10 Tips to fall and stay asleep better

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Counting sheep doesn’t seem to be working, huh? According to the CDC, a third of American adults aren’t sleeping well at night; so, we’re on a mission to put an end to it. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most surefire ways to fall asleep and get a better 7-hours of recommended sleep a night. Get ready to press snooze...

  1. Turn on ‘night mode’ Before many of us fall asleep, we’re snuggled up clutching our phones close to our face scrolling our feeds. But what many people don’t realize is that the light from your phone screen is actually filled with blue light rays — the same rays that a Harvard study found to suppress melatonin and make you sleep worse. So if you’re going to scroll before bed, switch on ‘night mode’ to get you in the sleeping mode.

  2. Better yet, leave your phone outside Many of us spend our day in front of a computer screen. And even if we don’t we spend a lot of our free time scrolling our phones or glued to a tv screen. Try leaving your phone outside the bedroom and falling asleep to a book or your sound machine. You’re going to have to invest in a real, analog digital clock for this one, too.

  3. Make your bedroom cozy Your bedroom should be your sanctuary at the end of the day — the place where your body automatically feels like it can start ‘turning off.’ If your bedroom is messy or not comfortable, chances are you’re going to have a harder time falling asleep. We made a list of eco-friendly bedroom tips which you can check out here: https://www.custommattressfactory.com/post/5-easy-ways-to-go-eco-friendly-in-the-bedroom

  4. Keep the room cool When we said cozy, we meant comfortable and atmospheric, not warm. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation says you should keep your room between a cool 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best night's sleep.

  5. Listen to your grandparents stories “Back in the old days,” or “We had to walk uphill in the snow,” are surefire segues into boring stories from yesteryear that are bound to put you to sleep. Don’t count us responsible for falling asleep while on the phone with your loved ones, though.

  6. Have a routine, and stick to it If you’re always going to bed at different times your body is going to have trouble figuring out when it’s really time to turn off and sleep. Figure out a routine that works well for you and your lifestyle and try to stick to it for a few weeks. It may take a little time to adjust, but having a routine can really help get your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels back on track.

  7. Invest in a good bed If your bed is over ten years old, you find yourself tossing and turning or waking up with aches — it’s probably time to invest in a new bed. It might seem obvious, but having a comfortable place to rest your head and cradle your body can greatly increase your quality of sleep. You might be surprised to learn it’s a lot easier to get a custom mattress made these days, too.

  8. Kick everyone out of bed Your partner. Your kids. Your fur babies. Kick them out. We bet you’d sleep so much better if you didn’t have to fight for the covers all night, share a pillow or clutch the edge of the bed for dear life.

  9. Make a list You know when you’re trying to sleep and all your mind seems to do is think in lists? All the embarrassing things you’ve ever done. The random strangers who’ve done you wrong by honking their horns or slamming doors in your face. The things you need to do tomorrow. Well, a recent study suggests that if you actually write down some of the things you need to do right before bed, it can help relieve your mind from running while you try and fall asleep.

  10. Turn up the white noise While you might think silence is the best way to fall asleep, white noise can really help you get in the zone to fall and stay asleep better. Some people like to sleep with the fan on while others are turning to apps nowadays that produce sleep-inducing white noise.

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