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How to Size and Choose a Custom Mattress for Your Boat

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Sizing a custom mattress for a boat can be a challenging task, and not one you’re likely to achieve in your standard brick & mortar store. Yet, a custom mattress is a great upgrade to your boat’s living quarters, providing you with a comfortable and personalized sleeping space.

Whether you’re a live-aboard, on an extended voyage, or just tired of waking up sore while you’re on board, there’s a ton of good reasons to purchase a good mattress for your boat. However, you can’t exactly just fit any old mattress on a boat. A boat’s limited quarters will require a custom sized mattress. Let’s look at a few important considerations when purchasing a mattress for your boat:

What Boat Quarters Are You Fitting Your Mattress for?

Consider the type of boat you have. The type of boat you have will determine the type of mattress that will work best for your needs. Do you have an onboard sleeping quarters that you’re looking to fit a custom size mattress for? Or are you planning of rolling one out in the cabin and stowing it away when you’re done?

Both are completely reasonable needs to be filled, but may determine the type and size of mattress you’d like to purchase. A small mattress to stow away makes sense if you’re going to be rolling it out on the floor, but if you have a cabin you may wish to keep your custom made mattress there permanently.

Mattress Materials and the Motion of the Ocean

Let’s cut to the chase: boats move a lot. A bed that dampens this movement, namely the rocking back and forth, is the ideal. If you’re already in the market for a custom mattress on your boat, then you should definitely be considering memory foam.

While springs and coils can be nice on land, on the water they can amplify the swaying of the ocean. Not only can this interrupt your sleep, it can cause sea sickness in susceptible individuals. A custom made memory foam mattress will help to counteract a boat’s constant movement, providing restful sleep even while the sea stirs.

Start With Determining What Bed Size You’d Like

Selecting the right mattress size for a boat is crucial. Both the short queen and ¾ bed sizes can be ideal starting points with unique characteristics.

Short queen mattresses provide a comfortable sleeping surface while saving space in your bedroom. Their slightly reduced length ensures easy maneuverability within the confines of a boat. Despite their compact size, short queen mattresses are designed for optimal comfort. They offer a balance between space-saving and providing a restful night's sleep, crucial for enjoying your time on the water.

Short queen-sized bedding, including sheets, blankets, and duvets, are also relatively easy to find. They simplify the process of outfitting your boat's sleeping area. But just like any custom boat bed, you should always consider custom fitted sheets instead.

Just like the short queen, the ¾ mattress size is specifically designed for compact spaces. Its reduced width makes it ideal for smaller boat sleeping areas, where maximizing space is paramount. A ¾ bed can comfortably sleep one person or provide a snug sleeping space for two. If you have a partner who you intend to share the bed with, the short queen may be the better bet. If you're taller and have the extra room for length, you may want something longer than the short queen bed.

Both short queen and ¾ mattresses are excellent choices for boats. They just cater to different space requirements and sleeping preferences.

Customizing a Bed for You Aboard Your Boat

Of course, be sure to measure out the area where you’ll be using your mattress, width by length, but there’s also the consideration of the individuals who will be using the bed as well. The firmness of your custom made foam mattress needs to be thought about before making a purchase.

A mattress that is too soft may not provide enough support for individuals who are heavier or taller, while a mattress that is too firm may not be comfortable for individuals who are lighter or shorter. A good rule of thumb is a medium firmness to fit the needs of pretty much everyone.

Purchase a Quality Custom Mattress

When choosing your custom mattress, it is important to read customer reviews and compare different brands and models. Look for mattresses that have a good reputation for durability and comfort, and make sure to choose a custom mattress maker with great customer reviews. This is where we come in.

Don’t compromise on lesser foam mattress models when you’re looking for a good sleep on your boat. Whatever your reason for purchasing a custom mattress, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get a lesser model when you can get a mattress made of the best materials available for a reasonable price.

Check out what we can do for your custom boat bed. All our mattress models are tailored just for you to fit exactly where you need it. A good night’s sleep on your boat, just like on land, requires a good mattress, and we’re here to make that happen.


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