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Custom Corner Mattresses

One of our unique specialties is creating mattresses with customized corners. We can craft your custom mattress with a rounded corner, cut corner, and even a notched corner. Virtually any design you need, we can make it.

Customized Corners

Radius Corner Mattress

Radius Corner

Cut Corner Mattress

Cut Corner

Notched Corner Mattress

Notched Corner

Mattress with a Radius Corner

Does your mattress need a radius corner?

Finding the right mattress can be a nightmare if you have a uniquely-shaped bed frame or need a new sleeping surface for your RV or a boat. A regular model can’t fit, so you have the option to buy a smaller size and compromise on both comfort and looks.

Luckily, with our rounded corner mattress, you don’t have to do that. We customize our models to fit perfectly into your bed frame, maximizing the sleeping surface and avoiding gaps. As a result, you’ll get an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable radius corner mattress that will help you get the sleep you deserve.

Does your mattress need a cut corner?

People with uniquely-shaped bed frames, limited bedroom space, or those looking for a fitting RV sleeping surface can benefit from getting a cut-corner mattress. For example, some antique or custom bed frames have cut corners and can’t fit a regular rectangular mattress.

An angled corner mattress can help you maximize space, avoid gaps, and add a modern appearance to your bedroom. We can customize each model and add cut corner(s) to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Mattress with a Cut Corner
Mattress with a Notched Corner

Does your mattress need a notched corner?

You may need a notched corner mattress if you have a custom-shaped or antique bed frame with big posts. In addition, this type of mattress can be useful for people with limited space in their bedroom and those looking for a sleeping surface for their RV, boat, or another vehicle where a standard mattress won’t fit.

All our models have the option to add notched corners, ensuring you get a comfortable and practical sleeping surface.


Custom Made For Any Sleep Spot

RV Beds

RVs often have limited space, which means that standard mattresses don’t fit. A custom RV bed with personalized corners can ensure a comfortable sleeping surface and maximize your RV space. We offer a range of custom-sized RV mattresses to meet your unique needs and provide restful sleep on the road.

Antique Beds

Back in the day, they didn’t have standardized bed sizes and mass-produced mattresses. That’s why people with antique beds often need unique mattress sizes and customized corners. If that’s you, take a look at our antique bed mattresses and get a custom model that fits perfectly inside your beautiful antique frame.

Boat Beds

A fitting mattress is vital for all boat owners because you don’t want it to shift or slide around while sailing. In addition, boats often have limited sleeping areas, so getting a custom-sized mattress can ensure you use your space wisely. Take a look at our boat mattresses, specifically designed to provide optimal comfort and support while at sea.


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Or use this form to send us your custom mattress measurements and we will email you the price for your custom size mattress.

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"Words cannot describe how happy I am with my custom mattress."

Kerrie, CMF Customer

Custom Mattress Material

Choose the material that best suits your sleep style.

Independent spring blocks packed in spunbond. Bonding layers of springs. Furniture manufac

Pocket Coils

When it comes to durability and comfort you can't go wrong with a custom pocket coil mattress. The springs create a supportive base that contours to your body and offer a little "bounce."

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

If you want the sensation of sleeping on a cloud, consider a custom memory foam mattress. Memory foam is suitable for all sleeping positions and provides great support and pressure relief. 

Hand Testing Orthopedic Memory Foam Core Mattress


CustomFoam™ is a plant based foam that's inspired by memory foam. CustomFoam™ provides the same pressure free comfort and support, but sleeps perfectly cool and springs back to shape instantly so you never feel "stuck" in your mattress.

Nature para latex rubber, pillow and mattress material

Latex Foam

Our eco-friendly custom latex foam mattresses are an ideal choice for anyone seeking neck and back pain relief. Better yet, latex foam is hypoallergenic, sustainable, and breathable.  

Speak With a Custom Mattress Consultant For an Instant Quote 1.800.979.1924

Or use this form to send us your custom mattress measurements and we will email you the price for your custom size mattress.

A product expert will be in touch shortly.

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