Dreaming of the Road? You Need a Custom RV Mattress

Updated: May 5

Here is a mattress being crafted with a rounded corner to fit a custom RV bedroom.

Life on the road is a dream. Epic views, grand adventures, and great company follow you wherever you go. But when you don’t get a good night's sleep on your RV mattress, your trip can quickly turn into a nightmare. That’s why you chose an RV over a tent after all, right?

But the problem with getting quality sleep on an RV mattresses is--they typically aren’t all that comfortable. And with many of them being custom sizes and shapes, you can’t just go to a mattress store to replace it, either. Having a custom mattress is the ultimate solution and it’s easier to do than you think. Here are the biggest ways the best custom mattress makes all the difference in RV'ing.

It fits in your bedroom perfectly

We all know RV’s have to get creative on space. Custom cabinets, closets and shelves line the bedroom to maximize storage potential -- and there’s probably a custom-sized bed tucked in there, too. This makes it impossible to replace at a normal mattress store. A narrow double bunk fit the needs of this RV family but required quality custom narrow mattresses to make it work. With a made-to-order mattress, you can ensure that it will fit perfectly in the space you have. That means no more dealing with unhelpful salesmen or settling for toppers that slide off or just don’t work because you can’t find the mattress size you really need.

You get a better night’s sleep

Size aside, you’re interested in a custom mattress because you’re looking for a better night’s sleep on the road. Not only is it your refuge after a long drive, but it’s the place that will ensure your next adventure gets off to the best start. The National Sleep Foundation says drivers should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep to safely drive on the road; and to get that, you need a comfortable place to rest your weary head.

Choose your preference for comfort

Choose between a variety of materials to ensure you get the best sleep of your life on the road, whether it’s on ashort queen, extra tall, or even hinged mattress. There’s Custom Foam for those who want more support, Memory Foam with cooling technology for those who like the cold side of the pillow and Pocket Coil for that traditional firm sleep without the sagging.

It fits your eco-friendly lifestyle

Chances are you’re on the road because you want to be out in nature as much as possible. Whether you’re hiking through national parks or taking surfing lessons on the coast, you’re in awe of nature’s majesty. A custom-made, eco-friendly mattress made of organic and recycled materials matches your values.

Customizing your own RV mattress is easy. Create your tailor-made mattress with Custom Mattress Factory, and get back to dreaming of the road!