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Custom RV Mattresses Gaining Popularity as People Travel More

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In an era of homes on wheels, custom mattresses have taken center stage. Gone are the days of settling for standard options from traditional mattress stores in is the age of custom RV mattresses. The internet has revolutionized the way we choose our mattresses, providing a vast array of options. Custom mattress manufacturers, whether with physical or online stores, are capitalizing on this demand.

From van beds to semi-truck sleeping quarters and boat berths, the need for vehicle-specific custom mattresses is on the rise. With this surge in demand comes a multitude of choices for those seeking to upgrade their old RV mattress with a brand new, customized one. But how do these custom mattress manufacturers compare to one another in this ever-expanding market? There are plenty of teams to consider all with unique options.

Let's take a look at what makes every custom mattress manufacturer unique in this growing market:

Custom Mattress Factory’s RV Mattresses

We take a completely custom, bespoke approach to every RV mattress order we do. All our RV mattresses are made by hand in our North Carolina facility using real heritage techniques. We work closely with customers to design their perfect RV bed, whether it’s a king memory foam mattress for an RV’s bedroom, or a hinged foam mattress for RV living quarters that can double as a sofa. Have a vintage airstream you’re bringing back to life? We do custom mattresses for airstreams, too.

We offer options of memory foam, CustomFoam, pocket coil and natural latex – an answer for every comfort level and any environment. What’s more, if you need a weird size like a short queen mattress to accommodate a strange RV bedroom, we can easily do cut, notched or rounded corners.

And once you’ve got your perfect new RV mattress, we can custom-make Egyptian cotton sheets that’ll fit it like a glove. Each of our bespoke RV mattresses are made with sustainable materials like organic cotton covers and an option for natural latex construction. If you’re curious about the options available, you can browse the online RV mattress showroom today.

Casper’s Custom RV Mattresses

Casper is a small custom mattress company that also sells via e-commerce. Their specific engineering strategy for custom mattresses is all about quality, dense, ergonomic foams with options for hybrid foam + coil mattresses. They’re all about making your bedroom a max-comfort space, with options for all types of pillows – including body pillows.

And you can get matching bedframes and bedding for whatever type of mattress you choose. Dog beds, weighted blankets – the works. As long as you’re at home in your bedroom. The bummer about Casper, though, is that they only offer standard bed sizes. If your RV bed can take a standard mattress, great! But if you need a strange size, shape, hinge, corner, etc., you’re out of luck here.

Custom RV Mattresses from Purple

Purple is a trendy e-commerce custom mattress manufacturer right now, because of their unique approach to foam construction. They have a foam layer called a GelFlex Grid that improves the ergonomics of sleep while also improving airflow – giving you a cool sleep, because we all know that sometimes memory foam can sleep a little hot.

Purple gives their customers several options for layered foam construction, and they’ve accrued quite a following. And they do have a much wider array of “standard” sizes than Casper does, as well as all the matching pillows and bedding, but as of right now they don’t offer custom, made-to-measure mattresses. So, as an RV mattress, you’ve got to have a specific type of RV to be able to take a Purple mattress – they can’t make you super-narrow bunk styles, hinged mattresses, or cut and angled corners.

Sleep Number’s RV Mattress Process

Everyone has heard of Sleep Number – they’re a giant in the mattress-making world. So, unlike smaller companies like Casper and Purple, it wasn’t difficult for them to dedicate a small portion of their manufacturing to making mattresses for RVs. They have two model options for RV beds, and their size choices do include sizes specific to RV mattresses, like short queen beds and radius queen beds.

Sleep Number also has a ComfortAire feature in their RV beds that allows each side to adjust the firmness of the mattress separately. They also traffic in memory foam and latex, though there’s nothing on their site about using sustainable, natural materials in their process.

Mattresses for RV Spaces from Tempurpedic

Tempurpedic is another big brand we’ve all heard of, and for good reason; they were at the front end of the custom memory foam mattress movement. Tempurpedic “proper” offers a very limited selection of RV mattresses that can only accommodate a queen size RV bed space. But they have an offshoot artisan custom mattress maker that takes care of the rest for them. This little e-commerce franchise creates bespoke RV mattresses of all sizes and shapes, and uses Tempurpedic’s ergonomic and solid foam layer construction.

Tuft & Needle’s Approach to Custom RV Beds

We’re back to boutique mattress makers with Tuft & Needle. They offer three models of mattresses that include memory foam, cooling foam, and hybrid foam and coil. Their website is focused on lifestyle, including furniture, bedding, bedframes, doggy beds, and more. But unfortunately, unless your RV bed takes a standard mattress size, Tuft & Needle can’t help you in your quest for a new RV mattress.

Custom RV Mattresses: Bringing it all Together

When it comes to creating a retreat within your RV's bedroom, the options are vast and tailored to your specific preferences. The choice you make depends on various factors. Each group offers different options that make them unique. Your decision is entirely based on if their offerings match your needs.

Your RV's bedroom can be transformed into a true haven, offering a restful and comfortable space to recharge during your travels. The right custom RV mattress is a significant step toward achieving this goal. With the perfect RV mattress, you'll enhance your travel experience by ensuring a good night's sleep wherever your journey takes you. You can order a custom RV mattress from our team today from our online showroom.


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