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Working in Bed: How to Write, Read, and Be Productive in Bed

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It is a place for you to unwind and relax. Conventional wisdom typically admonishes anything other than resting when you're actually in your bed; often people with larger master bedrooms stage sitting areas to avoid just that. But some of us need the comfort, relaxation, and generally chill vibe our comfy mattress offers in order to be productive. So, why not have your bed do double-duty and work there as well? Can a custom memory foam mattress be just as productive a space as an office desk? Yup, and we’ll tell you how.

Times have changed. First, it was because of advances in technology. Then it was because of COVID. But no matter the reasons, many more people work from home than ever before. And some of us don’t really like staring at our laptops at a desk all day – we’d rather stare at our laptops in the comfort of our own bed. And why not? Working in bed has its perks; it can definitely work wonders for one's state of mind, and might even increase the quality of one's output.

Start off with a great custom mattress - it’s basically just a giant office chair.

The first, foundational aspect of making your bed into a productive workspace is, of course, the bed itself! If you’ve been sleeping on a lumpy old box spring, that’s not going to work. You should invest in your bed the way you would invest in an ergonomic desk or a comfy office chair. What’s the answer? A custom mattress.

There’s a lot of ways to go here. You could design a sofa bed memory foam mattress – you’d get out of your bedroom but keep the relaxed vibe. Or you could keep it in the bedroom and go oversized – an Alaska king mattress would give you room to spread out papers, books, your laptop – and then your cat would have space to leave you and your computer alone while still being your “office” buddy. An extra long bed might achieve the same thing, and an extra tall bed would allow you to store any work supplies conveniently – they’re right underneath you! Work smart, not hard.

Once you’ve got your mattress situation straightened out, you’re going to need to make your bedroom into a space that’s conducive to being productive during the day, as well as relaxing at night. So here's a few tips to ensure a fruitful working relationship between you and your bed:

Make sure your sheets are neat and clean.

It'll be hard to keep your mind on task if you work area, in this case your bed, is untidy and dirty. Washing your sheets regularly and often becomes especially important once you start spending more time working from your bed. A clean area is always a good start.

Declutter and organize.

A cluttered and messy bedroom can cause unnecessary stress and make it difficult to focus. Take the time to declutter your space and organize your belongings so that everything has a designated place. This will not only help you stay on track during the day but also promote relaxation at night. A personalized bedframe and mattress can help grant you some additional storage space either around or underneath your bed.

Make your area as comfortable as possible.

You’re likely working in your bed because it’s more comfortable than a desk. But not if you have cheap, scratchy sheets. Custom Mattress Factory is here to help – we can make sheets for any bed, even custom ones like boat beds or round beds, and they’re always 600 thread count Egyptian cotton. Investing in the quality of your workspace environment is important, even if it is just your bedroom.

Use calming colors.

Choose colors for your bedroom that promote relaxation, such as muted blues, greens, and grays. Avoid bold, bright colors that can be overstimulating. While you may not want to repaint your room, customized bed sheets can help with what’s in your immediate view.

Make sure your mattress isn’t an obstacle to your productivity.

Depending on the mattress you currently have, considering switching to a custom memory foam mattress might be a good idea – memory foam is super comfy and gentle on your spine. Having a custom bed made for your office-bedroom really kills two birds with one stone. Bird #1 is you’ve got a comfy place to get you in your best headspace for work. Bird #2 is you’ve got a quality, bespoke mattress that’s tailored to your body, which means better sleep, which in turn, makes you more productive at work. It’s the polar opposite of a vicious cycle!

Limit what you eat and drink in bed.

While it may tempting to snack while working in bed, it will make a mess for sure and that will be distracting later on. Not to mention, it'll create extra cleanup before you go to sleep at night. A cup of coffee or tea won't hurt, but anything more than that will be a distraction. Also, you don’t exactly want to spill anything on your foam mattress. Replacing a chair or a pair of pants from a coffee stain is one thing, but a custom mattress? That’s an unnecessary work expense if you ask us.

Be mindful of your posture.

To ensure you don’t start looking like you live in a bell tower, or start to get “tech neck,” you may want to prop up some firm pillows to relieve the stress from your neck and your back. Keeping good posture will also minimize the chances of you lying down and accidentally falling asleep. This is another area where investing in a custom-made mattress might be a great idea. Custom mattress manufacturers like us can make beds with level changes to support your lower back during your daytime bed activities. Not to mention, the firm but yielding support of a custom memory foam mattress will be way nicer to your hips and lower back than any office chair.

Dress up for work.

If you are working from home or from bed, it might be easier to just start working in your worn-out pajamas, but you need to resist that temptation. Now, I'm not telling you to put on a suit or a dress. Wear one of your nicer lounge wear clothing, wash your face, and start your working session clean and fresh. Hmm… custom sheets, a custom made bed, fancy loungewear? This is starting to sound like a great excuse to go on a shopping spree.

Create a schedule and stick to it.

Once you wake up, do not linger in bed for an indefinite amount of time. Set up your workstation on your bed right after your morning rituals and breakfast; it'll set you up for a successful session of either reading or writing in bed. And your schedule really should include taking a break for exercise. A custom memory foam or latex mattress can be the most comfy, ergonomic mattress in the world, but that doesn’t make not ever moving healthy. Keeping a good work-life balance always includes getting out of bed, even if your bed is your office.

Your area should be well-lit.

Don't put additional strain on your eyes by working in a dimly-lit room. Push your curtains open and let the natural light in or, alternatively, turn on a bedside lamp. If you’re going with artificial light, daylight bulbs are the way to go; they mimic actual daylight, telling your body that even though you’re in bed, it’s not time to sleep.

Additionally, with a custom foam mattress it can a challenge to not feel too relaxed and just fall asleep. Making sure that your area is well lit throughout the day will help remind yourself that isn’t time to go to bed quite yet. Maintaining a stark contrast to when you go to sleep will also help your brain switch from work to sleep quickly.

Invest in a lap desk or tray table.

To aid your working/writing/reading posture, invest in a lap desk that you can use for writing or for your computer. This will prevent neck, back, or wrist pain. It also avoids your legs from getting scalded by heat from putting your computer right on top of your lap.

Your bed is your personal space, and it can be whatever you want it to be. So just the way you would customize an office, you should customize your bedroom. Whatever it is you need to create your perfect office-chair-bed and make it great, Custom Mattress Factory can help. We make bespoke mattresses of all shapes, sizes and styles. Want a hinge so your bed can be a couch during the work day? Or an Alaskan King bed so you can separate your work-bed and bed-bed spaces?

Create a mattress tailored to your work-from-home lifestyle. Take all these tips and tricks to heart, and your boss will have no doubt you understood the assignment.


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