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Boat Mattresses

Elevate your nautical comfort with our custom-made yacht and boat mattresses. Crafted to fit your vessel's unique dimensions, our mattresses provide exceptional support and relaxation, even in the most challenging marine environments. We specialize in crafting v-berth mattresses and accommodating virtually any space on your boat. Experience the difference that a tailored mattress can make for your next voyage.

Boat Mattress
Yacht Mattress

We'll make your boat mattress so comfortable, you'll want one at home.



  • We can craft a custom mattress for yachts, houseboats, sailboats, trawler boats, game boats, and more!

  • Handmade to order one-by-one, just for you.

  • We can make rounded corners, cut corners, and even notched corners.

  • We can hinge your mattress for easy access to under storage.

  • Your choice of Gel Memory Foam, Custom Foam™, latex, or pocket coils.

  • Your choice of firmness. Our mattress consultants will assist you.

  • No box spring needed.

  • Baby-soft organic cotton cover

How it Works

1. Measure

Measure the width, length, and height you need for your custom boat mattress. If the shape is complex, we'll send you a template kit after you place your order for easier measurement.

2. Customize

Customize your boat mattress to your heart's content. Select the size, material, and firmness that are just right for you and your boat.

3. Get a Quote

Getting a custom boat mattress quote is now a breeze. Click here to get an instant quote.

Sailing Trip

Sail Away

Tune in to our boat-themed playlist; it's the next best thing to being out at sea. 

Kid on a Sailboat

Speak With a Boat Mattress Specialist
For an Instant Quote 1.800.979.1924

Boat Quote

Note: We do not have templates on file and we will need the width, length, and thickness of your mattress. Also, let us know if you have a custom shape such as a V berth.

After you place an order with us, we will send you our free template kit to pattern your mattress so we can craft it to fit perfectly. You can send your overall measurements (and optional sketch) below.

A product expert will be in touch shortly.

Upload File

When we say custom, we really mean it.

Need to access underbed storage? Add a hinge to your boat mattress for easy access.

Need to add a rounded corner, cut corner, or notched corner? We can do that, too.

Hinged boat mattress
Hinged boat mattress

How to take measurements for your custom boat mattress

To create your custom boat mattress, we'll need to know the overall width, length, and height needed for your bed.

In need of an unusual mattress shape, for instance with a v-berth or notched corners? Our template kit makes it super easy to get accurate measurements.

Need an odd boat mattress size or shape?

At CMF, we specialize in custom boat mattresses for boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes. Our skilled artisans use only the highest quality materials to create a mattress that perfectly fits your boat's unique specifications, ensuring a comfortable and supportive night's sleep on the water.

large-3 (2).jpeg
Custom boat mattress

"Professional from start to finish. Thanks for making it easy to buy a mattress for our sailboat."

Cindy, Repeat Customer

  • How much does shipping cost?
    All of our mattresses, no matter how big the custom size is, ship for free within the contiguous United States.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards.
  • Are your mattresses delivered in a box?
    Yes they are! We gently roll each mattress for an easy FedEx delivery.
  • How long can my mattress stay in the box after I receive it?
    We suggest removing your mattress from the box within 2 weeks of receiving it. Keeping your mattress in the box for an extended time can compromise the mattress's ability to return to full shape.
  • What happens if the wrong size is shipped to me?
    If we ship you the wrong size mattress or bedding, we will replace it right away with the correct size. You must notify us within 30 days of the error. After 30 days, we will not be able to replace wrong size mattresses or bedding.
  • How do I get a quote on a custom size/shape mattress?
    Call us at 1-800-979-1924.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We have proudly been selling high-quality custom mattresses online since 2001.
  • Where will my mattress ship from?
    We ship our mattresses from one of our two factories: Greenville, South Carolina or Conover, North Carolina.
  • What’s the difference between a Texas King, Wyoming King, and Alaska King?
    Though all three are oversized mattresses, they differ quite a bit in size. A Texas King is longer than it is wide at 80” x 98” while the others are large square mattresses. A Wyoming King is 84”x84” and an Alaskan King is a massive 108” x 108”.
  • Is it possible to change the size of a custom mattress after it has been ordered?
    Custom mattresses are made to order and can start being crafted within 24 hours of your order. This means that after 24 hours, we may not be able to change the size of your mattress.

Ready for bed?

Get a custom boat mattress quote today to experience your best sleep yet from anywhere in the world.

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