During A Pandemic, You Should Prioritize Your Sleep

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Manage Your Anxiety By Forming Healthy Sleeping Habits

It makes sense that during a global pandemic many people are experiencing more stress than usual, with unfortunate consequences. The CDC lists “Difficulty sleeping or concentrating” as one of the most common symptoms of pandemic-related stress, and recommends focusing on getting plenty of sleep during this time of heightened anxiety. Unfortunately, when you are already feeling stressed and anxious, actually falling asleep becomes much harder.

We all know that stress and worry can lead to sleeping problems, but a lack of sleep on its own can also lead to anxiety and will make managing your existing stress more difficult. This becomes a vicious cycle that creates greater anxiety and makes proper sleeping more and more difficult. Limiting your caffeine intake or trying mediation can help break this cycle, but one of the fastest ways to break out of bad sleep habits is by making sure you have a mattress that is comfortable and is suited to your specific needs.

A great custom mattress will help you form positive associations with your bed, and improve your sleep and overall health.

It's No Secret: Sleep Is The Key To A Healthy Immune System

There is no magic bullet when it comes to fighting off illness, but experts agree that sleep is vital to having a healthy immune system and good mental health. In order to get the best sleep possible, it is important that you have a mattress that is crafted for your specific body and sleep habits. A custom made memory foam mattress gives you the most control over size, materials, and quality to ensure you get a great mattress built to your specifications. A pandemic is the perfect time to invest in getting good sleep and helping keep your immune system in fighting shape.

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