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Custom Size Bed Sheet White

Custom Size Bed Sheets


  • Premium 600 thread count long-staple organic cotton grown in Egypt.

  • Pillowy-soft and durable with a smooth feel that gets better with each wash.

  • Cool and crisp to sleep on.

  • Any size you need.

  • Buy the whole set or the fitted sheet only.

  • Your choice of 12 colors.​​

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We can craft any size you need. If you don't see the sizing you need in the Sheets Wizard™ below, call us at 800.979.1924.

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1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet,
2 pillowcases *1 for <48"

White Sheet Set

Starting at $95


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1 fitted sheet

White Fitted Sheet


Starting at $45

Was $...

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What Makes Our Sheets So Special?

Organic Cotton

Our custom bed sheets are crafted from long fiber cotton that's grown in Egypt. Silky-soft from the start, our custom sheets get softer with each wash.

True 600 Thread Count

Our sheets are a true single-ply 600TC. Other companies use a 300TC two-ply design and call them 600 thread count.

Sustainable & Ethical

Our farmers aren't exposed to harmful chemicals or dangerous working conditions. And everyone is paid a fair wage. 

Great custom bed sheets

We needed new custom size bed sheets. Doing some research I called Custom Mattress Factory and spoke with Vincent. I could tell in his voice that he truly cared about our dilemma. I placed the order and he indicated about 3 weeks for delivery. The items arrived within the time stated. The first night with the new bedding was great. I felt like was at a fancy hotel. We love the sheets!

-Lance Beller

The benefits

Naturally cotton

Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and odor-resistant. To help maintain the natural integrity of the cotton, we don't use any harsh dyes or chemicals during the production of our sheets. Our cotton fibers are breathable yet absorbent, soft yet durable, and really easy to maintain.

Comfort is key

We don’t use any harsh chemicals in order to artificially soften our cotton. Like a new pair of jeans, your cotton sheets will soften even further with time to be uniquely yours.

Care, less

Cotton is really easy to care for. Since most of your clothing is probably cotton too, you’ll already have a good grasp of knowing how to care for it.


Cotton will absorb the heat from your body throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool and dry. If you’re sleeping in synthetic materials, like polyester, they will absorb your body heat rather than naturally ventilating, so the fabric will retain your heat and you’ll have that stuffy feeling.


No nasties

We believe that nature knows what's best, so we only use natural fibers to make our sheets. Natural fibers need to be treated gently in the processing to preserve all of their best features, so we don't use any harsh dyes or chemical treatments. All of our sheets are pre-washed as part of our manufacturing process, so when they arrive at your door you can throw them straight on your bed.

Farmed, not manufactured

As our cotton is made of a natural fiber, it means it's farmed rather than manufactured. Farming has a positive impact on the environment compared to using synthetic fabrics which are manufactured. Our cotton plants are picked each season and can continue growing, helping to reduce their environmental impact.

Biodegradable and recyclable

Cotton sheets are not only remarkably durable, they're also biodegradable. When you're ready to say goodbye, they'll break down naturally.

egyption cotton sheets

Experience the comfort of custom sheets

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