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The ABC’s of Buying the Best Bespoke Bed for Your Bedroom

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Today's Mattress Market

Now more than ever, the mattress market is a little crowded. On top of big-box stores, you now have the option of buying memory foam mattresses online that come right to your door in a manageable-sized box. Getting comfortable mattresses without the high-end prices is easier than ever. But convenience isn’t without its costs. Some of these mattresses aren’t that great. All memory foam is not created equal, and that convenient, machine-made mattress that came straight from the warehouse? It’s not going to last you very long; it’s not super likely to hold up the way a custom mattress will. You can get the same convenience of buying online, but getting a custom made memory foam mattress, crafted by hand and with the highest quality materials, is a much better investment than a mattress that literally comes to your house squished in a box.

The Pros of Buying a Bespoke Mattress

Not a lot of things are handmade in the US anymore. And bespoke mattresses? They’re hard to find. That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide high quality, custom mattresses that are made-to-order. There are a lot of advantages to creating a custom bed for your bedroom as opposed to buying what’s available on the standard mattress market. Not least of all is the quality and attention to detail that you just can’t get from big-box retailers. But think about all the other avenues that open up with custom mattresses. You can get a custom fit mattress for different sized beds, like how some antique beds need ¾ mattresses. You can order custom size foam or latex mattresses for non-traditional bedrooms like in yachts, planes, RVs or trucks. Not to mention that if you need alternative materials because of allergies, a bespoke mattress can be tailored to your needs. You don’t want to be sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t fit you, your needs or your space.

Standard Mattresses Aren’t for Everyone

The pros of a custom mattress don’t stop at quality and longevity. Comfort is key, especially for people who have chronic pain, bad joints, or residual damage from injuries. And also, not everyone is built the same. If you’re really tall, an extra-long bed is going to be way better for you than curling yourself into a standard length bed. And if you’re a smaller person? Save that space you don’t need with a short queen mattress. If your family practices co-sleeping, or you have a lot of family pets who refuse to sleep alone, ordering a crazy big Alaskan king bed might be the right choice for you. Even if you’re just concerned with luxury and style (because the vibe of your bedroom is also a huge factor in your comfort level), you could try a round mattress, or one with cut corners. And all of these things are just not something you can find at typical retailers.

Custom-Made, Custom-Sized Mattresses Made in the US

At Custom Mattress Factory, we have no qualms in saying we’re the best custom mattress manufacturer you’ll find in your search for the perfect custom made bed. With high-end materials like organic cotton, lush cashmere, and custom memory foam options, we can tailor a bed for any sleep spot, whether you have a little bay window nook you want to make use of, or an RV bed that needs a mattress upgrade. With us, you speak to a real person, who tailors your order to your exact specifications. Then a real person who’s an expert in mattress-making creates your custom bespoke mattress using heritage techniques. Every one of our mattresses is made by hand in the US; we never outsource. And because we don’t have brick-and-mortar locations with overhead and retail costs, we can provide you with high-end options you just can’t find anywhere else. If we haven’t completely convinced you by now that you could use a great custom mattress in your life, give us a call or fill out our contact form; whatever your questions or concerns, we’ve got answers.


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