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Horse Trailers are Great for Converting to Living Spaces

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

With the right tools and some out-of-the-box thinking, you can turn almost anything into a living space. Whether an RV, a boat, a truck or a big rig – any mobile you can fit a bed in, people are doing it. Horse trailers come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a lot of versatility in horse trailer conversions. One conversion we’re seeing more of lately is horse trailer homes.

You can pick up an old horse trailer for pretty cheap. In the smaller ones, creating little bodega-style cocktail bars or outside dining spaces is a popular conversion choice. And for the larger horse trailers, people are turning them into entire tiny homes, installing loft beds in the horse trailer, kitchen spaces and more. You can tow it around with a typical 4WD pickup, and you can comfortably sleep in it at night. Your home just became mobile in the best way.

Lofts in Horse Trailers make Great Sleeping Spaces

Horse trailers are perfectly set up for loft beds. Larger horse trailers have half-height sections that stretch over the bed of the pickup truck, creating a raised platform separated from the rest of the space. It’s the obvious spot for a horse trailer bed. It’s a low-effort conversion, meaning you can invest more in the custom horse trailer mattress you’ll need made for it.

Loft-style horse trailer beds have a few advantages you won’t find in a storage unit or an Airstream. Horse trailer beds keep the sleeping space completely separate from the rest of the living space, which is important for bedtime routines and how your body views bed and bedtime. They’re also flat and sturdy enough for a mattress made to fit the dimensions of the space. And, since they’re separated, you’re not losing any space on the main “floor” to your bed.

Custom Mattresses mean Your Sleep Space can be Any Size or Shape

Horse trailer beds often require unique mattress solutions, sometimes with different sizes, shapes or corners than your typical mattress. Some special ways you might consider tailoring your mattress to alter your horse trailer’s bed are:

  • Customizing the mattress with one notched or cut corner. This way, if you forego steps or a little ladder to access the loft bed in your horse trailer, you have access to part of the metal platform to hoist a knee up there.

  • Rounding the outer corners of the mattress. If you customize your bed this way, you can round the entire outer side and get a custom size mattress that’s a few inches wider at the middle than you’d get with a straight edge that’s flush to the loft wall.

  • Adding a custom-measured hinge to the mattress so you can fold it during the day and use the loft space as a reading/relaxing area.

Why Horse Trailer Homes are on the Rise

Horse trailers have advantages to other conversions like for school buses or renovations like for vintage airstreams.

  • Horses are big, so horse trailers are about as wide as they can be without pushing the width limits for road lanes.

  • Horses are tall, and it’s expected people will be in and out of them as well in normal use, so horse trailers typically have more headroom than other vehicles.

  • Horses are heavy, so horse trailers are sturdy. They have to safely transport multiple animals that weigh hundreds of pounds, and they have to protect them in cases of accidents or inclement weather, so they’re already built for heavy use.

The open layout of a horse trailer also makes it the perfect blank canvas for someone looking to live mobile and tiny. Smaller horse trailers make better campers than tiny houses, but a large horse trailer can make a super-cool tiny house big enough for two people to get along in.

So, if you’re thinking about converting a horse trailer into a living space with a custom-size bed, custom storage solutions and custom-size appliances, know that it’s a great option. It’s already set up perfect for tiny living, and that allows you to maximize the part of your budget that goes to the fun things, like picking out kitchen countertops or designing a bespoke mattress and custom bedding.

Horse Trailer Bed FAQ’s

Some of the most common questions we get about customers looking for beds for their horse trailer include:

What size is a horse trailer mattress?

It depends… A typical gooseneck horse trailer bed varies by the size of the trailer, but is usually about 7’x8’, with a little less than 4’ of height. So, what size bed will you need? It’s all about your priorities. If mattress size is the priority, we’d go with a Wyoming King bed. But if you want storage for clothes, room for a pillow corner, or just extra foot room, a short queen memory foam mattress could fit well in the space. Figure out whatever custom measurements you’d like, and we can make it, as well as matching custom bedding to fit it.

Can I get a custom-shaped mattress for my horse trailer bed?

Yup! Just send in a couple snaps of the sleep space and your measurements (HxWxD), and we can start to design your custom horse trailer mattress. You can request alterations like:

  • Made-to-measure custom sizes of mattresses

  • Cut corners

  • Mattresses with a custom hinge

  • Rounded corners and radius beds

  • Custom mattress construction: memory foam, CustomFoam, pocket coil hybrid, natural latex

  • Custom topper material: organic cotton, cashmere

  • Matching custom bed linens

How do I find bedding to fit my horse trailer mattress?

We can make beautiful custom bedding for any custom-sized mattress, whether we made the mattress or not.

How is my custom horse trailer mattress made?

We use heritage techniques to make truly bespoke, custom mattresses of all kinds. We specialize in hand-crafting mattresses for unique sleep spots, like RV beds, mattresses for antique beds, van beds, and horse trailer beds, among others. Made in NC, USA.

Have other questions? Feel free to reach out!


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