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Custom truck mattress

Custom Semi-Truck Mattresses

As a truck driver, you are the backbone of the American economy. And as a custom mattress-maker, we understand the importance of getting quality sleep, especially when you're driving 12+ hours per day.  No matter what size or shape mattress your rig requires, we can help you sleep more soundly on a supportive mattress made to fit your semi-truck bed perfectly.

Semi truck mattress



  • We can craft a custom mattress for any cab, any truck model.

  • Made to order exactly to your specifications.

  • Your choice of Gel Memory Foam, Custom Foam™, latex, or pocket coils.

  • You choose the feel: medium-soft, medium, or medium-firm.

  • No box spring needed.

  • Luxuriously-soft organic cotton cover.

  • Extended-Use™ mattresses are available for team drivers.

Speak to a Semi-Truck Mattress Consultant for an Instant Quote 1.800.979.1924

Or use this form to send us your Semi-Truck mattress measurements and we will email you the price for your new, completely customized truck bed!

A mattress consultant will be in touch shortly.

Don’t Compromise on the Comfort of Your Semi-Truck’s Bed Mattress

Like RV beds, the mattresses that come standard in truck beds aren’t made with longevity or heavy use in mind. But long-haul drivers basically live in that super-tiny home behind the cab, and the quality of your semi-truck bed should reflect that.

Arguably, freight truck drivers are the people who need quality sleep the most – and they’re not getting it. Many sleep less than 5-6 hours per night, and in places where there’s light and noise. That’s dangerous when you’ve got to get up only to sit down and drive the whole day; and it’s well-documented that sleep driving and dozing off is all-too common in long-haul drivers.

A custom-made mattress can’t fix all the difficulties you deal with as a semi-truck driver, but it can revolutionize your sleep. And this will affect everything from sore back and legs to attention span to daily energy and even whether you have a positive or negative mood during the day.

Whatever model cab you drive, whatever size and shape your truck bed is, Custom Mattress Factory can create a custom semi-truck mattress that will provide comfort, support and space tailored to you. Not to mention organic Egyptian cotton bed linens to match. It’s your home (kind of!); you should have a bed that makes it feel that way.

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