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Planning RV Travel You Missed in Quarantine? Don’t Forget the Mattress!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

In a Pandemic, RV Travel is the Safe Way to Go

For many of us, the pandemic and the subsequent quarantine restrictions destroyed last year’s travel plans for the summer. Luckily, with a little planning ahead, no matter what happens with the pandemic this summer, there is still a way to visit beautiful places and get outdoors while maintaining safe social distancing practices. An RV allows you the freedom to get on the road without losing the comforts and safety of home accommodations. You don’t have to own an RV to enjoy one, either—many places offer affordable rental packages that even come with complimentary passes to state parks and travel destinations.

Many Americans who still have the travel bug are turning to RVs this summer to take the road trip they missed last year and explore the country, and are boon docking in order to avoid contact with crowds. Thinking of buying a used RV for your travel this year? In addition to getting the right maintenance done, no doubt you are considering how you can make your RV a comfortable and positive space. The foam in bench seating and mattress toppers should be replaced if they smell musty, crunch to the touch, or are just plain uncomfortable. Thinking of renting just for a trip or two? Your packing list probably includes travel mugs, sunscreen, and a delicious beverage or two, but maybe you haven’t thought of packing a better mattress for the road.

A Custom Mattress for Your RV Will Help you Sleep Great

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable at night. A custom RV mattress, or even just a high-quality RV mattress topper, can transform your sleep and make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel —even while you’re sleeping in a national park. Getting a custom foam mattress for your RV, even for a vehicle you are renting, will help you get a good night’s sleep and avoid road fatigue, meaning you can extend the length of your road trips. There’s nothing worse than getting out into the beautiful outdoors, only to have a headache or backache ruin the fun.

RV beds often have unconventional dimensions to fit into the unique spaces of recreational vehicle cabins, and may require unique sizes or corners to fit properly. Since space is limited in an RV, getting a custom made RV mattress ensures you are optimizing space while still getting a high-quality, luxury travel mattress. Especially when driving long distances, a good mattress to stretch out on at night in your RV is vital to prevent back pain and/or injury.

Do You Rent out Your RV? Keep it in-Demand with a Custom Mattress

If you’re one of the people AirBNB-ing your RV, investing in custom mattresses for the vehicle is going to improve your customers’ reviews, which brings in more renters, which brings you more profits from renting out your mobile vacation home.

Think about it – those narrow, camping-style bunk beds, but with plush, custom foam mattresses instead of a thin pad? Or that back master bedroom with a king size memory foam mattress made specifically for RV beds. And that folding bed that the dining table converts into? It doesn’t have to be those sad booth cushions.

You can get a made-to-measure mattress with a hinge instead. Or two smaller custom-size mattresses that serve alone as benches or together as a bed. Endless possibilities, really, and a for-sure return on investment. The pandemic had all of us stuck at home, so you likely lost potential renters during this time, too. But, hey – put money in and you’ll get money out.

As custom mattress makers, one of our specialties is helping RV owners upgrade their road-home with custom sized memory foam and latex mattresses, complete with custom bed sheets for those short queen RV mattresses, narrow bunks, or curved-corner mattresses. It is important during a pandemic, whether you are on the road or at home, that you prioritize getting a healthy amount of sleep every night. And investing in custom RV mattresses is a real no-brainer for RV owners and RV “landlords” alike. Safe travels, and sleep well!

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