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All About Custom-Made Egyptian Cotton Bed Linens

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We’ve all heard people rave any time they get new high-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for their bed. Custom or not, they’re super comfy.

Or are they? Are we sure this isn’t all a marketing ploy? People have definitely claimed their cotton was Egyptian before. It’s actually a low-key international issue.

But no, it’s not a marketing ploy – Egyptian cotton is definitely the best of the best when it comes to 100% cotton custom bed linens. We craft all our custom bed sets from 600-thread count Egyptian cotton because it’s the best of the best. Let’s talk about why:

Egyptian Cotton: Why is it the Choice Cotton for Bespoke Bedding?

Simply – it’s just better. It’s smoother, lasts longer, doesn’t pill, and it’s breathable. Not all cotton is created equal. Egyptian cotton fibers are longer than other kinds of cotton, and stronger as well. This allows the creators of your custom sheets to make super-fine strands of cotton yarn so tightly packed that it creates a softness you can’t get with other types of cotton.

Another great advantage of Egyptian cotton is its ability to absorb moisture. Not only does this help you sleep cool at night, but when you’re having your sheets made to order and request a color, you can be sure your dyed sheets will be rich, bright and fade-resistant.

The reason cotton grown in Egypt is so sought after for high-end custom bedding, duvets, mattress covers, and more, is threefold:

  • The species of cotton has longer and stronger fibers

  • The processing stage (crop to yarn) has been honed over 5000+ years of cotton weaving in Egypt

  • The combination of natural features and purposeful domestication has created a type of cotton plant with features you can’t find in other places.

Why the Thread Count of Your Custom Sheets Matters

Okay, so we’re in love with Egyptian cotton. But still, thread count does matter when crafting custom bed linens. Using this beautiful, super-soft, strong and resilient material in different thread counts results in bed sheets with different properties:

  • 200 Thread Count: A good basic, affordable option for super-light sheets. However, sometimes the weave looks loose because the yarns are so fine

  • 400 Thread Count: This is where it starts to get boujee. You’ve likely slept in these at nice hotels and wondered how you could recreate it at home. It’s this. Secret’s out.

  • 600 Thread Count: Perfect for creating custom bed linens for anything, whether Alaskan king bedding, Olympic Queen sheets, or custom RV bunk sheets, we love 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton for it’s super-luxurious, soft feel, it’s breathability, durability, and silky touch.

  • 1000 Thread Count: Higher thread count isn’t always better. Yes, these sheets are super nice. But with a thread count this high, Egyptian cotton sheets are actually pretty stiff. They need to be washed and rewashed before they start to soften. The stiffness also proves a bit harder to deal with in custom fit sheets of irregular shapes, like for a v-berth boat mattress or a round king size bed. And naturally, they’re also less breathable.

Who is Custom Egyptian Cotton Bedding Right For?

Is this even a real question? We truly don’t believe you could find someone who would scoff at a set of custom Egyptian cotton bed linens. They’re not only beautiful and comfortable, but they’re some of the best sheet materials for people who:

  • Have fabric allergies

  • Have sensitive skin

  • Sleep hot

And 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets are also a great choice for people with skin and hair concerns; it’s gentle on hair, and better for skin than microfiber and sateen.

So you can see why Egyptian cotton is universally loved when it comes to custom bed linens. From giving big families a cooler, softer choice for their Wyoming king bedding, to upgrading a sleeper sofa mattress with custom fit sheets, the better question might be who isn’t Egyptian cotton right for?

Custom Mattress Factory’s Obsession with Super-Soft, Custom Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Custom Mattress Factory is all about getting you the best sleep possible by making the most of your sleep spaces. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed – it’s a space you should invest in; it’s self-care. We craft bespoke mattresses of high-quality, natural materials, tailoring the size, softness and shape of the mattress to your exact specifications. And we take you the rest of the way with bespoke bedding, whether it’s special size sheets or organic cotton mattress covers. Take a look at our process and get to upgrading the important sleep spots in your life with all-natural, Egyptian cotton bedsheets.


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