, an Alaskan king bed is so large it can fit up to four adults, and can comfortably fit two adults and a few children or pets. Because of this, it is typically referred to as a “family bed” — although, if you just like your space you can make this work, too. But, before you consider an Alaskan king mattress, you should really make sure you have the bedroom space to fit it. Comparatively, the Wyoming king mattress gives couples more room for spreading out or sleeping kids while not taking up as much space as an Alaska king bed. You can still have a custom bed made that’s even bigger than an Alaskan king bed, also referred to as “family beds.”

Who is the Wyoming king mattress good for?

Because a Wyoming king mattress is larger than the traditional king and California king mattresses, it is good for people who want or need more space. For instance, it’s a great bed for tall people or for families practicing co-sleeping or attachment parenting. The Wyoming king mattress is also a great option for people who have large master suites. This larger-sized mattress can help fill up space in a large room. Where the general rule of thumb is that a bedroom should be 12’x12’ to accommodate a king or California king, this sized room would only leave 5’ of space surrounding a Wyoming king bed. While this is doable for some people, we would recommend having a room that’s at least 14’x14’ to properly accommodate a Wyoming king bed.

People who will love a Wyoming king mattress:

+ Tall people

+ People who need more room to spread out

+ People with very large master bedrooms

+ People who sleep with their kids

+ People who sleep with their pets

Finding your Wyoming king mattress and matching Wyoming king sheets:

So, you’re thinking that a Wyoming king mattress could be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Whether you need the length for your long legs or are looking to make more room for your fur babies, this enlarged mattress could be the perfect solution to helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Wyoming king beds are special in a lot of ways, and because this mattress size is quite niche, you will be hard-pressed to find a mainstream mattress manufacturer who even offers this size. And if they do, they’ve likely got limited style and firmness options for these oversized mattresses. Dilemma?


At Custom Mattress Factory, we can customize a Wyoming king mattress to your exact specifications: mattress material, topper, cover, shape, size, cut corners – any way you want to make your Wyoming king bed uniquely yours, this is the place to make that process fun and easy. And to top it all off (literally), we can craft custom 600-thread count Egyptian cotton bedding to go with it!

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our custom mattresses, bed frames and linens made right here in the USA. AndA —it doesn’t have to be about a Wyoming king – we’re happy to help you with any kind of custom mattress needs.


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