Hey, Stretch!; The Unique Mattress Needs of Tall People

Updated: Apr 20

People come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully mattresses do too! Anyone over six feet tall can tell you the frustration of choosing between a cramped sleeping position or having their feet hanging off the end. Beds for tall people come in several varieties of custom sizes to meet the needs of people with bonus inches.

Discover the Alaskan King

Traditional king-sized mattresses measure 80 inches in length, while the Alaskan King mattress is 108 by 108 inches square. With 9 feet in length and width, anyone would be able to stretch out in all directions, and partners will appreciate the opportunity to carve out their own slice of the bed! Bed-sharing families find that this size accommodates children comfortably, too.

Just the extra length, please

The size of the bedroom might determine that an extra-long bed is better for the space than going up in width as well. Custom sized mattresses come in any combination desired, so you can have a comfortable, extra-long mattress made to match the width of the bed you already have. You get extra room to extend those toes inside the blankets without having to get rid of the nightstands.

Make your mattress taller

Many tall people find that a larger mattress is still missing something until they discover the joys of adding extra height! A custom foam mattress topper for an extra tall mattress adds the needed height for an ergonomic fit between the mattress and the floor. The desired height depends on your preference, the bed’s foundation, and added frame height. When they’re all added up just right, beds for tall people lose that kindergarten-chair feeling.

Use a custom bolster pillow

Sleeping flat out on the back or stomach can make existing knee and back pain worse, but sleep aids like knee pillows for side sleepers and bolsters for back sleepers are mostly inadequate for elevating longer legs. Frustrating stacks of multiple pillows are bulky and impractical and slide around during the night. The right height of a bolster and circumference of a knee pillow should be made to custom specifications.

Tall people problems might be somewhat unavoidable on planes and buses, but in the bedroom, they are all solvable! The right sleep foundations just require a little creativity, custom work, and attention to detail.