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Finding the Right Mattresses for All Your RV's Sleep Spots

When you’re on the road in an RV, you don’t want to sleep on a thin mattress, feeling like you’re camping and waking up with more aches and pains with each passing day. Even more so if you’re living the RV life. But what are you gonna do when you’re looking for mattresses with weird dimensions, hinges and non-standard corners?

Grayson RV Mattress

Go custom; that’s what. Here’s how custom mattress solutions can totally transform all the sleep spots in your RV:

Short Queen & King RV Mattresses Should Feel Like Home

That standard short queen in the back RV bedroom is usually a low-quality memory foam mattress that’s thin and a little too soft. But you can’t fit a standard length mattress in there, because it wouldn’t fit when you pull all the slideouts in. What to do?

You can have a short queen or king mattress specifically designed for RV beds made! Instead of replacing that mattress with one that doesn’t fit or just resorting to the manufacturer’s replacements, a custom short RV mattress can give you all the comfort of your supportive, luxurious memory foam bed at home, easy.

Both short queen and short king RV mattresses can be made with cut or radius corners for that little extra bit of legroom. What’s more, the custom mattress manufacturer that crafts your RV beds can make the linens and mattress toppers fit those short, curved corners perfectly. No more tugging on standard sheets that don’t fit.

RV Bunk Mattresses Shouldn’t Feel Like Summer Camp

Just like dorm mattresses and those sad excuses for bunk mattresses you slept on as a kid in summer camp, RV bunk beds are often fit with subpar mattresses. And since they’re not a standard twin or extra-long twin mattress, many people just choose to live with it.

Have custom RV bunk memory foam mattresses made to fit your RV bunks. And then deck them out with tailored linens. They may still be narrow, but they’ll be cozy and comfy. Beds that maximize space are a natural part of all RV setups, but stiff, rickety mattresses don’t need to be.

Your RV’s Pullout Sofa Should Save Space and Be Comfy

Sleeper sofas in RVs are different than standard ones, because instead of a hidden hinged mattress being pulled out of the couch, the couch itself folds down into a hinged mattress. And you can definitely feel that hinge.

There are two things you could do here: replace the sleeper sofa with a folding mattress that fits the frame and acts the same way, or have a space-saving mattress topper made that you can store under the sleeper couch during the day and then use to create a makeshift mattress that fits the shape of the couch perfectly.

Custom Folding Mattresses Make the Dinette Bed a Big Deal

Any RV family knows that the convertible dinette area is the short straw, and siblings will have fights about it. And justifiably. The mattress that came with that RV bed is doctor’s-office-grade cushioning at best.

But you can change that with a folding mattress made in the same dimensions as the original. And even better, you can get custom bedding to match. Now, you’re sleeping on a memory foam mattress and super soft custom-fit sheets. The dinette is no longer the short straw.

Where to Find the Right Mattresses for Your RV

Good news – you’re already at the perfect spot to order any and all the custom mattresses you need for your RV! We craft bespoke mattresses for every RV sleep spot, even those weird little loft bunks above the driver cab. And that doesn’t just mean a custom size – it means a custom shape, firmness, construction, and bedding tailored to fit perfectly. When you factor in space-saving mattress features like hinges, radius corners or cut corners, the possibilities are endless. You can finally sleep on the road so comfy you’ll forget you’re not in your bed at home.

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