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The Dorm Mattress of Our Dreams

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Testimonial: A Custom Mattress Can Make or Break the College Experience

When I first arrived at college, nervous but excited to begin this new chapter of my life, there was a lot to get used to. Not only was my dorm room smaller than my bedroom at home, but I had to share half of it with a stranger! With some creativity, I got organized and settled into the space, but I could not help but look with horror at the hard, blue, stained, plastic dorm mattress lying in wait for me. After one sleepless night trying not to think about how dorm beds carry dust mites and disease, I was making an emergency sprint to the store to get a foam mattress topper—but it only slipped around on my flimsy, crinkly mattress.

Sleep is essential for learning

I was waking up multiple times a night and struggling to fall back to sleep. I tried using the sleepless hours at night to go over what I had learned that day in class, but critical theory and physics algorithms began to fade into each other until in the morning I could only recall a dreamy, confused mess. Meanwhile, my new roommate's parents sent her a memory foam mattress topper that actually stayed put, but the added inches to the already extra tall bed frame meant my new short friend to climb on a rickety chair and then leap up to her bed . She leaped, I crinkled, and together we spent a sleep-deprived semester tossing and turning. In the mornings, we woke up to at least one mattress pad, sheet, blanket, or comforter on the floor. By spring semester, I realized that the sleeplessness was affecting my ability to get to class on time. Waking up with a backache and headache is not the best way to greet any morning with motivation, much less sprint off to a physics exam.

A quality customized mattress solved my problems

After researching the best mattress replacement options, my parents and I decided to order a custom mattress for my dorm bed. I was able to specify my needs exactly: the mattress’s height was tailored to be shorter so it wasn’t difficult to climb up to the lofted dorm bed, and it was also made to the exact length specifications of the frame so the mattress would not shift during the night. I preferred a softer bed after sleeping on the hard cot mattress I was given, and I was able to choose materials to achieve that too. When it arrived, all my hopes came true: it was hygienic and clean; quiet and soft thanks to the soft cotton cover and internal foam; and it fit just right to the frame. My bedding stayed right where it should be—keeping me warm and cozy!

What I always wanted college to be like

No more sleeplessness. No more backaches. Suddenly, I was a new person at college. I could do all the things I had dreamed of in my college experience--my grades improved, because I wasn’t tired all the time. I had more energy and so joined more extracurriculars. I began to think of myself as someone who thrives in a new environment. All because of something as simple as a custom dorm mattress.

While college dorm life has improved dramatically over the past century, it’s still a lot for students to get used to. Making the transition easier can only improve your student’s ability to focus on the academic, social, and practical demands of moving away from home for the first time.

Sleep is even more important during times of stress, like big life changes and juggling school, work and friends. University bedrooms should be full of conversation, laughter and memories, not tossing, turning and insomnia.

A great custom dorm mattress should not be overlooked on your packing list for the coming year. Custom Mattress Factory makes dorm mattresses by hand that provide comfort that far outmatches standard foam dorm mattresses. We even make custom bed sets to fit! You’re living smashed into a closet with three other people this year – you’d better make it as comfy as possible.


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