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Custom Mattresses

As a custom mattress-maker, our specialty is to craft a custom-sized mattress in the exact width, length, and height you need. We can make a rounded corner, cut corner, notched corner, and even a hinge down the middle.



  • Bespoke beds made to order one-by-one, just for you. 

    Whether you need an extra-long mattress, a round bed, or a cut-corner rv mattress, we’ll make you a custom solution for any space.

  • Your choice of Gel Memory Foam, CustomFoam™, latex, or pocketed coils.

    Custom made mattresses of CustomFoam, or natural latex are all shown to improve sleep posture and sleep quality.


  • Your choice of firmness. We can adjust the firmness of any custom bed, no matter the shape, size or material you choose. Our mattress consultants will assist you.

  • No box spring needed. Our bespoke beds stand on their own, making the variety of bed frames you can choose for your new custom mattress nearly endless.

  • Baby-soft organic cotton cover.

  • Any width, length, or height. Extra tall beds, short queen beds, huge oversize mattresses and more – we can tailor a custom mattress solution of any size.

  • Round corner, cut corner, notched corner, beveled edge, hinged. Strange shapes like round beds or even hexagonal mattresses.

Speak With a Custom Mattress Consultant For an Instant Quote 1.800.979.1924

Or use this form to send us your custom mattress measurements and we will email you the price for your custom size mattress.

A product expert will be in touch shortly.

custom mattress

"Words cannot describe how happy I am with my custom mattress."

Kerrie, CMF Customer

Custom Made For Any Sleep Spot


  • Antique beds / rope beds

  • RV mattresses

  • Boat mattresses

  • 3/4 bed

  • Platform beds

  • Semi-truck beds

  • Hospital beds

  • Sofa bed mattresses

  • Murphy beds

  • Futons

  • Horse trailer beds

Any size, any shape, any sleep spot!

Customized Corners

One of our unique specialties is creating mattresses with customized corners. We can craft your custom mattress with a rounded corner, cut corner, and even a notched corner. Virtually any design you need, we can do it. Even better, we can also make custom bed linens to fit your design.

Radius Corner Mattress

Radius Corner

Cut Corner Mattress