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Custom Mattress Sizes You Won't Find in Stores

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Okay, so we’re already pretty well-versed in the realm of “standard” sized custom mattresses, like Wyoming King, Alaskan King, Alberta King, or something like a short queen RV mattress and family sized beds. But, guess what – the rabbit hole of mattress sizes is deep, and it requires a deep dive to fully understand it.

As custom mattress makers, since we craft our mattresses by hand, these crazy sizes don’t create obstacles for us. But we do love to know where exactly our customers are going to put their 30-inch wide custom mattress. Or a 60-inch long mattress… where does that one go?

Let’s look at some of the more-strangely-sized mattresses we’ve made bespoke, and what place they have in our customer’s homes, trucks, vans, boats, RVs, sofa beds – almost mattress you can think of, we’ve made it.

30” Wide Mattresses

Also referred to as a narrow twin-size mattress, a 30-inch wide mattress has a few uses that aren’t all that in common. 30 inches is the standard width of a cot mattress. It also fits RV bunk beds and most dorm mattresses, provided you’re lucky enough for your parents to get a custom mattress made for your dorm. A 30” mattress is also exactly half of a split queen mattress… so you’d kind of need 2 of them for that one to work.

32” Wide Mattresses

Sitting somewhere between a narrow twin and a twin XL is the 32-inch wide mattress. Common applications for this width of custom mattress is truck beds, RV beds, and other bunk situations, like a kids’ bedroom. 32-inch wide mattresses are also a common camping cot size. Although, let’s be honest – if you’re having a custom camping cot mattress made, we’re not camping anymore – we’re glamping.

36” Wide Mattresses

Another bunk-bed mattress option, 36-inch wide mattresses can be 72 or 75 inches long. This custom size mattress is also the typical width of hospital beds. You’d also need two 36-inch wide mattresses if you have a split California King bed.

42” Wide Mattresses

Sometimes referred to as a size C mattress, mattresses that are 42x80 are the most common size of semi-truck mattresses. Also, your RV is super-boujee, you might actually have RV bunk beds that are 42-inches wide, although RV bunk mattresses will likely have to be 72 or 75-inches long instead.

44” Wide Mattresses

This is where we really get into the obscure realm of custom mattress sizes. Why would anyone need a 44-inch wide, 72-inch long mattress? The answer is antique beds. While many antique beds require ¾ mattresses, some don’t. Why? Just because. Back in the day beds, mattresses and bedding was all custom made by hand, so there was no standardization of mattress sizes.

48” Wide Mattresses AKA 3/4 Mattresses

Also known as a three-quarter mattress, this is the most common size mattress you’ll find to fit an antique bed frame. And what’s cooler than upcycling an antique bed with a luxurious custom mattress? Three-quarter mattresses are also typical of some RV beds. 44 inch mattresses for antique beds tend to be 72 inches long, whereas the RV version of this mattress is usually 75 inches long.

3/4 mattresses are perfect for smaller spaces where a full-size bed may feel too cramped, yet a twin-size bed lacks the necessary room for comfort. 3/4 beds offer a balance between saving space and ample room for a single sleeper. 48” wide beds are particularly well-suited for growing children who need more space than a twin but may not have room for a full-size bed. Additionally, they make efficient use of space in multi-purpose rooms or apartments. They're great for places where floor area is tight while still providing a comfortable sleeping surface.

52” Wide Mattresses

Some people argue that a 52-inch wide mattress is a full size mattress. Unfortunately, full size mattresses aren’t 52 inches wide – they’re 54 inches wide. 52”x72” mattresses are called short fulls out of convenience, but in all honestly, this width is so obscure that it’s really only made for completely custom situations like RV beds, van beds, custom antique bed frames, etc. Interestingly, though, mattresses that are 52 inches long are standard for cribs.

60” Long Mattresses

Not every sleep spot is for bedtime. If you’ve ever had a daybed, you know the awesomeness of a super-comfy afternoon nap on a cozy custom mattress instead of on your couch. Mattresses that are 60 inches long are most often requested by customers who want wide daybeds, and are also useful as a mattress length for young kids.

70” Long Mattresses

70-inch long mattresses are about 5 inches shorter than most standard mattress lengths. They’re great for cramped spaces such as van beds, boat beds, RV beds, or just a small bedroom. They’re a great option for shorter people; if you don’t need that extra 5 inches of length, why have it at all? 70-inch long mattresses are also the typical length of trundle beds.

72” Long Mattresses

Great for overnight guests, a 72-inch long, custom sofa bed mattress upgrades your sleeper sofa game. As well, instead of that lumpy “mattress” that came with your futon, you can have a custom mattress made with a 72 inch length made to fit the futon perfectly.

The only catch with these mattresses is for taller people. For 60”, 70” or 72” long mattresses, you should probably get something to help them life their knees if your guest lies on their back. Otherwise, they’ll be dealing with dangling their feet over the edge.

Wide & Oversized Daybeds

It seems like you never see the same size daybed twice in your life, especially if it’s an antique daybed. The majority of daybeds are 39”x75” (standard twin) or 30”x75” (narrow twin/bunk). However, you can have a wider daybed mattress made at 54” (full). And you can also have an oversized daybed that’s 80 inches long instead of 75. If you have a trundle bed underneath, that will likely have to be a 72-inch long mattress. Occasionally, very small daybeds will require a 56-60”-length mattress.

Daybeds and their mattresses are also perfect for saving space in a cramped environment. They can serve as a great guest bed with storage underneath for extra sheets or an addition to your office space.

Extravagant and Luxurious Oversized Beds

While you may already know about them, it’s hard to overstate the importance and variety of oversized custom beds. Oversized custom beds like the Wyoming and Alaska King are the epitome of luxury and space. They offer dimensions that far exceed standard bedding options. However, if you're in the market for one of these oversized mattresses, you won't typically find them in mainstream stores. Instead, you'll need to turn to bespoke custom mattress manufacturers.

These magnificent beds are designed for those who truly want to indulge in opulent sleeping spaces. The Wyoming King, measuring 84 x 84 inches, and the even more extravagant Alaska King, measuring 108 x 108 inches, are far from the norm. They're made for customers who have the space and desire for expansive, hotel-suite-level comfort.

Custom is a requirement when you go this large because it needs to be perfect for you. They allow you to choose the materials, firmness levels, and features that suit your preferences. While these oversized and luxurious mattresses may require a bigger budget, they are unmatched in their comfort.

By working with custom mattress makers, you can transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat. A custom bed that not only fits your unique space but also fulfills your dreams of supreme comfort and grandeur. These oversized beds make a grand statement, and the path to acquiring them often begins with custom craftsmanship.

Custom Mattress Factory: Bespoke Beds of Literally Any Size

Every sleep space deserves a super-nice, custom memory foam mattress. Who cares if it’s just a quick nap; shouldn’t you still get to be comfy? It’s good to know that if you build yourself a bed frame, fall in love with an antique bed, or design an RV or van setup that needs custom sized mattresses, you can always come to us.

We produce each mattress made-to-order and bespoke – each one is truly unique. We’re able to add customizations like hinges, v-berth angles, cut and radius corners, round beds, and even a hexagonal mattress – yes; we’ve done that before.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about finding sheets to fit your weird-sized mattress, because we also make bedding customized to the size and shape of your mattress! Curious? Take a look around our site and start thinking about all the possibilities of a custom-size mattress.


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