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A Round Mattress is the Perfect Way to Spice Up Your Bedroom!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

If you are looking to buy a new mattress/bed, it can feel like the classic rectangle is your only option on the market. And if you’re not looking at custom mattress manufacturers, you’re probably right. But instead of falling into that trap, consider for a moment what it would be like having a stylish and luxurious round bed in your life. A round mattress is a sleek, eye-catching addition to any bedroom, and this shape works especially well with modern or minimalist interior decorating styles. Think about a king size round mattress placed in the center of your bedroom, with a chandelier hanging over it. Fancy, right?

These circular mattresses are often placed lower to the ground for easy accessibility and a gently inviting outline, giving the bed a certain sexiness to it, which is perhaps why circular beds are popular in Hollywood films. You’ll even find round beds in boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts. With its lack of hard lines and sharp corners, many owners of custom round beds also feel that the soft, circular appearance of a round mattress contributes to a general Zen aesthetic in their home. It’s a far more inviting piece of furniture and the round bed is such an elegant statement piece that it really doesn’t require fancy pillows or throw blankets to spruce it up and make it stand out - it already does!

And that is probably the #1 reason to buy a round mattress: it’s unique! Round beds are an eye-catching statement piece that are uncommon and sophisticated. Round mattresses are often associated with high-end luxury establishments, but they are perfect for stylish homeowners who want to make their bedroom really stand out. You can even find rotating round bed frames if you want to add a surprising and fun feature to your bed. The best part is: round beds don’t demand extra space, meaning your bedroom doesn’t need to be extremely large to accommodate one, especially if you’re springing for an intimate Queen-sized round mattress.

Let Custom Mattress Makers Make the Best Round Bed for You!

When you have Custom Mattress Factory create a bespoke, custom round mattress, you have final say over the dimensions, the firmness, and the quality of your bed. For instance, some mattresses for round beds are memory foam and some are pocket coil. We also make round beds out of natural latex for its durability and hypoallergenic nature. When it comes to a completely custom round bed, it’s all about what you want. A round foam bed is perfect for those who want to sink into bed with their partner, while a custom pocket coil mattress is a great choice for those who sleep on their back and need extra support to maintain posture. No matter what your request or needs are, the Custom Mattress Factory will be able to create the perfect round mattress that suits your needs.

For circular mattresses, a king-size or up is recommended, because it allows for the luxury of really spreading out at night. And we do admit, a round bed is a better choice for larger bedrooms than smaller ones. But if you choose a smaller size like a custom queen size round mattress, you can still get that luxury Hollywood vibe even if your bedroom isn’t cavernous. If you want to make a real statement with your interior decorating, consider designing a round mattress with CMF and bring your bedroom to a whole new level of comfort and style.

Round Mattress Bedding

The Custom Mattress Factory is pleased to confirm that custom bedding is available for round beds and mattresses. Options include custom made fitted sheets and a round mattress protector to ensure your bed lasts as long as possible. Simply contact us with the specifications of your bed, whether it’s a King or Queen-sized round mattress, and we’ll ship you all the custom bedding you need to enjoy your bed as much as possible.


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