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An Intro to Short Queen Beds and Their Many Applications

You may not have heard of a short queen bed before, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t seen one! Whether in an RV, a small bedroom, or in an antique bed frame, short queen mattresses sneak their way into a lot of different sleep spots. But what are they? Well, most of the time they’re the width of a standard queen at 60”, but instead of the standard 80” length they’re only 72” or 74” long. This all depends on the custom mattress manufacturer and the needs of the customer, of course. And while a short queen memory foam mattress probably isn’t going to work for an NBA player, those of us 6’ and under will do just fine in a short queen bed.

Short Queen Mattresses for RV’s Save Space without Sacrificing Comfort.

The most common place you’ll see a short queen mattress is in an RV. Why? Well, when you’re dealing with a motor home of 400 square feet or less, every inch counts. Your short queen bed will save about 3.33 square feet of space compared to a standard queen. That leaves you room to walk around the bed without stubbing your toes on the bed frame.

Have a Small Bedroom but Need Sleep Space for Two? Short Queen Beds are the Perfect Solution!

Another setting in which a short queen bed comes in handy is in the case of tiny houses or tiny apartments. Are you and your partner looking to start the tiny-style life? Or maybe you’re just a resident of Manhattan. A short queen memory foam mattress is going to give you all the space and stretching room of a regular queen, but you can squeeze it into smaller spaces.

That Antique Bed Frame Doesn’t Fit a Regular Queen Mattress. What to do?

Antique beds are almost always weird. As a custom mattress-maker, we get a lot of requests for ¾ beds, cut-corner mattresses for antique bed frames, and short full or queen mattresses. People want to be able to sleep comfortably on that heirloom bed frame, but have no idea how to figure it out. The good news is, short queen beds overlap with certain types of ¾ beds. You might have to change the dimensions up a bit – it may not be a “true” short queen mattress, but a custom mattress-maker doesn’t care, because they can make anything!

These aren’t nearly the only places a short queen mattress might be the best solution for a space-conscious, comfy sleep. You could use this type of mattress in a van bed, a yacht bed, a plane bed – virtually anywhere you want to go as wide as possible but think you don’t have the space for a queen-size mattress – think again.


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