5 Easy Ways to go Eco-Friendly in the Bedroom

Organic Cotton bedding helps you sleep better.

Today we’re finding creative ways to go green in all aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the way we travel and shop. But, there are actually some really simple ways to go eco-friendly in our lives that many of us overlook — in the bedroom. It’s true that the average person spends a third of their lives sleeping, so why not do it in the most healthy and green way possible? From an eco-friendly custom mattress to LED lighting, we’re going to tell you how to make five eco-friendly changes in the bedroom.

  1. Go green Houseplants aren’t just trendy, they have huge potential for making your life better and healthier. Adding fragrant plants like jasmine or lavender will be great natural relaxers as you doze off at night. It’s also great to add something like bamboo which will purify your air during the day and release essential oxygen during photosynthesis. In fact, NASA found that plants can remove up to 87-percent of volatile organic compounds every 24 hours. We also suggest adding a plant like an orchid, succulent, snake plant, aloe or bromeliad because they release oxygen at night which will help promote better sleep.

  2. Install LED lighting This is a very simple, and seemingly small, change anyone can make to make their bedroom more eco-friendly. LED lighting uses less energy and lasts longer than traditional bulbs — which means you’ll have a smaller electric bill and send less waste to landfills. So while they do cost a bit more initially, they will pay off in the end. Go for a soft or warm LED light for the bedroom, and consider getting a dimmer installed so you can set the mood. There are also colored and color changing LED lights so that you can make relaxing totally personalized.

  3. Use essential oils Bedrooms can get notoriously stuffy, and many times, we reach for aerosols to make the air smell better and feel more fresh. But the problem with aerosols is that it’s a false sense of cleanliness — as they’re actually filled with chemicals. Today, you can no longer sell aerosols that harm the ozone layer, but there are much healthier choices you can make instead like essential oils. You can simply drop some on your pillow before bed for deeper sleep or opt for a diffuser that will intermittently disperse the scent with steam throughout the day. Essential oils can promote sleep, relieve migraines and reduce stress, making them the perfect relaxing and healthy addition to your bedroom routine.

  4. Opt for a custom mattress You spend an average of eight hours a day on your mattress which makes it one of the most used and important pieces of furniture you own. So if you’re dedicated to going green and making eco-friendly choices, doing so when it comes to your mattress is an incredible next step. Today, you can not only get a custom mattress that’s made of organic and recycled materials, but you can get one hand-crafted for your specific needs. It’s the perfect match of comfort and sustainability.

  5. Use organic bedding After you’ve designed your own eco-friendly, organic custom mattress it’s time to dress it up with bedding that’s just as environmentally friendly. Investing in something luxurious like sustainably-grown, organic Egyptian cotton sheets not only helps the planet, but helps you sleep better and your body breathe better during the warm months. Studies have also found that wool, a totally natural fiber, promotes a deeper, more restful sleep. Go further by ensuring that you wash your bedding with natural detergents that smell great and aren’t packed with chemicals.

These tips are easy enough for anyone to incorporate into their bedroom, whether you want to try all five or start with one or two tips. At the end of the day, our impact on the planet is through a series of choices, and this is just another great place to make some conscious choices that can make a difference in our health and planet.

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