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10 Tips to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep Better

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Counting sheep doesn’t seem to be working, huh? According to the CDC, a third of American adults aren’t sleeping well at night; so, we’re on a mission to put an end to it. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most surefire ways to fall asleep and get a better 7-hours of recommended sleep a night. Get ready to press snooze on your alarm... but don’t be late for work.

1. Turn on ‘night mode’ on your phone.

Before many of us fall asleep, we’re snuggled up clutching our phones close to our face and scrolling through our feeds. But what many people don’t realize is that the light from your phone screen is actually filled with blue light rays — the same rays that a Harvard study found to suppress your body’s production of melatonin, causing your sleep quality to suffer. So if you’re going to scroll before bed, switch on ‘night mode’ so you don’t look up from TikTok only to realize it’s 3am and tomorrow is going to SUCK.

2. Better yet, leave your phone outside.

Many of us spend our day in front of a computer screen. And even if we don’t, we spend a lot of our free time scrolling our phones or glued to a TV screen. Try leaving your phone outside the bedroom and falling asleep to a book or your sound machine. You’re going to have to invest in a real, analog digital clock for this one, too.

3. Make your bedroom cozy.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary at the end of the day — the place where your body automatically feels like it can start ‘turning off.’ If your bedroom is messy or not comfortable, chances are you’re going to have a harder time falling asleep. We made a list of eco-friendly bedroom tips which you can check out.

4. Keep the room nice and cool.

When we said cozy, we meant comfortable and atmospheric, not warm. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation says you should keep your room between a cool 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best night's sleep. If you sleep hot, take other measures besides your AC and ceiling fan to keep cool during the night. Memory foam mattresses can hold heat, but you could get a custom foam mattress topper with cooling gel to counteract it. Even better, fancy custom Egyptian cotton bedding is just the right level of boujee to be both comfy-cozy and luxurious at the same time.

5. Invest in a custom mattress.

Many of us tend to think that, to some extent, a mattress is just a mattress, and splurging for an upgrade just isn’t worth it. Yeah, you’ll pay $1200 for that new IPhone each year, but we bet you didn’t spend that on your mattress. Ergonomics are key to sleeping well. A custom made mattress that fits your body and your sleep style will go a lot farther in helping your rest than that hand-me-down coil mattress you’ve had for over a decade. Don’t like memory foam? Try CustomFoam.

Custom foam mattress isn’t for you? Try a hand-made natural latex mattress instead. Invest in the 30% of your life you spend sleeping. It’s worth it. While you’re at it, make sure the size of your mattress is adequate. If you’ve got two adults, a toddler and a dog all sleeping on a California King, you’re likely too cramped to truly rest.

6. Have a routine, and stick to it.

Like every diurnal animal, we’re creatures of habit. If you always go to bed at different times, your body is going to have trouble figuring out when it’s really time to turn off and go to sleep. Figure out a routine that works well for you and your lifestyle, and try to stick to it for a few weeks. It may take a little time to adjust, but having a routine can really help get your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels back on track. Straight up adding a melatonin supplement to your nightly routine isn’t a bad idea either.

7. Invest in custom bedding.

Your bedding is arguably just as important as the bed itself. Custom bedding is where it’s at. It optimizes heat distribution and airflow; the material is quality and soft to the touch; and the sheets are perfectly fitted to your mattress, so there’s no more waking up to corners that have slipped off or a loose fitted sheet that bunches up in the middle as you move throughout the night.

8. Kick everyone out of bed.

Your partner. Your kids. Your fur babies. Kick them out. We bet you’d sleep so much better if you didn’t have to fight for the covers all night, share a pillow or clutch the edge of the bed for dear life. More and more (completely functional) couples are starting to sleep in separate bedrooms. Some of us snore. Some of us toss and turn. Some of us are night owls. Just because you love living life with your partner doesn’t mean you love sharing a bed with them. This way, you can both get custom mattresses and bedding made, which means no compromises and no disturbances.

9. Make a list.

You know when you’re trying to sleep and all your mind seems to do is think in lists? All the embarrassing things you’ve ever done. The random strangers who’ve done you wrong by honking their horns or slamming doors in your face. The things you need to do tomorrow. Well, a recent study suggests that if you actually write down some of the things you need to do right before bed, it can help relieve your mind from running while you try and fall asleep. Simply keep a little notebook on your nightstand. It’ll help you get things off your mind, and it’s sometimes fun to later read something you wrote down at 2am that’s not exactly… coherent.

10. Turn up the white noise.

While you might think silence is the best way to fall asleep, white noise can really help you get in the zone to fall asleep faster and stay asleep better. Some people like to sleep with the fan on while others are turning to apps that produce sleep-inducing white noise. Why the noise gotta be white? It doesn’t. White noise isn’t for everybody. You can find pink and brown noise tracks as well. They’re comprised of different sets of frequencies with the same goal in mind as traditional white noise.

You Deserve Great Sleep on a Mattress Made Just for You

You might be thinking to yourself, Well, isn’t some of this a bit selfish? But think about it like this: dressing in clothes that fit and shoes without holes in the soles isn’t selfish – it’s self-care. So why should you sleep on a lumpy mattress and scratchy sheets just because your partner is one of those people who could sleep 12 hours straight on a concrete block in a thunderstorm? Like, good for them, but we love ourselves; we want that fancy custom mattress and matching bedding. And we deserve it!

If a fancy custom mattress is just not their jam (which is just weird, sorry), maybe turning that spare room full of junk into a little oasis for the troubled sleeper in your family (read: you) is your best bet. There’s nothing wrong for asking for what you need. You spend at least ~7 hours per day in your bed, so make sure it fits you and makes you feel as good as putting your favorite outfit on for a fun night out.

Thinking about revamping your sleep style with a new custom mattress? Whether your mattress makeover is for the bed in your bedroom, RV, boat, or even a horse trailer, sleeping on a mattress made specifically for you is a total game changer.


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