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Hinged Mattresses

Hinged mattresses are designed with a hinge, allowing them to fold for easy storage and transportation. They are typically used in spaces where a regular mattress may not fit, such as RVs, boats, Murphy beds in small apartments, and more. We can craft a premium-quality hinged mattress of any shape or size.

Premium Hinge Design

We’ve developed a unique hinge design that allows you to sleep on your folding mattress without feeling the hinge. As a result, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a regular bed that’s not split into two pieces. In fact, when you look at the hinged mattress from the top, you’d never know it folds.

But premium hinge design is only half the picture. Our folding mattresses are so good because they combine premium quality materials and expert craftsmanship. We are serious about this, which is why only artisans with at least two years of experience can craft our hinged models.

Trifold Hinge

If you need a trifold mattress, we’ve got your back. We can craft a model with two premium hinges to meet your needs and preferences. That way, you can get a perfect folding mattress for any space.

The great thing about our trifold mattress is that we can craft it however you like. We can place two hinges in equal thirds or anywhere you need them. That way, you are guaranteed to get a premium sleeping surface that’s both practical and comfortable.


Hinged RV Mattress

If you need to maximize your space in an RV or get a sleeping surface that’s easy to store, a hinged RV mattress is an excellent choice. Our models come in different shapes and sizes, and you can select where you want us to position the hinge. With our premium quality materials and craftsmanship, you are guaranteed to get the best folding mattress for your RV.

Hinged RV
RV Mattress

Does your RV need a hinged mattress?

If you are an occasional or avid RVer who spends time on the road, you know how important it is to invest in a good sleeping surface. You also understand that every inch of space matters, and regular mattresses often occupy too much room.

The solution – a folding RV mattress. By investing in a hinged RV mattress, you can save space while still having a comfortable place to sleep. So, whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or just need a comfortable sleeping surface while on the go, getting a hinged RV mattress is the perfect choice for any RVer.

Hinged RV Mattress


Hinged Boat Mattress

For boat owners, space is a precious commodity. A hinged boat mattress can provide the perfect solution for those looking to maximize the sleeping space on their vessel. Hinged boat mattresses are designed to fold, making them easy to store and transport on board. We craft a range of hinged boat mattresses specifically designed to provide you with the most comfortable and practical sleeping surface on the water.

Boat Mattress
Italy, Baia (Naples), luxury yacht, master bedroom

Does your boat need a hinged mattress?

Finding ways to maximize the available boat space is crucial, and that’s where a folding boat mattress can be a game-changer. With a hinged boat mattress, you can easily fold and store it out of the way when not in use, giving you more space to move around on your boat. But, more importantly, it will feel incredibly comfortable and supportive once you lay down to sleep.

So, if you have limited space on a boat and want to use it better, getting a folding mattress is an excellent choice. We offer custom-sized hinged boat mattresses crafted by our expert artisans using high-quality materials. As a result, our folding boat mattresses are comfortable, practical, and durable.

hinged mattress


Hinged Home Mattress

Hinged mattresses are not just for boats and RVs, they can also be a practical solution for those who live in small apartments or homes. The most popular option is a folding murphy bed mattress, which allows homeowners to use their living space to the maximum. More importantly, our premium hinged home mattresses provide a perfect sleeping surface where you can relax after a long day.

Hinged Home
Smiling father lying on comfortable orthopedic mattress bed holding on stretched hands lit

Does your home need a hinged mattress?

Many people can benefit from getting a hinged mattress in their homes. For example, if you live in a small apartment and mostly sleep on the couch, you could improve your sleeping experience by getting a murphy bed with a hinged mattress.

In addition, hinged home mattresses are a great option for people with guestrooms or a home office that sometimes needs to double as a bedroom. A hinged mattress is highly practical, allowing you to easily fold and store it as required. And when you get one of our hinged models, you are also guaranteed premium quality and comfort.

hinged folding mattress

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"Words cannot describe how happy I am with my custom mattress."

Kerrie, CMF Customer

Custom Mattress Material

Choose the material that best suits your sleep style.

Independent spring blocks packed in spunbond. Bonding layers of springs. Furniture manufac

Pocket Coils

When it comes to durability and comfort you can't go wrong with a custom pocket coil mattress. The springs create a supportive base that contours to your body and offer a little "bounce."

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

If you want the sensation of sleeping on a cloud, consider a custom memory foam mattress. Memory foam is suitable for all sleeping positions and provides great support and pressure relief. 

Hand Testing Orthopedic Memory Foam Core Mattress


CustomFoam™ is a plant based foam that's inspired by memory foam. CustomFoam™ provides the same pressure free comfort and support, but sleeps perfectly cool and springs back to shape instantly so you never feel "stuck" in your mattress.

Nature para latex rubber, pillow and mattress material

Latex Foam

Our eco-friendly custom latex foam mattresses are an ideal choice for anyone seeking neck and back pain relief. Better yet, latex foam is hypoallergenic, sustainable, and breathable.  

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