Everything You Need to Know About the Texas King Mattress

Updated: Apr 30

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. We know one thing: that’s definitely true when it comes to mattresses. We’re talking about the Texas King. It’s much larger than the sought-after California King, and it holds its own against other massive beds.

At Custom Mattress Factory, we place a high priority on sleep. Not just ours — yours, too. Your mattress plays an essential part in getting a good night’s rest. To that end, we’ve created several guides on the types of mattresses available to you. In this guide, we’ll look at the Texas King. You’ll learn its dimensions, its advantages, who it’s suitable for, and how it stacks up against other oversized mattresses.

What is a Texas King Mattress?

The Texas King Mattress was designed with tall people in mind. It is one of the longest beds you can buy, and it’s pretty wide, too.

How Does the Texas King Compare to Other Mattresses?

Twins, Fulls, Queens, and Kings are all common. Mattresses larger than Kings aren’t seen as often, so fewer people understand how they compare to each other. On top of that, the larger-than-King mattresses don’t always grow successively in width and length. One larger-than-King bed may be wider than another, yet shorter.

As for the Texas King, its dimensions are 6.6x8.16 feet, or 80”x98”. It’s a bit narrower than some of its massive mattress counterparts (although it’s still quite wide), but it’s longer than everything but the gigantic Alaskan King.

1. The King Mattress Dimensions: 6.3x6.6 feet or 76”x80”

Compared to the Texas King: 4 inches narrower, and 1⅔ feet shorter

Kings — which are meant to offer plenty of room for two people — are luxurious. But they pale in comparison to any of the “location king” beds. The Texas King is a couple of inches wider than a King and provides close to two extra feet in length.

The one advantage Kings have is they’re more flexible in terms of size. You only need about 12x12 feet to fit a King, whereas a Texas King bed would need space in one direction for the length.

2. The California King Mattress Dimensions: 6x7 feet or 72”x84”

Compared to the Texas King: Just over half a foot narrower and just over a foot shorter

California Kings are well known for their massive size. However, they technically occupy fewer square feet than Kings. California Kings chop four inches off the King’s width and add it to their length, making them an excellent choice for tall people or for people who want a large bed in a narrower space.

Texas Kings beat out Californias in both length and width. If you have the bedroom space and you’re taller than seven feet — or if you have a pet or child that enjoys curling up with you — then a Texas King might work better.

3. The Wyoming King Mattress Dimensions: 7x7 feet or 84”x84”

Compared to the Texas King: ⅓ of a foot wider, but just over a foot shorter

The Wyoming King is the exact length of the California King but adds another foot to its width. This extra room makes it an excellent choice for people who like to curl up at night with pets or have their children sleep in the bed with them.

Once again, however, the Wyoming King might not be comfortable if you’re taller than seven feet. Texas Kings might be the better choice if you’re tall and prioritize your legroom.

4. The Alaska King Mattress Dimensions: 9x9 feet or 108”x108”

Compared to the Texas King: 2⅓ feet wider, and 10 inches longer

The Alaska King Mattress is one of the largest beds at a whopping 9x9 feet. That’s the size of some peoples’ bedrooms. It can fit up to four adults — or two adults and several children/pets — comfortably.

Of course, you need the bedroom space to fit this mammoth of a mattress. People who need a long bed but don’t have an Alaska King-sized bedroom will do well with a Texas King, which is long enough to accommodate any human being.

Who is the Texas King King Mattress Good For?

The Texas King is longer than a human can ever grow in terms of height. Consequently, these giant mattresses are excellent for tall people. You’ll no longer have to deal with your feet or legs hanging off the bed.

Whether you’re tall or not, that extra space offers plenty of room for pets that enjoy curling up with their owners, too. Texas Kings are still plenty wide, but you’d want something like a Wyoming King if you want your pet (or small child) to curl up next to you.

Lastly, some people have large master bedrooms, but with one dimension longer than the other. A Texas King’s emphasis on length at the expense of some width allows it to suit people in this situation quite well.

People Who Will Love a Texas King Bed

If you’re one of the following, you’ll love a Texas King bed:

● Tall people

● People with large rooms that are extra long one way

● People who sleep with pets or children in their bed

Finding Your New Texas King Bed

Considering a Texas King mattress to add some luxury to your bedroom? Perhaps you’re tall and need to stretch out your legs. Or maybe you have a furry companion that enjoys curling up at your feet when you sleep. In either case, this extended mattress will provide you the extra bed length you need.

The problem with Texas Kings — like other oversized mattresses — is they’re hard to find through mainstream mattress manufacturers. California Kings tend to be the largest beds you’ll find through traditional means.

That’s what Custom Mattress Factory is here for. We’ll customize you a Texas King mattress to your exact needs. After all, you deserve ample room for a great night’s sleep.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about our custom, USA-made mattresses. We’re happy to help!

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