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How to Buy an Antique Bed Mattress

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In the era of cottage-core aesthetics, the charm of antique beds customized to exude a modern-prairie-farmhouse vibe is all the rage. While it's easy to find reproductions that mimic the antique look, true enthusiasts prefer authenticity. If you've spent time scouring shopfronts or digital boutiques to find that perfect antique bed full of character and beautiful details, you understand the allure of stepping back in time to embrace its unique charm.

Yet, falling in love with an antique bed can present a unique challenge: finding a mattress that fits. It's a dilemma many don't anticipate when acquiring an antique bed. A century ago, standard bed sizes as we know them today simply didn't exist. Every bed was custom-made, and each had a bespoke mattress crafted to perfection.

You'll commonly find antique beds that used the ¾ mattress size but it's still not exactly that for many frames. Much like today, wealthy individuals enjoyed larger, more opulent custom antique mattresses. Those in the lower classes slept on more modest cotton and down-filled bespoke mattresses. It's only in recent decades that mattresses transitioned from being inherently custom to conforming to a few standard sizes thanks to mass production.

So, if you find yourself with an antique bed frame that doesn't quite align with modern mattress dimensions, don't fret. Just like any other bed frame, there are custom mattress options available for you. Once you've decided on your frame you can start on your new custom mattress journey online. You can start with these steps to ensure that your antique bed is ready for you to enjoy to the fullest.

Start With the Antique Bed Frame's Measurements

At first glance you might have thought your antique bed looked like a queen or a full. But upon further inspection, you probably found that those mattresses just didn’t fit right. The first thing you’re going to need to do is measure your antique bed so you can figure out where to go from here.

If you have an ill-fitting mattress on the bed, take it off. You need to see the frame in order to measure your antique bed properly. With a measuring tape, measure the width of your bed. Start in one corner and stretch out the tape all the way to the other edge. Try to get as close as possible so you have an accurate measurement. Do the same for the length of the bed.

If you have an antique bed that’s from before innersprings were invented, measure to the outside of each rail. If your bedframe is more recent, though, measure to the inner side of the rail the antique bed mattress should sit in.

To give you an idea of how your antique bed measures up to the standard bed sizes of today, here’s a list of the most common bed sizes.

- Full 54” x 75”

- Queen 60” x 80”

- King 76” x 80”

There’s also the chance you have an antique bed that fits a ‘three quarter’ size mattress. This was one typical size of antique beds from back in the day. If your measurements are 48" x 75" — you actually have an antique three quarter bed. But good luck finding a ¾ mattress for your antique bed at a brick and mortar store. This is where searching for a custom mattress manufacturer is going to become integral to making your antique bed work for you.

You Can Order a Custom Mattress Online Today

If you've found yourself in possession of an antique bed with unusual dimensions, the solution is ordering a custom-made mattress. This approach not only enables you to tailor the size to your needs but also customize the firmness and materials to your liking. In contrast to the original owner who might have slumbered on a horsehair-filled mattress, you can enjoy modern comforts. You can elevate your sleeping experience with a custom memory foam mattress.

In the modern era, the demand for custom-sized mattresses has surged, spanning from antique beds to RV sleeping quarters. As a result, the cost of these personalized mattresses has become considerably more affordable than in the past. What's even more fascinating is that, like the original mattress, this new addition to your antique bed is also meticulously crafted with heritage techniques. This not only preserves the vintage vibe but ensures you enjoy every comfort of 21st-century sleep technology.

When opting for a custom antique mattress, you have the freedom to unleash your imagination. Custom mattresses can support a traditional, classic feel or a more modern, high-tech sleep experience. Your new custom mattress can be designed to reflect your unique style and preferences.

As well, just like the antique bed you cherish, your custom mattress is made with a touch of nostalgia and a commitment to craftsmanship. Skilled artisans handcraft your mattress. They blend traditional techniques with modern comfort. The result will be a custom-made piece that resonates with both history and innovation.

This tailored approach allows you to embrace the authentic allure of your antique bed while enjoying modern comfort. You can sleep comfortably, knowing that your bed is a unique blend of heritage and modernity.

You Can Start Your Custom Mattress Journey Right Here

You fell in love with your antique bed because it was unique. So don’t get discouraged about the fact that it also needs a unique custom size mattress; our custom mattress makers can make any kind of mattress by hand. And we mean anything – a ¾ mattress for your antique bed, a round mattress for your kids’ room, custom sheets and bed linens to fit them – show us the measurements of your antique bed and we will help you bring it into modern times and back to life. There's no custom mattress size our team can't accomplish.

Call us at 800.979.1924 and one of our mattress consultants will help you create the mattress of your dreams.

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Urmi Shah
Sep 26, 2022

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