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Get the Best Sleep of Your Life—On Your Boat!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

You dream of sleeping on the ocean while snuggled down in your comfortable boat bed. You are not alone. Many people search for the just-right custom boat mattress as a handmade mattress fulfills your everyday sleep preferences, while also fitting into specific or tight spaces on your boat perfectly. If you have ever tried to sleep on the stiff foam pad that your boat likely came with, you already know that it can hardly be called a ‘mattress’, and it definitely didn’t let you get the good night’s sleep you deserve. A new memory foam mattress will refresh your excitement for hitting the water.

There is no reason you should have to sacrifice comfort in order to sleep on your boat. Whether you are looking for a deluxe yacht mattress, trawler bed topper, or comfortable sailboat bed, a great custom boat mattress can be made to fit the exact shape of your cabin and let you sleep soundly among the waves.

The Short Queen Mattress Could Be Perfect for You

Having a short queen bed in a boat is a smart choice for those who love spending extended periods on the water. These specialized mattresses are designed to fit perfectly within the cozy sleeping quarters of a boat. Short queens offer an ideal blend of comfort and bedroom space efficiency.

The shorter length of a short queen bed allows for easier movement within the cabin and more room for storage or additional boat amenities. Whether you're cruising along the coast or anchored in a tranquil cove, a short queen bed in your boat ensures a comfortable and restful retreat. The short queen is a larger bed that doesn't sacrifice space to enhance your on-water experience.

Your boat bed will be made to your personal sleep preferences. The experts at Custom Mattress Factory have found that foam is lightweight and dries quicker than other mattress materials, so this is the first choice for the best boat mattress. Also, having a soft cotton cover will help protect your mattress from water and dirt, and is great for keeping sleepers cool at night.

Custom Mattresses Can Fit Any Space

Customizing a great mattress to fit your boat’s V-berth bed is a way to use the limited space of a boat efficiently. Could you be happier with the fit of your mattress to a custom shape by reorganizing the space in your cabin? Make the most of buying a custom boat mattress by requesting rounded or cut corners to make sure your mattress has the best fit possible for your boat, and is therefore less likely to move or shift while you are sailing or sleeping. A custom hinge mattress is another way to maximize the storage available, as it creates more space under your bed.

Your boat mattress should have all the luxury of your bed at home, and that means a custom made mattress and made-to-fit bed linens that are ridiculously cozy. So, when you talk to Custom Mattress Factory about your boat bed needs, start by thinking about your ideal mattress's material and firmness, and don’t forget to ask about gel memory foam options. And don’t forget the humid sea air – have us make a protector for your custom-shaped mattress while we’re at it. Happy sailing (and sleeping)!


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