One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Nothing fits everyone the same way. Not gloves, not eyeglasses, and not the most basic foundation of our sleep—our beds! There are myriad ways to meet many different needs. Here are just a few ways your custom-tailored mattress can make the space just right for you.

Artful home design

Why not have fun with your surroundings? Beds don’t have to be square or rectangular. A custom shape of mattress can be thoughtfully implemented to achieve a great theme room or make a statement. Hamburger bed, anyone?

Unique needs of shorter people

Sure, tall people have unique needs—but they're not the only ones! Most products are made for people in the mid-range of height, so shorter adults often find themselves in the custom market for beds that meet their needs.Little People or adults who are 4’ 10” or shorter often benefit from accommodations that make life easier, like custom made furniture heights. Creating the just-right conditions for the home means you can achieve the quality of life you deserve and focus on what matters, like family and hobbies. A mattress made for your dimensions makes sense to maximize both comfort and bedroom square footage. Smaller bedding also means less expense and hassle for laundering, so custom sheets for a short bed are a double win.

Sibling bed sharing

No one likes to sleep alone, and some families find that sibling bed sharing is an option that works for everyone, particularly when children are young. Younger siblings can feel comfort and security in a shared space, but they also need the ability to stretch out and find their own room in the bed. If the width of a queen is wanted, but not the length, custom mattress length options like a short queen bed allows families to manage the space of a bedroom differently by putting a cushioned bench or toy chest at the foot of the bed, where otherwise would have been wasted space.

A just-right life comes in many sizes! Custom Mattress Factory is here to help you, whatever your needs may be.