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With Mattresses, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Nothing fits everyone the same way. Not gloves, not eyeglasses, and not the most basic foundation of our sleep—our beds! Whether you need a custom bed for a camper, a boat bed for your yacht, or even an Alaskan king bed for the whole family, there are many ways to meet different needs for different sleepers and different sleep spots.

With today’s custom mattress makers, you can find or create literally any kind of mattress online. You want a custom-corner hexagonal mattress? A round bed for a huge bedroom, or a split king mattress so you can get your bed up that narrow spiral staircase? Maybe a dorm mattress for your college student who’s just not feeling that foam pad their dorm room bed came with? Whatever it is, you can do it. Here are just a few ideas for ways a custom-tailored mattress can make your space just right for you:

Integrating Artful Home Design with Your Bed

Why not have fun with your surroundings? Beds don’t have to be square or rectangular. And custom mattresses can be made in many more sizes than just Twin, Full, Queen, and King. A custom shape of mattress can be thoughtfully implemented to achieve a great theme room or make a statement. Hamburger bed, anyone? Choose a round bed for a unique and modern statement. Or a bed with cut corners for a softer profile.

Or if you’re someone who loves authentic features in historic homes, you can get custom made mattresses for antique beds, as antique bed frames tend to need unique solutions like ¾ mattresses. And there’s nothing like topping off a historic restoration with a detail like an antique bed. At the same time, not everything needs to be authentically old - a custom memory foam mattress is going to feel a lot better than horse hair or hay.

You can even integrate interior design with a customized bed in other places in your home. A queen size round bed with a tulle canopy fits perfectly in a girl’s princess-style bedroom, or as a little fort in a kids’ playroom. A custom hinged mattress can elevate the look and feel of an office/spare bedroom. That afterthought futon? Get rid of it and create a convertible couch/pullout bed that’s comfy, high-quality, and has cleaner lines.

Custom Mattresses for Alternative Living Spaces

Right now, converted vans, school buses, tiny homes, and even horse trailers are trendy ways to live sustainably and/or on-the-go. But all these small spaces require custom mattress solutions if you really want that comfy, luxury sleep vibe. Which, let’s be honest – everyone does.

Custom mattress solutions for converted vehicle homes, including RV and Airstream beds, are endless when you work with Custom Mattress Factory. Add a cut corner or design a short queen mattress to increase available floor space. Design a custom hinged mattress you can fold up to access extra storage space, which, as we all know, is at a premium in any tiny living situation.

Another kind of bed people don’t tend to think about it boat beds. Whether for a yacht or a house boat, a custom mattress can make your on-the-water home super luxurious. Why go back to dry land at all? Often, yacht mattresses require uniquely-angled corners or curves to accommodate for the shape of the boat’s cabin space. And then there’s always the ever-present water and humid air to consider. So choose natural latex when designing your custom boat mattress. Easy as that.

Unique Mattress Needs of Shorter People

Sure, tall people have unique needs— and one of them is extra-long mattresses. But they're not the only ones who need custom size beds. Most products are made for people in the mid-range of height, so shorter adults often find themselves in the market for custom beds that meet their needs. Little People, adults who are 4’ 10” or shorter, often benefit from accommodations that make life easier, like custom made furniture heights.

Creating the just-right conditions for the home means you can achieve the quality of life you deserve and focus on what matters, like family and hobbies. A mattress made for your dimensions makes sense to maximize both comfort and bedroom square footage. Smaller bedding also means less expense and hassle for laundering, so custom sheets for a short bed are a double win. Try something like a short queen memory foam mattress for a roomy but cozy feel in a size that’s right for you.

This is also another time the strange dimensions of a mattress for an antique bed may come in handy. People used to be a bit smaller – in the last couple of centuries, the average height in the Western world has increased by a few centimeters. Now, this may not sound like a lot, but anyone who’s seen an antique bed can clearly see it’s got different dimensions going on. Shorter people are already unique; why not go straight one-of-a-kind and get a custom size or ¾ mattress for an antique bed? It’s a great way to upcycle a heritage piece or save that sad, once beautiful frame shoved at the back of the antique store.

Larger Folk Also Need a Great Sleeping Experience

Extra-large beds can provide significant benefits for taller and wider individuals. Being too big can be an issue for shorter folk, but larger folks may need something beyond large. An XL bed might in order so that they have a good night's sleep. Giant beds offer ample room for individuals to stretch out and find a comfortable sleeping position. It can also be for those of us who have a real issue tossing and turning in our sleep. Falling off the bed can do some real damage if you don't have enough room.

For taller people, an extra-large bed accommodates their height. It prevents their feet from dangling off the edge, which can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep. With the additional length and width, taller individuals can fully extend their legs. You'll need this to find a position that supports proper spinal alignment. Better alignment while you sleep will reduce the chances of aches and pains in the morning.

Similarly, wider individuals can benefit from the generous space provided by extra large beds. Standard-sized beds may not offer enough width. When you can't move, feelings of confinement can ruin your sleep. It can make it extra hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. A giant bed allows for more freedom of movement and better blood circulation. This can help with discomfort and promote a deeper and more restful sleep.

Moreover, extra large beds can also benefit couples, particularly if one or both partners are larger. The additional space minimizes disturbances caused by movement during the night. The extra space makes sure that both individuals can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

By offering ample space and enhanced comfort, extra large beds cater to the unique needs of taller and wider individuals. They provide the necessary room for relaxation, proper body alignment, and undisturbed sleep. They directly help with a more rejuvenating and refreshing sleep experience.

Oversized Mattresses for Sibling Bed Sharing and Co-Sleeping

Some children hate to sleep alone, and some families find that sibling bed sharing is an option that works for everyone, particularly when children are young. Younger siblings can feel comfort and security in a shared space, but they also need the ability to stretch out and find their own room in the bed. If the width of a queen is wanted, but not the length, custom mattress length options like a short queen bed allows families to manage the space of a bedroom differently. Or if a family practices co-sleeping, they can design a family-sized custom bed and frame that’ll fit everyone and the family dog.

Other oversized mattresses include Alaskan King beds, Wyoming Kings, Texas King mattresses, Alberta Kings, and Florida King mattresses. If you’ve got a couple adults, a couple little ones, and a couple fur babies that love the comfort and security of co-sleeping, we’d recommend the Alaskan King bed. The only thing that outsizes this kind of oversized mattress is a completely custom family-sized bed. Which – hey – if you want a mattress the size of a room, go for it!

Everyone’s best life comes in different shapes and sizes. As custom mattress makers who create each bespoke bed in made-to-measure shapes and sizes, we can find a sleep solution for anyone’s vision of their best life. And we don’t just make mattresses for your bedroom - we also custom-make mattresses for those RV beds, yacht beds and horse trailer beds we talked about. Whatever your needs may be, Custom Mattress Factory is here to help.


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