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Custom Sheets & Your Mattress: A Love Story

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

If you’re considering buying a custom-size mattress, it might not be possible to find the linens you need in a store. And what’s really the point of investing in a hand-made, completely customized mattress just to have to tuck and wedge poorly fitting sheets on it. They’re going to come loose, slide around, and make what should be a great night’s sleep not so great. Think about it – when have you ever seen sheets for a round memory foam mattress in stores? Or for a hinged mattress for a van bed or a yacht bed? Honestly, even sheets for a sleeper sofa mattress don’t ever fit right; you’ve likely experienced this yourself while visiting a friend. And while it’s true, Custom Mattress Factory isn’t the only player out there in the custom mattress making market; we are the most convenient and high quality. No matter if we’re creating a huge Alberta king bed for your order, or a cut corner mattress for your antique bed frame, we can make sheets that are specifically customized for it. And not just any sheets: you get to choose between beautiful 600TC or 1000TC Egyptian cotton bed linens. That’s our MO here at Custom Mattress Factory: the best bespoke mattresses and the best sheets to fit them. It’s literally what we do.

Sheets Made to Fit Your Mattress

Imagine asking for exactly what you want and getting it. Whether you have a deep pocket mattress with a custom foam topper, or an extra-long queen bed, simply send us your measurements. Any depth, thickness, and length comes in the highest quality materials. You don’t have to search far and wide — just state your needs. Whatever it is, we can make it. And we mean anything, even if your custom size mattress didn’t come from us, we’ll still make you the perfect sheets for it.

High-Quality Cotton Fabric

Why waste time with something that fits right, but doesn’t last? Our 600 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric will hold up for years to come. Each wash renders this high-quality bed fabric softer, but no less pillowy and cool to the touch. For fabric that will never ball, pill, or warp, consumers have returned to Egyptian cotton for sheets time after time. Not to mention that pure, high-quality cotton will work together with your custom latex or memory foam mattress to give you a cool sleep, reducing night sweats and regulating temperature.

A Range of Classic Colors

Love doesn’t have to be boring. You can have it all with your choice of White, Ivory, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Sage, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Burgundy, and Lilac. This range of colors is as versatile as your imagination, with warm and cool tones that will match any aesthetic scheme you desire for your bedroom. The most comfortable custom mattress is nothing without comfortable sheets to match.

That Honeymoon Feeling with Any Bed, Anywhere

Everybody deserves the luxury of a custom bed with custom sheets. Whether it’s a semi bed for a long-haul driver, a small plane bed, or a strange-shaped airstream mattress, we create solutions for all kinds of sleep spots.

Customers report falling in love, again and again, every night. With a custom sheet set made just for your bed, the difference is obvious. A pocket that fits and never slips. A sheet quality that feels luxurious, week after week. The satisfaction of working with a customer service team that takes your needs seriously. I bet you never thought creating a completely custom bed, from sheets to cover to mattress to frame, could be this simple.

If only all love could be this easy!


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