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How To Beat The Heat And Get Some Sleep

Updated: Apr 4

Wondering how to beat the summer heat while you sleep? It’s so hard to fall asleep in a room without AC, especially those days when the nighttime low is still in the lower 80s. And it’s even harder to fall back asleep after you’ve woken up at 1am soaked in sweat. So how can you fight nature and get a cooler sleep without waking up twice a night to go stick your head in the freezer?

Several super-easy ways! Here are our 10 favorite ways to sleep cool through the dog days of summer:

1. Choose cotton bedding for cooler comfort.

For starters, make sure you have cotton sheets, as polyester and other materials are more likely to trap heat within your bedding. Cotton allows for some ventilation and circulation of air, and sheets with a high thread count like ours are soft and long-lasting, making them a great long term investment for future heat waves.

2. Stay hydrated during the day.

It might seem obvious, but make sure you are drinking lots of water throughout the day. Staying well-hydrated helps your body regulate your core temperature and a glass of cold water is a quick and healthy way to cool down. If the idea of a cold shower before bed seems too extreme, consider doing a 10 minute foot bath in cool water instead.

3. Bring an ice pack to bed.

But what about when you are actually in bed, but too hot to fall asleep? If you’re desperate, try placing an ice pack under your pillow. That way you can flip your pillow throughout the night and have a cool side to sleep on when one side gets too hot. You also will be able to easily grab the ice pack to put against your face, neck, or wrist when your body gets too hot. If you don’t have an ice pack at home, don’t give up yet! You can make your own ice pack at home without too much trouble.

4. Soak the incoming breeze.

If you’re relying on an open window rather than a fan or AC, you can try hanging a lightweight wet towel or sheet over your window to create a cool breeze. Avoid using overhead lights or stoves that give off heat, as this can cause rooms to quickly become warmer. It can also never hurt to wear lightweight pajamas when it’s hot out!

5. Choose gel memory foam mattress/toppers.

Ask Custom Mattress Factory about cooling gel memory foam. We'll help you design a cool, comfortable, custom mattress to suit your needs. If you live in a warmer climate, this topping material does not retain heat, making it a good choice for those who need help staying cool at night. We'll help make sure you are getting the best sleep possible, no matter how hot it is outside.

6. Don’t eat too close to bedtime.

This goes for drinking, too. If you give your digestive system things to do while you’re sleeping, your body temperature won’t be able to lower, leading to a hot, stuffy sleep. Try to stop eating or drinking any alcohol 2 hours before you want to go to bed to ensure everything is down the digestive tract so your body can properly regulate sleeping temperature.

7. Put your sheets/pillowcases in the freezer.

If you don’t want the shocking cold of an under-the-pillow ice pack, you can simply place your sheets and pillow cases in the freezer for a couple hours. When you go to make your bed and hop under the covers, they’ll stay nice and cool for a while. If they’re cotton, even better.

8. Create a cross breeze in your room.

Sometimes the AC isn’t cutting it, and the heat isn’t so much about the temperature as it is about airflow. Create a cross breeze in your room with a fan in 2 windows across from each other, one set to blow air in and the other set to blow it out. It’ll create a cool breeze that should help keep you comfy throughout the night.

9. Keep your curtains closed during the day.

You’re not in your room anyway. A good way to reduce heat transfer from the outside is to use heavy curtains and keep them closed during the day. That way when you do head to bed, you’re already a leg up. Plus, blackout curtains ensure there’s no light intrusion at night, further helping you sleep better.

10. Get naked.

Or at least ditch the tight clothes. Loose clothes (or no clothes) are best for sleep, because they don’t interfere with your body’s natural cooling processes and temperature regulation throughout the night.

Keep Cool in Any Heatwave with Custom Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Be prepared for the summer’s heat before it hits this year by making your bedroom into the cool sanctuary you deserve. Cotton, ice, bed linens and a cooling, comfortable mattress are all both musts. Egyptian cotton sheets are breathable, light and quick to dry. A custom bed set that includes a cooling mattress topper, high thread count cotton sheets, a matching comforter, and pillow cases can completely revamp how you sleep when it’s warmer at night than you’d prefer.


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