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Glamour on the High Seas: Decorating Your Floating Home

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

It’s easy to start feeling like your boat is home. Whether you have it parked in a marina on the sea or in front of your dock on the lake, the opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy your family, friends and sports ultimately leads to many days and nights aboard your very own vessel.

With that in mind, there’s no reason not to decorate it in a way that feels like home. But we all know, the space on a boat is often small, dark and awkwardly shaped, which can make decorating feel like a chore.

To help you out, we’ve come up with some stylish, design-savvy tips to help you transform your boat into your second home. From a new custom mattress to make your nighttime more comfortable to new lighting, we’ve got you covered with this guide. Now you’re really never going to want to leave.

Glass light sconces can bring a space to life.

The confined interiors of boats are often lit by small windows. As a result, it can sometimes create a dark and cave-like atmosphere. In such a setting, lighting becomes a critical element in your design, as it has the power to transform the space and set the desired mood. Hidden under-cabinet LED fixtures or glass wall sconces have a modern appeal and ability to project the light across the room.

The limited natural light within boats can be augmented by the strategic placement of glass wall sconces. These fixtures not only brighten up the space but also add an element of elegance and style to the interior. The soft, diffused glow they provide can create a welcoming and cozy ambiance, making your boat feel more like a comfortable retreat. These are especially effective in the bedroom. Without effective lighting, you're more likely to bump into objects in the night and you won't be able to read in bed.

Light walls with accent colors can make a space feel bigger.

An all-white interior might be your first instinct to make the space feel larger. But, you can use a light color palette to make the space feel bigger, too. Think of neutrals or pastel colors which you can use to make the space feel bigger.

And don’t be afraid of accent colors, too, whether they’re dark to ground the room or bright to add much needed pops of color. You can use a Color Wheel Tool to select complimenting light and accent colors to be sure they’ll play nicely together.

Custom cabinets and mattresses make the most of a boat's space.

With smaller square footage and quirky corners, boats can be hard to decorate. Often, you’ll need to go custom to achieve a totally cohesive look, whether that’s with kitchen cabinets, bathroom shelves or a couch that looks great and fits. But, often the best room to go custom is the bedroom. Notoriously unique in size and shape, the bed and bedroom of boats can be tricky to work with.

The best way to make this room feel like home is investing in a custom mattress. Not only does it ensure it’ll fit your limited space, but it will provide you with a custom mattress profile for optimum comfort. Build up with bunks? Hidden storage beneath? Narrow trundle bed to slide out for guest? We got you. Your boat mattresses can be custom made to any size specification whatsoever.

Choose a Mattress that Suits Your Needs

When it comes to choosing a bed for a boat, whether oversized or space-saving, several factors must be considered. An oversized bed in the space like a king or queen provides luxurious sleeping space and comfort akin to home. On a boat with limited space, it can dominate the cabin, leaving little room for other amenities.

A space-saving bed, such as a fold-up or convertible design, is ideal for maximizing the available area on a boat. It allows for flexible use of the cabin during the day, making it more versatile for dining or socializing. It may sacrifice some of the comfort and sleeping space of an oversized bed.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities, whether it's plush comfort or efficient use of space. Balancing these factors ensures you have a bed that suits your needs while enjoying life on the water.

Mirrors can help a boat's small spaces feel larger.

Because the space is typically smaller, you may be tempted to leave the walls bare. But, having a totally barren room can actually make it feel smaller than it is. Try adding a mirror to the wall to create the illusion it is bigger and to reflect light. Acrylic mirrors are durable, lightweight, and shatterproof for your custom boat needs. In the kitchen, add a couple herb plants to brighten up the space.

Don’t forget about rugs, too, which can add a much needed color and texture. There are lots of washable and water-resistant options these days.

Patterns can make a focal point for a room.

A great way to add dimension and depth to a space, especially a small one, is with pattern. You’ll want to choose something that doesn’t overwhelm the space, but rather draws your eye in, up or around a certain focal point. We love how the side of the kitchen was accented in neutral, geometric tiles here.

Custom bed sheets and a new favorite mug will make you feel right at home.

A boat is expensive, and renovating or decorating one can be, too. Luckily, you can achieve the look of a luxe boat by investing in select quality and luxury pieces. For example, spend extra on designer throw pillows or a piece of art that grounds the space and starts conversations.

The small details matter, too, so invest in things like beautiful ceramic coffee mugs you’ll love sipping coffee out of and displaying on shelves. Details like beautiful soft bed linens can also elevate the space and your night’s sleep. No matter what size or shape your custom mattress is, the perfect high-quality sheets can be tailor-made, too.

You deserve a seriously comfy custom boat bed; there’s nothing like being rocked into a deep sleep on the water. Making your cabin a true Captain’s Quarters with Custom Mattress Factory is easy. V-berth mattresses, cut corners, hinged mattresses, radius corners – we can make a bespoke boat bed for any space, and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

In fact, we also make custom-fit bed linens of 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton, as well as mattress protectors, for those angled corners or curved edges. Let us help you make your boat the home away from home you deserve with the best custom mattress on the high seas!


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