The Best Sofa Bed Mattress Is One Customized To Your Couch

Surprise Your Guests With A High-Quality Custom Sofa Bed Mattress

If you’ve ever slept over at a friend or family member’s home, you know the moment when the sofa bed mattress gets pulled out and you realize you won’t be getting much sleep on the thin, flimsy, 15-year-old mattress in front of you. No matter how pleasant your visit, a night of backaches, and neck pain from feeling the bar of the steel bed frame every time you shift will make you rethink future visits.

Make sure your guests don’t dread sleeping over at your house by getting a custom mattress for your sofa bed that will ensure everybody wakes up happy to be in your home.

Dimensions Are Key!

To ensure you get the best sofa bed mattress possible, accurate dimensions are everything. Knowing how deep your mattress can get before it is too large to fold in and out smoothly is key to determining how firm to make your mattress, and if you will be able to include gel memory foam, latex, or coils without the bed getting too tall.

It is important to make sure your mattress is wide enough that it covers the frame but it does not bump against the cushions when the sofa bed is in ‘sofa mode.’ Talking with a custom mattress consultant will ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for space, as they can make suggestions based on your exact sofa or couch and your personal sleep preferences. Your guests will thank you!

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