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Why Get a Custom Mattress for Your Boat’s Sleeping Quarters?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Even the nicest boats… well, except a billionaire’s mega-yacht… tend to have cramped and/or weirdly-shaped sleeping quarters. Isn’t it a weird thing that beds in mobile homes like RV’s, horse trailers, boats, and Airstreams come standard with chintzy mattresses? You’d think the “home” part of mobile home would be on the manufacturer’s radar. Unfortunately, that’s not so, and whether you’re tired of a crooked back, or your mattress has started to smell and feel a bit too much like ocean air, we’d bet money you’re not getting the kind of sleep you want.

The obvious answer is to replace your current yacht mattress with a custom-made, custom-fit mattress. But what’s the point on a mattress specifically for boat beds? And do you need it custom made? And then how do you find bedding for a weird shaped mattress with a hinge or cut corners? Don’t get overwhelmed by all the uncertainties that come with designing a mattress for your yacht; we make the process straightforward and easy. So, let’s walk you through the important questions to answer when considering a custom made boat mattress from Custom Mattress Factory:

What is a Yacht or Boat Mattress?

There are several differences between a regular off-the-floor bed mattress and one made specifically for boats:


The vast majority of the time, boat beds are far from the standard rectangular shape of the beds in your on-land home. Many boats and yachts have sleeping quarters near the hull, meaning the mattress for the bed needs to fit the v-berth. That means extra corners, maybe a split mattress, or even hinged. And if your boat has bunk beds (or you added them yourself), you best believe they’re not standard sizes either. At the least, you’ll need narrow dorm-style mattresses for that. At the most, you’ll need something even more obscure that will definitely require cut-to-measure bespoke mattresses.


Your on-land beds don’t need to withstand a constant barrage of moisture from sea air. Even in the most humid places, and homes with small kids, of course, a typical latex or vinyl mattress cover will protect it. But boat mattresses are crafted of materials that are mold, mildew and moisture-resistant. This protects you from breathing in unhealthy, mold-spore-filled air, and it means you’re not replacing a soggy mattress every season.


Yup – you guessed it: You won’t find a mattress for your yacht’s sleeping quarters on the display floor of a mattress store. And while you can find some options from boat manufacturers, you’re still getting something that’s standard-ish, which means poor fits and mediocre quality. Yet another reason you should shop around for custom mattress manufacturers… or just contact us – making mattresses custom-fit for boat beds is kind of our specialty.

What are the Benefits to Having a Mattress Made Bespoke for Your Boat Bed?

Are there any real-life payoffs to working with a custom mattress maker to replace your yacht bed’s mattress? Of course!

Costs Less

You might be wondering how a custom-made mattress of high-quality, natural materials could be cheaper than an off-the-floor counterpart. Simple! The streamlined process of working with a US-based, online custom mattress maker means no middleman costs like warehousing, distribution, etc.

Lessens Joint Pain

A bad mattress will crick even the healthiest person’s neck and back. And for those of us whose bones and joints react to changes in temperature, pressure and humidity, a bad mattress is even more of a detriment. Comfy boat foam, memory foam or natural latex mattresses that properly support your body and distribute pressure evenly will help you mitigate the sea air’s effects on your creaky joints.

Aids Breathing Problems

Snoring is a bummer for anyone sleeping next to you. And in a boat’s sleeping quarters, you don’t really have the option to run downstairs to the spare bedroom to get away from a snoring partner. But quality mattresses with proper support can help stop the noise and even the playing field for sleep quality between the two of you.

Can be Made to Accommodate Different Sleep Styles

Speaking of sleeping in the same bed with someone, something you’ll not find anywhere but custom mattress manufacturers are boat mattresses with more than one firmness level. If you get a split mattress or a hinged one, you can make sure both sections are a different firmness so both you and your partner can have a mattress tailored to your sleep needs. Just the same, if you have those narrow boat bunk mattresses made to order, you can customize each one’s material and firmness to accommodate different guests.

How to Find the Perfect Custom Mattress for Your Yacht Bed

We’ve been very ominous about how you’re not going to find the exact yacht mattress you need just anywhere. You’re limited by material, shape, thickness and size limitations, because boat companies who also make boat mattresses are distracted by the part where they make the whole boat. To them, the mattresses in your yacht are just a detail.

But it’s actually really easy to get a mattress made-to-measure for even the weirdest boat beds, and you don’t have to leave your home or houseboat to do it! Custom Mattress Factory is dedicated to – you guessed it – creating bespoke, high-quality mattresses for the strangest of sleep spaces, and that includes boat beds. All you have to do is send us measurements, choose your desired material and thickness, add any options like a split, a hinge, or cut or rounded corners, and you’ll get a super-comfy mattress handmade using heritage techniques that will really up your yacht’s sleep game.

Custom Bed Linens & Keeping Your Boat Mattress in Ship Shape

So the idea of a mattress that perfectly fits your boat’s v-berth-shaped bed is great – you get increased comfort, water-resistant materials, and any shape or size you need. But what good is a fancy custom mattress if you’re still working with store-bought bedding? How many times are you going to have to tuck and retuck that curved corner that keeps coming loose? No worries – you can have custom made fitted sheets, mattress protectors and the rest of your bedding handmade and shipped along with your new yacht mattress! Made of 600-thread count Egyptian cotton, custom-fit bed linens make your life easier, your bed more comfortable, sleep cool, and don’t absorb that moist ocean air.

At the end of the day, the benefits of bespoke boat mattresses hugely outweigh any costs. And while life on the water is supposed to be an exciting adventure, it’s also supposed to be relaxing. Streamlining your sleep with a natural latex, foam or memory foam boat mattress topped with perfectly-fit linens made-to-order for that mattress means better, more relaxing sleep, which in turn means more energy for daytime sailing activities. It’s a win-win.

Thinking about a new mattress for your boat? Get more information on Custom Mattress Factory’s options for custom boat mattresses and matching bedding here.


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