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Hey, Stretch! The Unique Mattress Needs of Tall People

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Anyone over six feet tall can tell you the frustration of choosing between a cramped sleeping position or having their feet hanging off the end. Typical mattress sizes are only 75 or 80” long. And since a 6’ tall person is 72” long, that gives only them 3 to 8” of extra length, which is pretty much nothing once you factor in pillows and blankets.

The only “extra long” mattresses you’ll find in typical stores are Twin XL’s and California kings. But a Twin XL isn’t actually an extra long mattress – it’s 80”, just like a typical queen or king. A California king is a good choice as far as beds for tall people go, because it gives an extra 4” of length (84” long in total). But California kings aren’t right for everyone; what if your bedroom is small?

Enter custom mattress manufacturers. Once you get away from typical mattress retail, you’ll realize that beds for tall people can actually be made in several varieties of custom sizes to meet the needs of taller people.

Discover the Alaskan King Bed

Traditional king-sized mattresses measure 80” in length, while the Alaskan king mattress is much bigger than a king bed, clocking in at 108 x 108” square. That’s 9 feet in length and width! Virtually anyone would be able to stretch out in all directions, and partners will appreciate the opportunity to carve out their own space in the bed! Bed-sharing families find that this size accommodates children comfortably, too. Alaskan king beds are extra long and extra wide; you could fit a couple or more extra long people on an Alaskan king mattress.

Texas King Beds Accommodate Extra Length, Too

Of the oversized custom mattresses you can have made, the Texas king is a great alternative to the Alaskan king bed. Admittedly, you need a huge room to accommodate an Alaskan king bed. With a Texas king, though, you have roughly the width of a standard king, but 98” of length. So you can still get an extra long bed in your room without the insane width of an Alaskan king mattress.

The Wyoming King Bed Stands Comfortably In Between

The Wyoming King bed is the perfect compromise in the world of mattresses for tall individuals. They offer a spacious solution for taller individuals without excessive width. Measuring 84 inches both in width and length, it provides ample room for those who need extra legroom.

Unlike the wider oversized options, the Wyoming King strikes a harmonious balance. Its generous mattress dimensions ensure that taller sleepers can stretch out without their feet dangling off the edge. It also accommodates families who desire a bit more space without overwhelming their bedroom. In essence, the Wyoming King mattress is a happy median in the world of oversized beds for tall people.

Custom Wyoming King beds are not too wide, not too narrow, but just right. A solution for those seeking the perfect in-between mattress solution for their sleep needs.

What if You Don't Have Room for an Extra-Wide King Bed?

Don’t fret; there’s also something called a California queen. It’s the same length as a California king (84”), but only the width of a standard queen size mattress. It’s bigger than your standard king size but more manageable. But if that’s not going to work for your space either? Then you need a completely custom mattress with unique dimensions that will fit your space and your body perfectly.

The size of the bedroom might determine that an extra-long bed is better for the space than going up in width as well, especially if you’re just one person. Custom sized mattresses can be made in any combination desired, so you can have a comfortable, extra-long mattress made to match the width of the bed you already have. You get extra room to extend those toes inside the blankets without having to get rid of the nightstands. Ordering a bespoke mattress, frame and linens for an extra long bed gives you all the sleep privileges regular sized people have.

Make Your Mattress Taller with a Custom Foam Mattress Topper

Many tall people find that a larger mattress is still missing something until they discover the joys of adding extra height! A custom foam mattress topper for an extra tall mattress adds the needed height for an ergonomic fit between the mattress and the floor. The desired height depends on your preference, the bed’s foundation, and added frame height. When they’re all added up just right, beds for tall people lose that kindergarten-chair feeling. Not to mention the discomfort of getting up and down if you need water or a bathroom break in the middle of the night. We’re all a little sore and creaky after 30.

(Custom Mattress Factory can make you an extra long mattress with an extra tall bed frame and matching bedding. All bespoke, all in one go from one place. Just saying.)

Custom Bolster Pillows Can Help Deal with Lying Flat on Your Back

Speaking of creaky, sleeping flat out on the back or stomach can make existing knee and back pain worse, but sleep aids like knee pillows for side sleepers and bolsters for back sleepers are mostly inadequate for elevating longer legs. Frustrating stacks of multiple pillows are bulky and impractical and slide around during the night. The right height of a bolster and circumference of a knee pillow should be made to custom specifications.

While standard mattresses aren’t built for tall people, a simple addon like a bolster pillow can temporarily help you. Something to get you through to a properly sized bed that accommodates your taller height.

Update Your Bedding So That It’s Long Enough as Well

As well as custom mattresses, bedding and accessories play a crucial role in ensuring optimal comfort. While length is a primary concern, addressing the unique needs of taller individuals goes beyond just the mattress. Custom and oversized bedding options designed for taller individuals can further enhance the sleep experience. Custom sheets can provide the necessary comfort and functionality.

One key consideration for tall individuals is the availability of sheets, blankets and duvets in their size. Standard bedding sizes often fall short in covering the length of an extra-large mattress. They leave tall sleepers struggling to keep their feet and shoulders comfortably covered. Custom bedding recognizes this issue and comes in different sizes to match the length of larger mattresses. Only custom-made sheets can that tall individuals can enjoy full coverage and warmth throughout the night.

Tall people problems might be somewhat unavoidable on planes and buses, but in the bedroom they are all solvable! The right sleep foundations just require a little creativity, custom work, and attention to detail.


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