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Home Sweet Horse Trailer

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Serious horse lovers live and travel with their beloved animals. The excitement of going to shows, auctions, and trail getaways is something to look forward to all season. But the cowboy days of sleeping on an unrolled pack blanket are over! Getting a good night’s sleep on the road with horses is just as simple as stretching out next to the campfire when you have a great mattress in your horse trailer. Riding all day, exercising your horses, grooming, and mucking stalls are all hard on your body. And you’re making sure your horses are comfortable, so why shouldn’t you be as well? We’re not settling for those sad little pads that come with our horse trailer’s bed anymore. We’re getting a custom made mattress for our horse trailer, because we love ourselves.

Custom Mattresses for Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Equestrian travel trailers have similar features and considerations as luxury RV’s; whatever can roll or swing needs to be able to be latched, buttoned or tucked in cabinets when you’re on the road. Horse trailer beds, like glamping van beds, are likewise sometimes extra-long beds, extra tall beds, or need custom cutouts to accommodate trims and custom installs. The interior of these spaces is designed to optimize the use of every square inch, and that means sometimes a great addition like bedside lighting or electric outlet housings creates an interesting shape that only a custom mattress can fit into. Particularly if you are replacing a worn mattress in your horse trailer’s living quarters, a custom mattress that fits the space makes a big difference. Even if it’s fun, the stress of long-term travel can really get to you. It’s a way better experience when your travel living quarters feels like another home, so your horse trailer bed, and its living quarters in general, deserves the attention your actual home gets.

Design a Custom Bed for the Trailer's Nose

Gooseneck trailers are popular for their stability and the two-tiered living space with a bed in the “nose” (read: the section that sits over the bed of the truck). These spaces are a lot like sleeper cabs in big rigs with truck beds, or lofts in RV’s. Depending on how much headspace you have in the nose, opting for a thinner mattress may give you a better fit for entering and exiting the space comfortably. That’s why getting a custom mattress for your horse trailer bed is so important; you aren’t limited to a standard, thin foam mattress just because you have limited space. Space will determine how many inches you have to work with, but your preferences for softness or firmness can determine what to fill those inches with. A soft topping material like memory or gel foam can be combined with latex, but no springs or coils, to offer a comfortable yet compact mattress that won’t yield like a camping pad would. A thin mattress doesn’t mean you have to feel the hard surface underneath; the custom mattresses we make for horse trailer beds are just as high quality as the ones we make for luxury bedrooms. A good mattress for traveling with horses shouldn’t leave you feeling like you slept on the barn floor. Don’t settle for waking up grumpy and achy, because coffee might wake you up, but it’s not going to fix that crick in your neck from sleeping poorly.

Horse Trailer Mattresses Can Hinge

The living quarters in horse trailers can sleep even more people when a bed rests on top of bench storage so kids and guests can come along, too. But you don’t have to haul that mattress up every time you want to access blankets, leads, or tack. A custom mattress hinge lets you access the space without disturbing the whole bed and wrecking your back. Another creative solution a hinged mattress can provide is becoming a makeshift sleeper sofa: fold it during the day for a couch-effect, and set it flat at night for a sleeper sofa mattress, whether it’s your main bed or a place for a guest.

People are choosing to live so many different semi-nomadic lifestyles nowadays. And whether it’s for work or play, sleeping away from home should be comfortable. Just because it’s temporary doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the comforts of home. Custom mattresses for non-traditional spaces like RV beds, horse trailer beds, van beds and more are all easy to find right here at Custom Mattress Factory. Since we make each mattress by hand for literally any custom bed or sleep spot, we can tailor your order to our exact needs.

Life on the trail with horses is a beautiful thing, so design a custom mattress for your horse trailer bed and get a great night’s sleep while enjoying life with your animals!


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