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9 Sleep Habits to Make the Most out of Your Mattress

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Yeah, yeah. You know you need to brush and floss before bed, and you never forget to set your alarm. But you might not know some of today’s easiest, science-backed ways to sleep better, feel better when you wake, and be happier throughout the day. You can have the nicest custom mattress money can buy, but if you’re not paying attention to your sleep hygiene, it’s not going to make a huge difference. Pair your luxury memory foam mattress with some important habits to make the most of your one-of-a-kind, custom bed.

Natural light cycles are important.

The pineal gland in your brain regulates your body’s understanding of day and night cycles by responding to patterns of light and darkness. Many daily rhythms require daily exposure to the day-night cycle, including the production of melatonin in your brain that naturally helps you sleep. Let natural light into your bedroom and experience a gentler awakening with the sunrise. Likewise, limit light levels at night, particularly blue-light emitting screens and electronic devices. Sometimes it’s hard to regulate these kinds of habits, especially if you work from bed or spend most of your nights travelling in hotels. But it’s worth it. So whether you’re at home or sleeping in your RV bed on the road, pay attention to natural light as well as limiting screen light before sleep. Trust us, you’ll notice a difference in your sleep quality almost immediately.

Custom memory foam and cotton sheets keep you cool.

A hot sleeping environment is associated with lighter sleep, more sleep disturbances through the night, and increased dehydration upon waking. Researchers have also found a link between cooler sleeping environments and a favorable increase in healthy “brown” fat in the body. Not all of us have the option of AC, but there are other factors you can rely on to keep your sleep as cool as possible. A custom memory foam mattress with a cooling cover and quality Egyptian cotton sheets will make a huge difference. Cotton sheets don’t trap heat the way microfiber and sateen do. And our custom memory foam mattresses and organic cotton mattress covers only add to your body’s ability to regulate heat on its own, so you’re not constantly rolling around throughout the night to escape hotspots.

Unwind by talking with your partner.

Having a casual conversation with someone you trust before hitting the mattress decreases your chances of rehearsing your worries while you lay there, waiting to drift off. Bonus points for strengthening your relationships. We all know that great feeling of having such a nice and relaxing conversation that you start to drift off before you’ve even finished talking. Add some hot tea and a custom made bespoke mattress to the mix and before you know it, you’re out for the night.

Listen to your body.

The last thirty minutes before bed should be a conversation between your body and the comforts you look forward to enjoying while you rest. That means just saying no to anything that will distract you from hearing the signals your body sends. Netflix? No way. Progressive relaxation techniques are also a great way to decompress physically and mentally. These are best done in a memory foam mattress that conforms to your body, so you can concentrate on de-tensing those joints.

Increase your magnesium consumption.

Whether you take it by supplement or through dietary sources, magnesium aids relaxation and sleep. It contains a compound called GABA which plays a key role in regulating the body’s stress-response system. Low stress = better sleep, and better sleep comes from a combination of lifestyle habits, diet and exercise, and, of course, the quality of your mattress.

Decrease daytime caffeine intake.

While it assists with quick boosts to your body’s feeling of energy, caffeine actually interrupts your brain’s natural mechanism for knowing when it is time to rest. Caffeine affects your alertness for 3-4 hours, but can actually still affect your body’s circadian processes for up to 8 hours. Instead of that 2pm cup of coffee, try a twenty-minute power nap instead. Getting up from your desk to take a walk, or switching up your task routine at work can also help.

Try a haptic alarm.

Auditory alarms activate the fight-or-flight response in the amygdala, and the hypothalamus then sends a signal to the adrenal glands to pump out some adrenaline into the bloodstream. Long story short--you dread waking up, as it feels like facing a threat. Haptic alarms like wrist watches or bed shakers are more gentle to the system, and they are widely available, as deaf and hard of hearing consumers have driven demand for this technology for decades.

Diet and exercise affect your sleep.

Any medical professional will tell you that diet and exercise habits affect both your waking and sleeping life. People who keep an exercise regimen sleep better. Think about it – the more you tire your body out during the day, the more it needs to shut down and recover. As for your diet, avoid processed sugars, caffeine late in the day, and eating too late at night. Now, maybe a quiet cup of tea here or there may soothe a stressed mind, but don’t be gorging pizza at 10pm if you’re trying to be in bed by 11.

Sleep comfortably on a quality mattress.

This may seem obvious, but if you have been putting up with a scratchy set of sheets, a smelly old pillow, or a suboptimal mattress, it’s time to make an upgrade. You spend about a third of your life asleep, so your bed should be a retreat you look forward to visiting each night. Investing in a custom mattress for your bed isn’t frivolous; it’s not even really about luxury. Everyone sleeps differently, so everyone needs a custom bed that fits their preferences and needs. Designing a custom memory foam mattress tailored to your desired firmness and topped with high-quality, organic cotton, is going to make it nearly impossible not to get a good night’s sleep when combined with all these great sleep habits.

Getting great sleep is not a luxury, it’s the foundation to a healthful, happy life. Sweet dreams!


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