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7 Reasons You Need a Custom Mattress Upgrade

Updated: May 6, 2023

There are few times in life when you can give yourself a good excuse to drop money on a one-of-a-kind item, but when it comes to your bed – that’s definitely one of those times. You sleep every night, and, ideally, that sleep is quality sleep. But the major player that can make or break how well you sleep is your bed mattress. If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable and creaky when you get out of bed in the morning, consider the following signs of a mattress that needs to be retired… Is it time for a new, custom mattress?

1. Slowest of Shapeshifters

If your mattress has gone from firm to soft, or you can tell it’s not the same shape it used to be, that’s a pretty good sign it’s on its last legs. Sometimes it’s hard to notice at first, because it happens pretty slowly over time. But even the best custom mattresses age – just like us. When your fitted sheets stop fitting your mattress, it’s time to say goodbye.

2. A Sinking Ship

Have you noticed it’s, like, really hard to get out of bed? It feels like your mattress is swallowing you up and you have to literally climb out of bed, or roll to the edge only to fall back to the center every time you try to get comfortable? This is especially true of innerspring mattresses as they age, as well as those thin foam “mattresses” on boat and RV beds. Don’t let your mattress take you down with it; order a new customized bed and retire that old saggy thing.

3. The Princess & the Pea

Okay, so she was really high-maintenance; who needs a hundred mattresses just to be comfy? Maybe she just didn’t have the right mattress makers. Regardless, if you’re feeling lumps and bumps in your mattress, it’s a good sign the materials are deteriorating, which is a sign it’s not supporting your body the way it’s supposed to anymore. Not cute. It’s time to get rid of it.

4. Snap, Crackle, Pop

Getting out of bed in the morning after age 30 is… a bummer. One of the (many, many) reasons is that your bones and joints make sounds they probably shouldn’t; you might start to feel like your skeleton isn’t structurally sound anymore. While we can’t stop from aging, we can replace our aging mattress. A made-to-order memory foam mattress with pressure-relieving, weight-distributing support can take away at least one reason the morning sucks.

5. An Ambivalent Allergen

Not many people realize that your mattress doesn’t only lose comfort features as it ages; it also collects dust, dirt and a lot of dead skin and dander. If you notice you get congested or sneezy right around bedtime and it dissipates within a couple hours in the morning, your mattress is likely the culprit. Bad health = bad sleep health. Don’t make yourself sick – just get a new mattress. You could even opt for a hypoallergenic customization like natural latex construction instead of foam or memory foam.

6. Overweight Overload

Maybe it’s no fault of anyone’s that your mattress has given up the ghost. Maybe when you got your mattress, it was just you. Fast forward five years and now you’ve got a partner, a dog, 2 cats, and a baby on the way. Just like you’ve had to change your home and your habits along the way, you probably need to change your mattress, too. A custom memory foam mattress can isolate movements, so the dog’s dream about chasing squirrels doesn’t wake you up. An Alaskan king mattress can be the perfect solution if your family (human and animal) wants to sleep together but not be cramped and crowded.

7. Culprit of Crappy Sleep

At the end of the day (pun intended), you need a mattress that helps your sleep and doesn’t hinder it. As our bodies age and our lives change, a mattress that used to be perfect for you may just no longer fit. No need to suffer in silence and continue getting awful sleep because your mattress just doesn’t match you anymore. Having a bespoke mattress made exactly the way you want is exactly the remedy your tired mind and achy body need. Like we said – self-care.

Bespoke Replacement Mattresses for Beds of Any Size, Anywhere

The great news is that when it is time for a new mattress, you can order one to exactly the softness, construction, size, and shape you want. Need a hypoallergenic Alberta king with a radius corner made of natural latex? A better dorm mattress for your cranky college student? Or maybe the sea has stopped being able to rock you to sleep due to an outdated boat bed.

Custom Mattress Factory is your one-stop-shop for all things sleep, because why stop at the mattress? Give your home, RV, truck or van bed a serious upgrade with a new custom mattress and matching made-to-order bed linens, mattress protector, and custom bed frame. Go ahead; you can totally justify this one-of-a-kind purchase!


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