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Alaskan King Beds: What Are They and Who Are They For?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Beginner’s Guide to Alaskan King Beds: What They Are and Why You’ll Want One

You’ve heard of a California King bed, and maybe even a Texas King Bed – But what about the Alaskan King? If you’re unfamiliar with this mattress size, you’re not alone. Because of its gigantic size, you’re unlikely to see an Alaskan King-sized mattress in the home of someone you know.

The Alaskan King bed isn’t the right sized bed for everyone - it suits people with specific lifestyles and sleeping habits. If you’re searching for a solution to feeling cramped in bed, this oversized mattress might just be the perfect investment to help you get a good night’s sleep.

What Exactly Is an Alaskan King Bed?

Think of it this way: If a King bed is big, and a California King bed is even bigger, then the Alaskan King is the absolute biggest of beds. Alaskan King mattresses measure 9 feet by 9 feet in size, which makes it more than 2 feet longer and over 2.5 feet wider than a standard King mattress. Why is it called an Alaska King bed? Because Alaska is the biggest state in the US, and the Alaskan King bed is the biggest mattress you can find, apart from a custom family-sized mattress, that is.

Your average bedroom might not even be able to fit an extra long mattress of these dimensions, which is why you don’t see them very often. The Alaskan King is considered a type of luxury custom bed which is not normally available in stores. You might wonder why someone would even be interested in an Alaskan King bed. Like, why do you need so much room for activities? How the heck do you get an Alaska King mattress up some stairs and through a doorway? Where would you even find sheets for an Alaskan King mattress?

Well that’s what this post is about. Here’s our 101 on Alaskan King beds: who would appreciate them and why someone bothered to invent this massive mattress in the first place.

3 Ways an Alaskan King Bed Can Help You Get a Great Night’s Sleep

If you have a larger bedroom area to furnish and you love the idea of owning the largest mattress available, an Alaskan King bed is the right choice for you. Although, while we all love curated things like unique, oversized mattresses, first make sure it’s physically possible to get an Alaska king mattress into your bedroom before you fall in love with the idea. You don’t want to invest in an Alaska King bed frame and matching sheets only to find out you can’t get the mattress for it into the room.

Provided your room has cleared the necessary specs, here’s 3 other ways that this extra wide, extra tall mattress could help you some quality rest.

An Alaska King Gives you Space for Cuddle Time

If your kids like to snuggle in bed with you, you might constantly feel a little cramped even if you have a King size bed. If cuddle time is a way of life in your household, Alaskan Kings are a perfect solution. These mattresses can fit up to 4 people comfortably. Movie night in bed, anyone?

Not to mention, that the family culture of co-sleeping is a real thing; especially in families with toddlers and smaller kids. Sleeping together builds bonds and helps kids feel safe and secure. An Alaskan King bed will ensure you don’t get kicked awake by a squirming toddler in the middle of the night.

If you’re a pet owner who loves to sleep next to your pets, this mattress size would also suit your lifestyle well. Cuddling with pets while drifting off is scientifically proven to help you get a more restful night’s sleep, and the Alaskan King bed lets you do that without ending up on the ground.

The Giant Alaska King Gives You Space for Me-Time

If you sleep next to a partner who tosses and turns a lot, or who always takes up more than their fair share of the bed, the Alaskan King gives you enough space to cancel out those sleep disturbances. With multiple feet between you and your sleeping partner, you’ll have a kind of barrier from their restless movements. And if this is one of your main concerns when choosing a new bed, make sure you have your Alaska King mattress made out of memory foam. Memory foam absorbs movement and impacts, meaning your partner can be as restless as they want and you’ll never again notice.

If you’re like some people, cuddle time is nice, but it doesn’t contribute to a good night’s sleep. You might get too hot sleeping next to your partner all night, or you might get woken easily by them when they have to get up for work on an opposite schedule from your own. If you’re frustrated by these sleep disturbances, you’ll want to invest in an Alaskan King bed.

It Gives You More Space to Spread Out

There’s nothing as relaxing as being able to sprawl out in a comfortable bed before you go to sleep. For very tall or large people, this might not happen as often as they’d like. A standard King mattress, or even a California King, might be long enough to accommodate a tall person but not wide enough for them to comfortably stretch their arms out.

The Alaskan King is the ultimate bed for tall people, because it provides extra length and extra width at the same time. That means they can have the experience they’ve always dreamed of – having enough room to spread out in bed. Some of us like to sprawl, and we deserve to.

So, is an Alaska King Bed Right for You?

Whether you’re a light sleeper who gets woken a lot by your sleeping partner, or you like to cuddle up to your 3 dogs in bed each night, Alaskan King beds are a perfect solution to getting a comfortable night’s rest. Take a look at our selection of luxurious custom Alaskan King Mattresses and get ready to sprawl out like royalty in your new bed.


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