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What's a Short Queen Mattress?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

A short queen mattress is just a bit different from a standard queen. Standard queen mattresses are 60” wide and 80” long. A short queen bed basically cuts 5” off the bottom, making it only 75” long. So, it’s safe to say this is not a bed size for tall people. And if you’ve got a giant dog that sleeps in bed with you, it might not be a great idea either. But regardless, if you’re trying to maximize usable space in your bedroom, wherever that may be, a short queen mattress might be a great solution.

Where can I use a Short Queen Mattress?

Most often, short queen mattresses are used in RV beds as a way to save space. So they’re not too hard to track down, as several custom mattress manufacturers make short queen beds for RVs. Lots of people are traveling, so they’ve got to take advantage of the market! But short queen beds aren’t just for RVs. You can use a short queen mattress anywhere it makes sense to you.

  • Van beds: Sometimes a standard mattress length is just a bit too long and you’re left stuffing the back doors closed to push your mattress in. Not a problem with a short queen, though.

  • Yacht beds: Many boat beds have small sleeping cabins. But if you’re sleeping two people in there, you’d probably rather be comfy than have a lot of room to move around. A short queen bed can give you more floor space and still comfortable sleep two.

  • Tiny bedrooms: Do you have a tiny bedroom at home? Living in a big city like New York or Chicago is hard, and every inch counts when you’re paying $3000 for a studio apartment. This is another time to consider a short queen – all the benefits of a memory foam mattress with an extra 5”x60” of floor space at the foot of the bed.

  • Traveling Folding Bed: Using a short queen mattress as a foldable bed is a great alternative. Folding and rollable beds are commonplace, so why not use a larger custom-made size? These mattresses can fit snugly into camp sleeping areas. You can have both a comfortable bed and save room. Their shorter length makes maneuvering within your camp site easier. They allow for more space for other essential amenities. For road life enthusiasts, this choice combines comfort and practicality. They help create a cozy sleeping environment without compromising on the space.

See? Standard mattress sizes aren’t your only option when working with unique spaces. And unless you’re well over 6’ tall, the length isn’t going to bother anybody. So whether it’s a bed in an RV, a van, a tiny house loft – anywhere – a short queen mattress is a real option.


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