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10 Common Questions for Custom Mattress-Makers

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

What kinds of oversized beds are there?

There are many options larger than a Standard King, if you need a larger custom mattress:

  • California King: 72”x84”

  • Wyoming King: 84”x84”

  • Texas King: 98”x80”

  • Florida King: 108”x80”

  • Alberta King: 96”x96”

  • Alaskan King: 108”108”

And don’t forget that a custom mattress manufacturer can make an oversized mattress in other dimensions, too. Some families who practice co-sleeping need custom mattress solutions larger than even an Alaskan King bed; you can’t find these kinds of mattresses in stores.

Once you’re in the XL or custom bed size territory as well, you’ll be needing custom oversized sheets. Most custom mattress groups will also offer oversized sheets as we do at Custom Mattress Factory. Don’t try and get away with sheets that aren’t fitted to your bed’s size as it can lead to a less than ideal sleep experience or leave the bed exposed to damage.

Can I have a bed made for an irregularly-shaped spot in my RV?

Definitely! Companies who create bespoke mattresses can create a mattress for any RV bed, whether it’s a short queen, a king size RV bed, or a folding mattress with a notched corner. Just send all your measurements and some photos of the sleep spot in your RV.

Are there beds available for boats?

You can have a custom mattress made for virtually any boat bed. From rounded mattresses to angled corners and irregular dimensions, you can find a manufacturer who will make it by hand. Try to get a yacht mattress in natural latex, as it has more water-resistant properties than custom memory foam mattresses.

Consider going for a firmer mattress when choosing your custom specifications. We talked about ideal custom boat beds in a little more detail in another blog post here.

What’s the mattress size of an antique bed?

Short answer – ¾ bed size. Real answer – there’s not a standard size for an antique bed mattress. Some are ¾ beds, but others have custom dimensions. Since antique beds were made by hand, the mattresses were custom made to fit them, too. You’ll need the help of a custom mattress manufacturer for this one.

Are there custom bed linen options available for a custom-shaped mattress?

Of course! It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to create a bespoke hexagonal mattress and send you on your way without custom-fit bed linens. You can find accessories for your custom mattress, such as custom bedding and frames, from your custom mattress specialist.

Where can I find bedding for a family-sized bed?

A custom mattress-maker is not only skilled in crafting unique family sized mattresses but can also make custom bed linens for you. Regardless of the size or shape of your bed, they can tailor bedding solutions to fit your requirements.

Whether you have a family sized bed or a non-standard shape like a round bed, a custom bedding solution can be designed specifically for your needs. By working with the mattress-maker, you can have custom bedding made for a perfect fit. From fitted sheets and duvet covers to pillowcases and bed skirts, the possibilities are endless. Don't hesitate to ask for custom bedding. There is a custom bedding solution for any bed regardless of size or shape.

Do antique bed mattresses need a box spring?

No. Your antique bed frame likely has a rope or iron slat foundation, so the mattress for your antique bed doesn’t need a box spring underneath it. In fact, trying to add a box spring to an antique bed mattress can make it ill-fitting and the bed too tall.

Which mattress material regulates temperature best?

Latex; no question. A custom mattress made of natural latex will help you sleep cool in any environment, because latex is a temperature-regulating material.

Pocket coil mattresses come in second place, because the spaces between the coils allow airflow.

Custom combination coil-and-foam mattresses rank third in temperature regulation because, while cooler than solid foam mattresses, the foam layers still trap heat.

Custom solid memory foam mattresses are really comfy and ergonomic, but they tend to sleep hot. Although, you can get a cooling gel mattress topper to help.

Are there folding mattresses for convertible van beds?

Yes! You can have a hinged mattress custom made in any size and shape. Hinging a custom mattress can open up new layout options, let you use your van’s bed as also a couch, and can add storage options to your van’s sleep spot.

Hinged mattresses are also perfect for those looking to save space in their home. These custom mattresses are designed with a hinge mechanism that allows them to be folded or bent, making them easy to store or transport. By folding the mattress, you can free up valuable floor space during the day, creating a more versatile living area.

They don't have to be for just on the road. They're perfect for smaller spaces like a guest room, smaller apartments or maybe a children's room. There are plenty of options when it comes to saving space with a custom bed!

How do I find a replacement sofa bed mattress?

This is another place a custom mattress manufacturer can help you out; all we need is a few measurements from your couch. Quality memory foam and hinged construction can mean the difference between that saggy foam thing that came with the couch, and a super-comfy custom pull-out mattress guests are actually comfortable sleep in.


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