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Several Important Factors to Consider When Designing Your Yacht's Bedroom

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Traveling by the high seas is one of life’s greatest privileges. And being gently rocked by Poseidon as you lay on a boat bed is an experience everyone should get to have. You’re lucky enough to have a boat or a yacht big enough for a cabin with a bedroom. Even so, it’s probably still a pretty tight space. This is why boat beds are a little different than beds you find on dry land.

Boat beds are typically smaller than traditional beds, though it’s possible that if you remove your stock mattress that you can make more space for a bigger bed. That being said, even if you do have a tight space, it’s easy to make the space more comfortable.

One of the best ways to make your boating experience more relaxing, especially for overnight trips, is to invest in a proper, custom-made yacht bed that’s tailored directly to your need. You also have to keep in mind that yacht mattresses have specific requirements to make them as functional as possible. Before you place an order for a custom yacht bed, consider these factors when choosing a bed for your boat:

1. Thickness of the mattress:

Yacht mattresses usually need to be thinner than typical mattresses because of the tight overhead space of a sleeping cabin. But an easy solution for this issue is to buy a foam mattress for your boat; they can provide optimal comfort without a lot of depth.

Not only are custom foam beds the best choice for boats, they’re also known to be some of the most relaxing mattresses on the market. Foam mattresses are great if you want to relieve pressure, while also maintaining support. If you sleep cold, you might want to consider a foam mattress as well. Imagine sinking into your foam bed as the sea rocks you.

Ultimately, it’s important to think of the thickness of the boat mattress first. However, there are a variety of custom foam mattresses available for boats, which means there’s a specific type out there just for you.

2. “Finger room”:

You have to think about the space around the bed. Changing sheets in a tight space without bruising your knuckles against the hull is difficult. Think about talking to a custom mattress manufacturer about designing a custom radius bed. You’d be surprised at the convenience simply rounding the corners of your boat’s mattress can provide.

Ask the mattress maker to create a custom bedding for your boat bed as well. Having everything for your boat bedroom created by one company is a great way to ensure that everything fits perfectly.

3. Exposure to water and humidity:

You’re on a boat, so naturally, you have to think about all the materials in your cabin and their constant exposure to “wet” air. But there’s an easy solution: a custom latex mattress. They’re super mold and mildew resistant, and you can customize the size and shape just like any other material.

4. Saving space:

While you may have more than one sleeping cabin, what if you want the second one to be versatile? Maybe you want it to double as an office or a den. There are plenty of solutions for this. You could get a three-quarter bed. Or a custom-made mattress that folds in half. And there’s always a sofa bed mattress. You’ve got options.

5. Custom sheets to match:

In the unique sleeping quarters of a yacht, finding the perfect custom sheets for your bed is a must. These sheets are precisely tailored to fit your yacht's mattress. You'll comfortably get rid of the frustrations of ill-fitting or loose linens.

Custom sheets ensure a snug and wrinkle-free fit, providing an inviting and luxurious sleeping surface. They're crafted with premium materials, offering a soft and smooth feel that enhances your comfort while you sail. Custom sheets are not only about practicality but also style, allowing you to match your bedding to the yacht's interior decor.

By investing in the perfect custom sheets, you create a comfortable and visually pleasing sanctuary on your yacht. With a great custom set, you can enjoy restful and rejuvenating night's sleep whether you're anchored in a tranquil cove or cruising the open seas.

When it comes to buying boat beds, it’s important to find the perfect marriage between needs and wants. You need a yacht mattress that is practical in terms of material and size. Of course, you also want a mattress that caters to your sleeping profile. The best way to find a bed for a boat is to go custom.

A custom manufacturer can design a yacht bed based on the dimensions of the space you’re working with, as well as the requirements you need for a proper good night’s rest. You can order a custom mattress for your yacht today. with just a few measurements.


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