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RV Mattress Guide: Choosing the Right Measurements, Materials & More

As an owner of an RV or similar motor home, you’ve likely noticed the mattresses across the space are not only sort of sad, they’re also non-standard sizes you can’t seem to find anywhere except the OG manufacturer. But you already don’t like the manufacturer mattresses, which is why you’re looking to replace them… What’s the point, then?

Good news! Finding the perfect mattresses for your RV is easy now. Online custom mattress manufacturers like us take the questions and uncertainty out of replacing your motor home beds. By choosing all the important features of your new mattress, you can make sure your RV provides the ultimate sleeping experience.

custom rv mattress
Custom RV Mattress

Let’s talk specs: the unusual measurements of RV beds, materials and construction to choose from, and how preferences about space and sleep style should affect your decisions.

The Common Uncommon Mattress Dimensions You’ll Find in RV Beds

If your RV is huge – and we do mean huge – you might be able to squeeze a standard split king mattress in the RV bedroom. But if you’re like 99% of people who spend time in motor homes, you know the idea of fitting a standard size mattress anywhere is a pipe dream. Unusual mattress sizes that require a custom build include:

Bedroom: short queen and king mattresses

These are fantastic space-saving choices for RV bedrooms, offering ample comfort without sacrificing too much floor space. Short RV queen mattresses are 75” long instead of 80”. So long as you’re not super tall, you won’t notice the difference, and you get more usable square footage in that tiny bedroom.

Pro tip: Consider adding curved corners to the bottom 2 corners of the short RV mattress to eliminate accidental knocking of shins and knees at night.

Bunk beds: dorm mattresses with cut corners

Depending on the RV, the bunk beds might be narrower than dorm-style mattresses, which are typically twin or twin XL. RV mattresses in bunk spaces tend to be anywhere from 32” to 38” wide and 75” to 80” long. You’ll need a custom mattress maker to get you the perfect dimensions of your unique motor home.

Pro tip: Add a rail that spans the bottom ¾ of the RV’s bunk and add a radius corner to the top outer side for everything to fit safely back in that bunk nook.

Convertible sofa: hinged full or queen size mattress

The pullout couch in your RV might be one where it slides into a bed position, or one where the mattress folds into the couch. And when extended, the bed can be anywhere from a standard full to a short queen RV mattress. Regardless, it will need to fold.

Pro tip: Our hinged mattresses for RVs are made so that you don’t have a weird middle area that’s uncomfortable. Plus, the folds won’t create areas of compression and wear around them, meaning you get a comfy sleep night after night, even on the couch.

Convertible dinette: modular folding mattresses

Traditionally, the convertible dinette has been the short end of the stick when it comes to choosing which bed to sleep in the RV. Not anymore, though! We can create the perfect solution: a combination of 2-3 short mattresses with hinges. During the day, an ideal eating and hanging space. And at night? No longer the ugly cousin of your other RV mattresses.

Pro tip: Latex and firm memory foam mattresses are ideal for spaces that are sat on during the day and then slept on at night.

Cab Loft: extra-extra-long mattresses

The cab-over bed in an RV is perhaps one of the strangest – you need this one custom-made, no question. Typically, the loft bed is 57” wide by 96” long. Why? Just because. For reference, 57” is 3” less width than a queen, and 96” is a whopping 16” longer than any standard mattress. Is the RV cab-over bed the perfect mattress for tall people? We’d say so.

Pro tip: Don’t need that 16” of extra length on your mattress? Choose a standard or short length and use the rest of the loft space for extra storage.

Different Construction Options for Custom RV Mattresses

Gone are the days of metal coils that eventually stab you in the back. There are 4 typical construction options for modern RV mattresses:

Memory Foam

The latest standard across the mattress industry is memory foam, because it contours, doesn’t sag, relieves pressure points, and helps encourage proper spinal alignment during sleep. It’s also great for motion isolation, and it sleeps warm, making memory foam mattresses a smart choice for RVers travelling in cold climates.


Latex is a durable, hypoallergenic, moisture-resistant choice for RV beds. Latex mattresses come in a range of firmness levels and offers exceptional pressure relief and responsive contouring. Latex mattresses are ideal for hot, humid climates for its moisture resistance and breathability.

Pocket Coil

Innerspring 2.0, the springs in a pocket coil mattress are contained in fabric. This provides several benefits, including superior support, motion isolation, breathability, and a wide range of firmness options. Pocket coil mattresses may be the best option for overweight people who require proper support from their RV bed.


You can also choose a hybrid option of foam and pocket coil for a springy, resilient mattress that offers extra support and pressure relief, but sleeps cooler than a pure memory foam mattress would. Hybrid mattresses are also bouncier and more responsive than memory foam.

Firmness: Considering Sleep Style in Your RV’s Sleep Spots

We’ve got the major questions answered: size, features and construction. Now, we’ve got to tailor the new RV mattresses for the specific space and for whatever purpose that sleep spot might be for. Things to consider:


  • Back sleepers should use medium-firm to firm mattresses to support proper spinal alignment. Memory foam hybrid mattresses are a great option for back sleepers.

  • Side Sleepers need contouring for pressure points. The best RV mattress for side sleepers will be medium-firm and memory foam or latex.

  • Stomach sleepers should choose a firm mattress to keep their hips in a comfortable position. Innerspring hybrid mattresses work well for this type of sleeper.

  • Toss-and-turners. You know better than anyone what level of soft or firm mattress you need for your RV. Latex mattresses are good for people who move around a lot in their sleep because they are more responsive than memory foam.


  • Does the bed also serve as the cushions on the fold-out dinette or sofa during the day? Choosing a firm or extra-firm folding latex mattress is an ideal option.

  • Is it an RV bunk bed mostly used for your rugrats? Softer-side memory foam mattresses will provide a cozy, plush sleep that makes them feel safe.

  • Is someone in your family elderly or differently-abled? Choose the mattress that’s most easily accessible and customize it to their needs.

Since everything is made exactly to your specifications, each mattress in your RV can be its own unique, super-comfy, long-lasting type of sleep you and the fam will enjoy for years to come.

Custom Mattress Factory Can Build Any Type of RV Mattress You Need

Short queen RV mattresses with radius corners, dorm-size lofts beds above the cab, folding mattresses for pullout RV sofas – whatever kind of mattresses you need for your RV, Airstream, van, or any other nomad-life vehicle – we’ve got you.

With custom, one-by-one construction and the ability to choose every important feature of your mattress, your RV beds will be so comfy you won’t want to go home. And if you’re wondering about the custom-size bedding you’ll need for all these awesome new mattresses, don’t worry – we do that, too.


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