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The Case for Custom-Sized Extra-Long Beds for Tall People

Updated: Jan 9

For individuals blessed with extra height, finding the perfect mattress can be challenging. While the standard mattress sizes cater to the needs of most people, taller individuals often find themselves caught in a dilemma. They're stuck choosing a larger bed, taking up more space than they need, or settle for a standard size that leaves their feet dangling off the edge?

Enter: custom-sized extra-long mattresses. A tailored solution that offers both comfort and space efficiency for even the tallest of us.

Mattress for tall people

The Problem with Standard Mattresses for Non-Standard Height

Standard mattress sizes are designed to accommodate a wide range of body types. But that also means they don’t perfectly fit any. Unique demographics will need custom mattress solutions to truly experience a cozy, comfy sleep.

For instance, think about smaller people. What’s the point on the extra length of a standard queen? A short queen mattress would fit better and save space, too. Or our larger, overweight friends – they’re going to need a mattress more supportive than a typical retail model.

Taller people are among these unique groups that standard sizes don't cater to the unique requirements of. If you're taller than average and opt for a standard-sized mattress, you may find yourself with a few common issues:

Standard Mattresses Just Aren't Long Enough

Most standard mattresses are around 75 to 80 inches long (twin, full, queen, and king sizes). Thinking about this in height, that means the max length of a standard mattress is 6’8”. When you factor in the 6+” of length you need for pillows and sprawling out, that’s down to 6’2”.

Did you know 14% of Americans are taller than 6’? That’s almost 17 million people. And over 6’2” is 4%, or nearly 5 million people. That’s 22 million people sleeping with their feet hanging off the bed every night! Why?

A Super-Wide XL Bed May Not Fit in Your Home

Choosing a larger-sized mattress to accommodate your height might be space-inefficient, especially if you live in a smaller bedroom or require extra floor space for other furniture. And you’re not really fixing the issue; you’re likely just sleeping diagonally now. Add in finding the right sheets for nonstandard mattress sizes on retail floors can also be frustrating.

Custom Mattresses & Bedding Can Help

Custom-sized extra long mattresses offer a solution that addresses these issues. They're the ideal choice for taller individuals who may need a smaller-width bed for space or preference reasons. But XL mattresses also exist for huge beds, too – don’t get us wrong.

Here are some compelling reasons why custom-sized extra-long mattresses are worth considering:

A custom-sized extra-long mattress is that it can be manufactured to fit your exact height requirements. Whether you are 6'4" or 7'2", a custom mattress ensures that you have enough space to stretch out comfortably without your feet hanging off the edge.

You Can Have a Tailor-Made Twin, Full, Queen or King That's Extra Long

Custom-sized mattresses are designed to maximize space efficiency. They are an excellent option for smaller bedrooms or situations where you want to optimize floor space. Fitting an oversized bed into your small apartment isn't necessary when you can just choose a bed with a width you’re familiar with and a few extra inches at the bottom?

Plus, with a custom-sized XL mattress, you can choose the level of firmness, mattress type and other features. You choose a mattress that suits your specific comfort preferences. This level of personalization can significantly enhance your sleep quality.

Your Custom Mattress Builder Can Make You Sheets

Custom-sized mattresses often come with the added benefit of easily finding compatible bedding. You won't have to struggle to find sheets or bedding that fit you’re tailored extra-tall bed perfectly, as they are designed to match the mattress dimensions. Not to mention they’re super-cozy, breathable Egyptian cotton.

A Mattress Made with Extra Length Helps You Sleep Better

A mattress that fits your body's dimensions ensures that you can fully relax and enjoy a restful night's sleep. Adequate support for your legs and feet prevents discomfort and restless nights. Not to mention the bed linens probably aren’t long enough for you, either.

Think about a bed customized for your tall frame, with extra-long bedding made custom to match. You'll go from waking up crunched and half hanging off the bed to waking up every morning feeling more refreshed than ever.

Custom Mattresses are Made to Last Longer

Custom-sized mattresses are an investment in your sleep and well-being. They are tailored to your needs, offering you long-term comfort and satisfaction that more than justifies the initial cost. They’ll be a staple of your bedroom for years to come.

In addition to comfort, custom-sized extra-long mattresses can also look better. You can choose from a variety of designs and materials that complement your bedroom décor. You can also get custom sheets that matches your rooms color scheme.

We Make Designing Your Ideal Custom XL Mattress Easy

When considering a custom-sized extra-long mattress, here are some steps to start you on your journey. Measure your bedroom to determine the maximum mattress dimensions that can comfortably fit. Consider other furnishings and walkways. Then decide on the mattress type and firmness level that suits your sleep preferences.

Consult with mattress experts or manufacturers to find the best fit. You can then determine your budget for a custom mattress, keeping in mind that it's an investment in your sleep quality and comfort.

Types of Custom-Sized XL Mattresses for Tall People

When it comes to options for your mattresses’ length, feel free to start from scratch and send us any dimensions you choose to suit you. However, if you’re looking for a place to start, there are several existing alternative size mattresses that are extra-long by nature. The caveat for most, however, is you need a decent-sized bedroom:

Space-Saving Extra-Long Mattresses:

  • California King (72” x 84”): Suitable for people up to 6’6”

  • Customized twin, full or queen mattress made with extra length

Oversized Wide King Extra Long Mattresses:

  • Wyoming King (84” x 84”): Suitable for people up to 6’6”

  • Alaskan King (108" x 108"): Suitable for people up to 9’ tall!

  • Custom family XL beds (12’ x 12’): Suitable for literally anyone

  • Custom oversized king made with extra length

Custom Mattresses are Almost Necessary for Tall Individuals

If you're taller and need a mattress that accommodates your height, a custom-sized extra-long mattress is the perfect solution. You can enjoy a restful night's sleep with a bed that actually fits your long frame. Invest in your sleep, and you'll reap the benefits of enhanced well-being and comfort for years to come. Contact us today to start on your extra-long custom mattress journey today!


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