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During A Pandemic, You Should Prioritize Your Sleep

Updated: May 6

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we live, and for many, it meant spending a lot more time indoors. During these unprecedented times, having a comfortable and supportive mattress became more important than ever. A good night's sleep is essential for maintaining physical and mental well-being, especially when facing extended periods at home.

While we can't predict the future, experts agree that pandemics and other unforeseen events are a possibility. By investing in a custom mattress now, you're taking a proactive step towards ensuring quality sleep, no matter what life throws your way. Even through another pandemic (let’s hope we don’t see another in our lifetimes).

Custom mattresses offer a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond simply feeling good. They can be tailored to perfectly fit your body type and sleep style, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points. This can lead to improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, and a stronger immune system – all crucial factors for navigating challenging times.

Remember that stir-crazy feeling of being cooped up for long stretches? A good night's sleep is a powerful tool for combating cabin fever and maintaining a positive outlook. When you're well-rested, you're better equipped to handle stress, adapt to change, and navigate uncertainty with a clear head. But if you have a good mattress, what else can you do to accomplish that? Well, let's talk about that here.

Manage Your Anxiety by Forming Healthy Sleeping Habits

We all know that stress and worry can lead to sleeping problems, but a lack of sleep on its own can also lead to anxiety and will make managing your existing stress more difficult. This becomes a vicious cycle that creates greater anxiety and makes proper sleeping more and more difficult.

Some things you can do to help reduce your pandemic anxiety are:

  • limiting your caffeine intake

  • eliminating tech from your bedtime routine

  • trying mediation

  • exercising every day

And another one of the best ways to break out of bad sleep habits is by making sure you have a mattress that is comfortable and is suited to your specific needs.

Get a Custom Mattress for Your Bed without Ever Leaving Your Home

We’re all stuck inside right now, so you might think this is exactly the worst time to shop for a new mattress. But it’s actually a great time! Most custom mattress manufacturers now are e-commerce; you get to design a mattress tailored to you, have it hand-made right here in the US, and then it shows up at your door, ready to revamp your sleep life.

With options like memory foam, pocket coil hybrids, CustomFoam and more, getting a bespoke mattress for your bedroom is a great way to treat yourself and permanently improve your quality of life. After all, we’re all on our couches and in our beds a lot more than we were before the lockdowns. A great custom mattress will help you form positive associations with your bed, and improve your sleep and overall health.

It's No Secret: Sleep is the Key to a Healthy Immune System

There is no magic bullet when it comes to fighting off illness, but experts agree that sleep is vital to having a healthy immune system and good mental health. In order to get the best sleep possible, it is important that you have a mattress that is crafted for your specific body and sleep habits. A custom made memory foam mattress gives you the most control over size, materials, and quality to ensure you get a great mattress built to your specifications.

A pandemic is the perfect time to invest in getting good sleep and keeping your immune system in fighting shape. It’s also the best time to focus on what’s important: the health and safety of you and yours. We’re all stuck inside, but it doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your bed from home.

How to Design the Perfect Custom Mattress & Stave Away Cabin Fever

Having a custom mattress manufacturer create your new mattress is different than your typical experience. You have no limitations on size, shape or construction features like hinges and cut corners on custom mattresses. You have the ability to choose your firmness. You have options like foam, latex, memory foam, and modern pocket coil. And that’s before you get to the bedding.

We can make you a set (or two!) of mattress toppers, bed sheets and comforters tailored to the size, thickness and shape of your new mattress. We can make you a set (or two!) of mattress toppers, bed sheets and comforters tailored to the size, thickness and shape of your new mattress. Another thing off the list without leaving the house!

Revamp Your Whole Bedroom to Help You Sleep

Honestly, this might be a great opportunity to revamp your whole room! You need a new custom bed frame and matching cotton linens, anyway, and you have 12 colors to choose from. Go crazy with this project to help keep yourself occupied. You can repaint the room, refresh the lighting, change the window treatments, and rearrange furniture. Will it feel like a different room after? Hopefully; we’ve been staring at the same walls for what seems like years now.

Custom Mattress Factory creates your bespoke, made-to-order mattress and any desired custom bedding, and ships them right to your door. It’s a pandemic-proof way for our customers to level up their bedroom with a custom mattress that’ll help them sleep through the stress of this new COVID “normal.”


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