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How a Custom Memory Foam Mattress can Help You Sleep more Soundly

Nowadays there are a ton of different options for mattresses, custom or not. Springs, pocket coils, foam, custom latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses – it’s a lot. But the weird thing is, even with all these options, we’re not sleeping very well. About a third of adults report sleeping less than 7 hours a night, and nearly half of all adults say that at least half the week they’re sleepy during the day. We’re not sleeping a lot, and the sleep that we do get doesn’t seem to be of great quality.


Well, there are dozens of things it could be. Blue light from screens, ingesting caffeine too late in the day, not getting enough exercise, a poor diet – these can all mess up your sleep. But one big factor in sleep quality is your mattress (and your sheets, believe it or not). And as a proud manufacturer of bespoke mattresses handmade in the US; that’s obviously where we’re going to put our focus. We might not be able to get you off your cell phone for an hour before you go to bed, but we can give you advice on how to design a custom memory foam mattress that’s perfect for you… and then we can make it for you!

Why Getting a Solid 8 Hours on that Custom Mattress Nightly is Important

Why is sleep important? A bunch of reasons. Mental health, mood and physical health are all affected by sleep quality.

·Sleep helps your brain process and store information. Chronically getting poor sleep actually affects your ability to think critically and make decisions. It can permanently change the way your brain works, and not for the better.

·Your cardiovascular system uses the time you’re sleeping to repair itself. Poor sleep means your body isn’t getting a chance to recover and heal any stress on your blood vessels and heart.

·Sleep deficiency makes you more likely to become obese.

·Chronic poor sleep, or too little sleep, can affect your social abilities – you may have trouble with regulating your mood, increased anxiety, increased depression, and lethargy.

Why a Custom Memory Foam Mattress is a Great Option for Improving Sleep Quality

Memory foam mattresses have become widely popular in the last few years. Why? Because they’re really comfortable! But memory foam in your mattress isn’t enough. A custom bed is the answer to getting better sleep without sacrificing your nightly Netflix binge. Everyone has a different sleep style, and everyone has different difficulties in sleeping. Some people have back issues. Some people toss and turn, never getting comfortable. So, why is everyone buying the same few mattress models available at big-box retailers? We have no idea. Custom made beds with custom memory foam mattresses will ensure that your sleep is better, because your sleep is tailored to you! And the best thing is, even if you need a custom size mattress for an antique bed, a short queen mattress for an RV, a memory foam mattress for your semi truck’s sleeper cabin, or literally any other custom sleep spot that requires non-standard shapes and sizes, a custom mattress manufacturer will get you a great night’s sleep in spaces that big-box retailers just can’t. To boot, bespoke beds are typically much higher quality because they’re handmade, and they’re also not too much different in cost than a mattress model that was machine-made by the hundreds. It’s sort of a no-brainer.

Other benefits of a custom memory foam mattress are:

·They’re typically soft, but a custom bed can be tailored to your desired level of firmness.

·Memory foam contours to your body, taking stress off pressure points like shoulders and hips.

·The contouring of a custom memory foam mattress means you’ll sleep more soundly because you won’t move nearly as much, and you won’t feel your partner or pet moving around even though they’re right next to you.

·Designing a custom bed made of memory foam is easy to do online in the comfort of your own home!

Other Options for Custom Mattresses if Memory Foam isn’t your Thing

Memory foam isn’t your only option when considering designing a custom bed. You can choose from pocket coils, CustomFoam™, OriginalFoam™, or natural latex. This is great news for those who have allergies to certain types of textiles, as well as for those ordering custom mattresses for non-traditional sleep spots like van beds or boat beds. The point is, it’s 2021! Virtually anything you can dream up, a custom mattress manufacturer can make. A round bed? Yup. A ¾ mattress for an antique bed frame? Yup. A big rig mattress with a hinge and one notched corner for your semi bed? Uh-huh. Wherever you sleep, you deserve (and need) to sleep well. And custom beds, memory foam or not, are the best way to do it.


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