Give Your Boat Bed A Well-Deserved Mattress Upgrade

Updated: Apr 11

Let’s Talk About Your Boat Mattress.

For many boat owners, your boat’s bed is an afterthought. It’s only when you are getting ready to wind down for the night that you are confronted by a musty boat mattress that has seen better days. Whether you have a sailboat, a yacht, a houseboat, or a trawler, you deserve a great boat mattress that makes you excited to sleep safely out on the water.

Ideally, your boat mattress will be customized to fit the dimensions of your boat’s specific v-berth, especially for yacht beds. A great yacht mattress can be large without dominating the whole space - getting a mattress with a hinge can allow your yacht bed to provide an easy to reach storage space underneath.

What Makes A Great Boat/Yacht Mattress?

High-quality materials are important for any good mattress, but especially for boat mattresses that will need to be durable enough to withstand your boating adventures. But durability should not equal discomfort. With a great custom boat mattress, you won’t need these simple tips on how to get a good night’s sleep on your boat because your custom mattress will be made with your exact firmness and texture preferences in mind.

Another important factor when making yacht mattresses is to make sure they fit securely in your berth and won’t slide around. Getting a boat mattress with cut or rounded corners can help ensure your mattress will fit snugly and that you are not wasting any valuable space. A good boat mattress with custom foam/gel memory foam means your mattress will conform to and support your body every time you hop into bed.

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