Create The Perfect Mattress For Your Antique Bed!

Updated: Mar 4

Your Antique Bed Deserves A Luxurious Custom Mattress

If you just bought or inherited a gorgeous antique bed, the next step is finding the perfect mattress. However, you may be in for a rude awakening when you realize your regular modern mattress doesn’t fit in the older frame. This is because antique beds were not made with the same size standards used currently, so many antique beds are only three-quarters of the width of your average full mattress today. But no need to worry! The simplest fix is to buy a custom mattress made to the exact specifications of your antique bed, so you never have to worry about the fit (and you don’t have to sleep on your grandma’s ancient mattress because it’s the only one that matches your antique bed frame). It doesn’t matter if you have a wooden bed, a metal bed, or even a rope bed, a custom antique bed mattress will give you all the modern luxury of a perfectly crafted, hand-made mattress while still allowing you to embrace an antique aesthetic in your room.

While antique beds are shorter and narrower than modern bed frames, they are also often elevated much higher than the average bed is today. This means that when you are looking to get a mattress it is important to buy one that does not require a box spring, as it would add unnecessary extra height to your bed. If you are hesitating before buying a lovely antique bed you’ve had your eye on because it requires a mattress with custom corners, worry no longer. Companies like Custom Mattress Factory that specialize in making antique bed mattresses will have no trouble designing a mattress with a rounded, cut, or even notched bed corner in order to make sure your mattress fits your antique bed frame flawlessly.