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Create the Perfect Mattress for Your Antique Bed!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Antique Beds Require Custom Made Mattresses

For those who hold history dear, whether within the confines of your home, family, or community, the preservation of heritage is important. However, as time weathers the relics of the past, the task of upkeeping and restoring antique items becomes difficult. Antique bed frames present a unique challenge. Antique bed mattresses were crafted in sizes that have faded into obscurity over the years or are completely custom. Furthermore, there was no definitive "standard" size for mattresses a century or two ago.

In the days of stuffing mattresses with materials like horsehair, down, or even hay made it so that mattress size mattered less. Accommodating the unique dimensions of a ¾ bed or any other unconventional size wasn't a challenge. As much as you cherish your antique bed frame, you might not be inclined to fully embrace authenticity and sleep on an actual antique bed mattress. Such mattresses can prove uncomfortable and, let's face it, rather unsanitary.

You can enjoy the historical look with the comforts of modern custom mattresses. If you've recently acquired or inherited a magnificent antique bed frame, the next logical step is to find the perfect mattress. The problem arises when you realize that many antique bed mattresses fall into several less common categories. Antique frames could be three-quarter mattresses or short queen mattresses or anywhere in between.

A ¾ Mattress is a Narrower Size

The term "¾ mattress" might leave you perplexed. These mattresses are typically around 48 inches wide, which translates to ¾ the width of a standard queen mattress. They are also 5 inches narrower than a full-size mattress and 11 inches wider than a twin-size mattress. Such unique dimensions aren't readily available in typical mattress stores. Moreover, short queen mattresses, which are generally 5-8 inches shorter than standard queen mattresses.

This presents yet another challenge for buying a new mattress. Sometimes, antique bed mattresses can even demand a combination of a ¾ mattress and a short queen mattress. It doesn't even have to be between those two, antique frame could be a completely different and custom size requiring a custom size mattress.

Your attachment to your beautiful antique bed frame is unwavering; it's not going anywhere. However, you also desire the practicality of a usable mattress, ensuring that your bed isn't just a display piece occupying space. So, what is the solution to this intriguing predicament? Custom made mattresses are the best solution for antique bed frames.

Custom Mattress Manufacturers Can Make Luxury Mattresses of Any Size

No need to worry! The simplest fix is to buy a custom mattress made for your antique bed so you never have to worry about the fit and you can also enjoy the comfort of modern mattresses. It’s the best of both worlds. It doesn’t matter if you have a wooden bed, a metal bed, or even a rope bed, a custom antique bed mattress will give you all the modern luxury of a perfectly crafted, hand-made mattress while still allowing you to embrace an antique aesthetic of your room.

And when you choose a custom mattress manufacturer that makes bespoke mattresses, you’re still giving a nod to the heritage of the bed frame even though you end up with a fancy three quarter foam mattress or short queen memory foam mattress. Custom made mattresses for antique beds are like having your cake and eating it, too. You give new life to a beautiful heritage piece without sacrificing the comfort that modern custom mattresses provide.

Things to Think About When Ordering a Custom Size Mattress for Your Antique Bed

There’s more than just length and width to think about when designing a made to measure mattress for your antique bed. While antique beds are shorter and narrower than modern bed frames, they are also often elevated much higher than the average bed is today.

Fun fact: this is because people used to keep chamber pots under their beds, and also because antique bed mattresses needed to be high enough off the ground to not catch fire when heated from underneath during the winter. No, really – hot bricks and/or metal bowls under beds was a thing. So when you design a custom mattress for your antique bed, it's important that it doesn't require a box spring, as it would add unnecessary extra height to your bed.

When you’re ordering a custom size bed, you should also order custom sheets from the same group to make sure you have fitted sheets. You don’t want to go to all the trouble of setting up your beautiful antique bed just to have ill fitting sheets.

You Can Order a Custom Mattress for Your Antique Frame Today

If you've been hesitating to buy a lovely antique bed you’ve had your eye on just because it requires a custom made mattress, or if your antique bed frame is wasting away in storage because you can’t find a ¾ mattress, worry no longer. Companies like Custom Mattress Factory (that’s us!) that specialize in making antique bed mattresses will have no trouble designing a mattress to fit any antique bed.

We make ¾ mattresses, short queen mattresses, and mattresses with rounded, cut, or even notched corners. We use high-quality, ultra-comfortable materials like memory foam and natural latex. And we make each order custom, one by one, so your mattress will fit your antique bed frame flawlessly and give you a great night's sleep.


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