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Custom Mattresses Solve the Dilemmas of Unique Sleep Spaces & Special Needs

Mattresses are not a one-size-fits-all situation – haven’t you ever heard of The Princess & The Pea? Whether you’re super-tall, living van life, or driving a long-haul truck, your mattress needs are not the same. And with the limitations on off-the-floor mattress shapes, makes and sizes, this can be limiting. But sleep health is of the utmost importance, so this isn’t helping your quality of life.

custom boat mattress
Custom Boat Mattress

The solution to every sleep space and need is a mattress tailored to your preferences and specifications. It cuts out the middle man (literally), and it also ensures you don’t have to compromise on anything regarding your mattress comfort ever again.

What Sleep Spaces Need a Customized Mattress?

Custom mattresses aren’t just for RVs or celebrity homes; there are myriad situations where a custom-size, shape and firmness mattress can completely transform the comfort of a sleep spot:

  • Boat beds often require a mattress shape with a cut corner or irregular angles. As well, they need a material resistant to moisture and wear. A custom foam latex mattress is the ideal solution.

  • RV and van beds need to make the most of cramped, multi-use spaces. These might require short queen mattresses, custom dorm-size mattresses, mattresses that fold to save space, or rounded/cut corner mattresses to maximize leg room in a small area.

  • Semi-truck mattresses need to be super-comfy and super-supportive in order to maximize sleep efficacy of tired long-haul drivers. Custom memory foam truck mattresses offer better comfort and lifespan than their truck factory counterparts.

  • Daybeds don’t follow traditional mattress sizes, and a custom-made oversize or extra-wide daybed mattress can take a stiff uncomfortable daybed to one that’s fit for a full night’s sleep.

  • Sofa bed mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable – you can feel the bars and the mattress folds as you sleep. And the mattresses have to be thin, leading to saggy, non-supportive sleep for guests. A custom latex or memory foam mattress for sleeper sofas can provide max support with minimum thickness, and sturdy hinges that don’t leave gaps or uncomfortable areas around the folding part of the mattress.

  • Antique beds aren’t any standard size. They may be ¾ beds, or they may be something completely unique. An antique bespoke bedframe can easily be brought back to life with the right bespoke mattress to match. Plus, you get modern supportive, comfy materials like memory foam, pocket coil or latex mattresses.

Who Needs a Custom Mattress?

In addition, not everyone is the same. And we’re not just talking about how people prefer to sleep (side, back, stomach). We’re talking about sleep needs. And anyone with special sleep needs shouldn’t be stuck sleeping on a substandard mattress:

  • Older individuals and people with chronic pain disorders or bad joints need a custom mattress that’s the optimal combination of soft comfort and resilient support.

  • Tall people require a mattress with extra length. A custom-sized extra-long memory foam or coil mattress with custom long bedding can fix your perpetually-cold, hanging-off-the-bed toes problem.

  • Overweight individuals require a mattress with more support and resilience. An oversized extra-firm mattress made of supportive latex or memory foam can relieve pressure points and last a long time.

  • Smaller people may opt for a shorter bed simply because they don’t need to waste those extra inches of length in their sleep space. A custom-made short queen, short king, or short anything can add room to your bedroom without compromising your sleep comfort.

  • Families who co-sleep will need something bigger than an oversize king mattress. A custom Wyoming or Alaskan King mattress, or even a 12-foot-wide XL family mattress, can make co-sleeping a much more spacious experience for the whole family.

  • Is letting your pets sleep in the bed part of your household culture? A mattress made-to-order with extra length can reduce how often you accidentally kick the dog off the end of the bed simply because you were trying to stretch all the way out.

What Are the Benefits of a Custom-Made Mattress?

It’s easy to see where the benefits start with a custom mattress. You get to choose your preferences for everything about it, full stop. Dimensions, thickness, material, firmness, and, of course, custom bedding and mattress toppers to match. And those are just the benefits of the buying process! The great things that come with a custom-made mattress after it’s all unpacked and ready to go are:

  • Proper spinal alignment

  • Proper support for joints with relief for pressure points

  • Reduced motion transfer

  • Even weight distribution

  • Mattress durability and longevity

The long-term benefits that come with getting consistent healthy sleep on a mattress fit to your needs can’t be understated, as sleep is integral to health. A custom mattress can help you keep good posture, reduce severity of sleep problems and even help with joint relief.

How to Order a Custom-Made Mattress in Any Shape or Size

It couldn’t be much easier to design a completely custom mattress for any sleep space or need. You don’t have to get out of your PJs or speak to anyone – you just need internet access and a few measurements!

Measure the length and width of your sleep spot, including any irregular corners or sides.

Determine the mattress model and thickness you desire.

Add any special features like a curved corner, notch, hinge, etc.

Wait a few weeks until a mysterious mattress package shows up at your door.

Unpack your mattress and follow manufacturer instructions on any prep/waiting period before use.

Start getting the awesome sleep achieved with a mattress customized to your needs.


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