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Three-Quarter Mattresses: The Little-Known Jack of All Trades

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Different sleep spaces require different mattresses, and sometimes the standard options just won’t cut it. Ever heard of a three-quarter mattress? That’s one of those non-standard sizes. ¾ mattresses, also known as four-foot beds, measure 48” x 75”, or 4’ x 6’3”.

Three-quarter beds are somewhere between a short queen mattress and a single bed, and while it’s no longer common here, it’s still circulating as a standard size in the UK and Northern Europe. Except in those places, a 3/4 mattress is referred to as a small double or a queen.

Okay, but we live in the US; what use do we have for ¾ mattresses?

¾ Antique Bed Mattresses

Just because mattress makers no longer produce bed frames of this size doesn’t mean all the ¾ bed frames in the country just disappeared all at once. Many of us have antiques and family heirlooms we love to bring back to life. Antique bed frames often require a three-quarter size mattress, which is not something you’ll find in stores.

But hey – that means you get to put a modern, custom-made ¾ mattress on an antique bed; bringing what used to be a sad sack of horse hair into the 21st century without disrupting the integrity of the antique bed. Another great thing about a custom three-quarter memory foam mattress for an antique bed is that, should your antique bed be extra difficult with a length of 72, 74 or 75 (as they are wont to do), your mostly-3/4 mattress will be made to fit.

¾ Size Mattresses for RV Beds

While ¾ beds became less and less common in traditional bedrooms during the first half of the 20th century, they saw a renaissance in the second half. Why? Mobile homes. Beds in RVs, vans and Airstreams don’t have the luxury of being full-length and full-width. You’ve got to save space but be comfortable at the same time. It’s not an ideal bed for tall people, but when you’re living in a van down by the river, you do what you can.

In modern beds, we most often see the three-quarter size used in RV beds with non-standard dimensions. Which is pretty cool because the mattresses that come with RV beds are typically awful, but replacements are impossible to find in stores. But custom mattress makers have you covered. Bespoke ¾ beds made of super-comfy latex or memory foam make life on the road way more restful.

¾ Beds are Perfect for Saving Space in Dorms or Guest Rooms

¾ beds are the unsung heroes of space-saving solutions, especially in dorms and guest rooms. These beds strike a perfect balance between size and comfort. They're exceptionally well-suited for tighter spaces.

In dorm rooms, where square footage is at a premium, ¾ beds provide students with more space than a twin but don't take up as much room as a full-size bed. They offer the ideal compromise. Students can sleep comfortably while leaving ample floor space for desks, chairs, and storage. This makes them a practical choice for maximizing the functionality of cramped dormitory living.

In guest rooms, ¾ beds shine as versatile options. They offer enough room for single guests to sleep comfortably and even accommodate couples who don't mind cozying up. This versatility is especially valuable when you want to make the most of a small guest room. Especially if you only occasionally host guests. You can easily add storage underneath your bed in the small space that it takes up. They're less ideal if all your friends over 6 feet tall but that's a unique problem to have.

¾ beds are space saving saviors for smaller area, combining comfort with efficient use of available room. They're perfect for dorms, where every inch counts, and guest rooms, where flexibility in accommodating guests is key.

Other Applications of Three-Quarter Mattresses

These sort-of-full size, sort-of-short-queen size beds have other applications, too. For instance, short people can benefit from eliminating the extra mattress length they don’t need. In the same vein, small bedrooms become a bit bigger with a shorter ¾ mattress.

Three-quarter beds are also a great solution for kids of any age. Whether you’ve got a 5 year old who loves to sprawl, or a teenager who’s outgrown their twin size mattress, a ¾ mattress is a great solution to getting them more space without going crazy with a queen or a split king.

Antique Frames with a Custom Mattress can Define a Bedroom

A gorgeous antique ¾ bed frame is a captivating testament to craftsmanship and timeless beauty. These pieces boast ornate carvings, intricate detailing, and rich woodwork, showcasing artistry. Their gracefully aged patina adds an air of authenticity, while their unique character and history create a sense of wonder. Antique frames often serve as striking focal points in bedrooms. They effortlessly blend nostalgia with contemporary aesthetics. They evoke a sense of grandeur and sophistication that modern furniture can't replicate.

A gorgeous antique bed frame is a piece of history that brings a touch of elegance and enchantment to any bedroom. Despite all this beauty, it can be as comfortable as any other bed in your home with a custom¾ mattress for your antique bed.

Custom Mattress Factory: Bespoke ¾ Mattresses for Any Sleep Spot

We specialize in non-standard mattresses. They’re not standard in size or in construction, because we make each mattress custom-measurements, custom-firmness, and we do it by hand using heritage techniques. And once you’ve ordered your new ¾ mattress, fit it with custom organic cotton sheets made to fit it perfectly. No more pulling and tucking a standard set of sheets – your custom bed and bedding should fit your unique needs. We’re all about max comfort and max relaxation, no matter the sleep spot. You can order your custom ¾ mattresses from us today!


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